Report: Crabtree tried to fight Sherman at a charity event last year

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Sherman’s older brother, Branton, told Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times that it was Crabtree who started the animosity between the two of them, several months ago. Branton Sherman says that both Richard Sherman and Crabtree attended Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s charity event over the summer, and that when Sherman approached Crabtree to shake his hand, Crabtree tried to start a fight.

    According to the report, Sherman’s response to that was, “I’m going to make a play and embarrass him.”

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    Richard Sherman in how own words...on MMQB


    What a night, and what a finish.

    Near midnight I still had about 70 unread text messages from friends and family, most of which read, “Best interview ever!” Many of my Twitter mentions were less supportive. My body ached. I was thrilled and proud and upset, all at once.

    Here’s what happened …

    I spent most of the game on an island: I was targeted only twice during the entire NFC Championship. The first produced a BS holding call against me; the second ended the game. Michael Crabtree stutter-stepped out of his break on first down and sprinted toward the end zone. I was in good position for a pick until he pushed me in the back. My interception became a tip and an interception for Malcolm Smith in the end zone.

    Game over. The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl.

    I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me. I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, “Good game, good game.” That’s when he shoved my face, and that’s when I went off.

    Read the rest:
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    Here's what happened....

    I am an idiot.

    The end.
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    We'll there are 2 sides to every story but there should be no surprise that a story given to a Seattle newspaper by Sherman's brother makes him sound like a choir boy at this charity event.

    Anyway he better put it in his rear view mirror. Denver has great receivers & Peyton to face.
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    Ha Sherman wins again. He's the man
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    Better than the cliche interviews we see 99.9% of the time...

    "Great effort. Lot of heart out there."
    "Team win. Everyone did their job."
    "One game at a time. Gotta play day by day."
    "Both teams played great. We just wanted it more."
    "We played the full 60 minutes and went 110%."

    Or Tom Brady's meaningless interview I just listened to...

    "Both teams are good, hard-nosed teams. Both are great teams. They just played better. We didn't play well enough. Only one team gets to advanced. They played the better game. So they get to advance."

    Holy crap, Brady. I never thought of it like that.
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    As long as he helps his team win with big, clutch plays I don't have a problem with it. The moment his antics are detrimental to the team and he can't make plays on the field, it becomes a problem for me.
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    IMO Sherman is the best DB in the game. Fortunately for him his game can backup his mouth. But not his antics. I'm cool with talking junk on the field because I believe that is part of the game. The off the field talking is just dumb. His rants on camera are done with extremely poor taste.
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    you mean the nutjob that looked like a complete moron now has given a reason to try to lessen the negative impression his moronic rant provided the world.

    grain of salt anyone?
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    wait what?
    did possibly the best DB in the NFL just say this.....

    "When I say I’m the best cornerback in football, it’s with a caveat: There isn’t a great defensive backfield in the NFL that doesn’t have a great front seven. Everything begins with pressure up front, and that’s what we get from our pass rushers every Sunday."

    i just hate is when players say stuff that is just not true

    many on CZ will be happy to set him straight that great defences are actually built by building a great backfield

    right guys? (you know who you are)
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    Exactly. Sherman can talk all he wants as long as he can back it up (which he has). He has the skill set and potential to be the best CB in the game since Deion.
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    This had my dying. LOL!

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    Sherman mouthing off at the end of the match ahaha what a tool
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    Why does being talented give you the right to be a d bag?
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    Whether or not Sherman is a "d bag" is a matter of opinion. I don't see him as such. IMO, he's just a very passionate individual and was obviously caught up in the heat of the moment during that interview. Does he trash talk occasionally? Sure, and if the Cowboys were as good as the Seahawks, I'd want Dez or whoever else jawing about how good we are. Confidence breeds success as evidenced by the Seahawks.
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    You have the right to be whatever you want to be. You just don't prefer it, and that's ok, but don't make it like he broke some law of humanity, or he is a terrible person.
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    Kids smart enough to contribute to a Peter King of S.I blog
    appears he is a somewhat frequent contributor to the site........
    ..........grew up in what Compton Calif, basically S.Central L.A., father was a garbage collector-------made it to Stanford as a WR, with a swtich to Corner.........not a bad role model for a lot of kids..........
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    I never said he broke any laws, I just said hes a d bag and as far as I know there is no law against that. And your right I dont prefer it, my opinion is a jackass is a jackass whether you can cover a receiver or not.
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    I noticed no one anywhere is disagreeing with his point that Crabtree is a sorry receiver.
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    Neither one is very likable...
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