Replace all the offensive coaches, but keep Garrett?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Mar 25, 2014.

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    All new coaches?

    Someone is going to have to explain how the teflon don did it again. We've replaced essentially every offensive coach since Garrett has been here, yet somehow he managed to stick around.

    Callahan was brought in to replace Houck and coach the offensive line, he was supposed to take away play calling last year, but we'll never know exactly how that worked out. Frank Pollack took over last year as the assistant oline coach.

    Last year we brought in Gary Brown to be our running backs coach and Derek Dooley to be our WRs coach. This year we brought in Mike Pope to be our Tight Ends coach. The only offensive coach who hasn't been touched has been Wade Wilson. So, I have to wonder how Garrett has survived by blaming every offensive coach here and firing them, except himself...

    Jerry Jones is creating a huge mess

    And finally we bring in Scott Linehan to be the passing game coordinator? A title that I've always been immensely confused about. Might be the most ridiculous title I've ever heard.

    So Callahan is still the offensive coordinator, but Linehan is the passing game coordinator.... whose offensive system we're supposedly installing (as opposed to Callahan's) and who is supposedly going to be able to call plays... but what he isn't coordinating the running game?

    Ultimately I blame Garrett, but it seems like we can't bring anyone in properly because they would installing make Garrett's position here moot, as if he can't claim credit for the offense, and he clearly can't claim credit for the defense, he simply shouldn't be here. So instead of letting one person truly claim credit for the offense you split it up credit up to spare his feelings? I heard a rumor, that seems plausible that if Garrett is let go midseason, Callahan would take over as head coach, but to me that you would need to hedge yourself, means you should have replaced Garrett last year, and if you want Callahan to be head coach make him head coach from the get go (but obviously that isn't the intention either).

    Scott Linehan gives this team hope.

    Despite all this nonsense, as I've said in the past, I am genuinely interested in what Linehan can do here. And perhaps Jerry has realized the hole he has dug and is trying to dig himself out without making the hole much larger. In that the Linehan hire is one of his smartest moves, and most logical choices.

    Linehan's system shouldn't be a huge departure for our players, but it should bring something new, and something more aggressive. That's a huge plus for Romo and Dez.

    I read a Cover32 article suggesting that we would use more play-action, which I'm pleased to hear, especially if that includes more roll outs. I hope that also means that we will try to establish the run even slightly better than we did last year and the year before.

    His comments when he was starting out in Detroit:

    “We want an offense that people fear. One people know that attacks. One where they know they can never be comfortable for one play.” He continued, “Put something on the field that says those guys on every play give you intensity and fire. And when you do that, a group of individuals becomes a team. And that comes with players who like to give their all.”

    I'm excited because this is what was ultimately missing in our offensive style the last few years, and something Detroit has certainly been known for. Not only did he have a lot to do with properly using Megatron, but Randy Moss as well. Dez Should be very excited to be featured in Linehan's system. Escobar should also be able to benefit greatly. I think Murray and Dunbar stand a great chance as well.

    I think we should have moved on from Garrett, but within this joke of a decision to keep him, I think the Linehan hire makes the most sense, given what we are on offense. You don't want to try and bring your franchise veteran QB into a new system. The biggest question I have is how we will marry Linehan's system to Callahan's blocking scheme, and whether that will be an issue or not. Hopefully they can collaborate properly.

    Veteran Wide Receiver

    Linehan actually has a pretty deep history with Burleson. He coached him not only in Detroit, but in Minnesota as well. One of the biggest knocks on Burleson has been his inability to stay healthy, but when healthy he certainly gives you a nice veteran option. And I've always felt that you can never have enough experienced wide receivers available, but I don't really want to stunt the growth of the receivers here. Burleson is primarily a slot guy, and we have enough of those. I think Williams starts on the outside, and when we go three deep, Beasley should be on the field. I think we do need to get another outside receiver, though not necessarily early in the draft. We shouldn't forget that this team is still a 2 tight end team, and those tight ends give us the requisite height advantage that we need.

    Backup QB

    What makes me think we have less interest in Burleson at the moment is that we signed Wheddon and not Shaun Hill.. Hill is significantly older than Wheddon, and perhaps that isn't what they were looking for, but I would have thought bringing in Hill would have really helped progress things with our other players by having a QB who knew the system and exactly what Linehan wanted. Clearly isn't what they're looking for right now.
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    Garret is gonna be president one day with his politicking and blame dodging.

    Linehan is another chuck and duck type coordinator. I expect the status quo and maybe even a regression from the red zone production of last season.
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    Really? I hate this time of year.
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    Well Dooley replaced Jimmy Robinson because Robinson was ready to step back and Mike Pope came in because Wes Phillips left for the Skins. Houck retired so naturally we hired someone else, that person just happened to be Callahan. I don't see how any of that has to do with Garrett presenting coaches as scape-goats, it's just the way of the NFL.
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    Did the Cowboys lose because of offense?
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    Robinson was so ready to step back that he stayed on as an adviser? And you should remember that Robinson was originally a replacement for Ray Sherman. Wes Phillips was a lateral move and he wasn't being retained, and you have to remember that he was merely a replacement for John Garrett... Houck was also forced out.
  7. Galian Beast

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    At times, they certainly did.
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  8. Galian Beast

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    I hate people who can't read.
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    Garrett is the guy that is suppose to prove to the world Jerry doesn't need Jimmy. It was suppose to be the move that reflects his genius. Turns out, it's been his most stupid move to date. But he's trying to save face and keep Garrett there hoping for some success.
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    every time i ready another post banging on Garrett I cringe because its totally irrelevant. Jason Garrett is immaterial. Sure some will focus on him because of the weight previous HC held at Ranch but those days are long gone. The HC in Dallas is nothing more than an extension of Jones himself. You could replace the name of Garrett with handful of other names and outcome would be no different not would Jones behavior. I don't care how intelligent or gifted a person have no chance at success in high profile position if your superior under-cuts your authority along the process. The only question that remains unanswered is why HC is so important to Garrett that he would want to stick around for the public deleaderization. This is not to say Garrett could have been a great coach but more about we will never find out because the circumstances would not allow for it.
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    Yeah he did.
  12. CowboyFan74

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    Wade Wilson

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    In 2013, the Cowboys ranked:

    5th in offensive scoring

    26th in defensive scoring
    32nd in overall defense
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    why is Garrett blame dodging ?
  15. Galian Beast

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    Lots of dry spell along the way. Many of those points on offense and defense (-) came against Denver alone...
  16. Idgit

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    I think the simpler explanation is that Garrett's been the coach that stuck around because the organization really likes him. I've never understood the idea that he somehow politicked a HC gig for a few extra years. That just doesn't really happen.
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    Are you sure because the fans and press has given him a pretty fair shake? I mean he could go to a team like Cleveland where the expectations are much higher and he could fall flat on his face.
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  19. Galian Beast

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    Where in the NFL is there a coach who has gone 8-8 three years in a row and still kept their job. Even teams with lower expectations will fire their coaches.

    Jason Garrett is the 10th longest tenured coach in the NFL. All the coaches above him? Have significant accomplishments.

    Bill Belichick
    Marvin Lewis
    Tom Coughlin
    Mike McCarthy
    Sean Payton
    Mike Tomlin
    Mike Smith
    John Harbaugh
    Rex Ryan

    The next five coaches with the longest duration after Garrett also have significant accomplishments...

    And that is just dating back to 2012....
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  20. iceberg

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    *****ing about garrett.

    what a unique concept.
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