Report: DEA investigating prescription drug distribution in the NFL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Posted by Michael David Smith on July 13, 2014, 7:48 AM EDT

    The New York Daily News reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation into the abuse of prescription medication in the NFL. Agents are talking to former players about how NFL doctors and trainers treat players with drugs like Percodan, Vicodin and Toradol, all of which players have said they are given by members of their teams’ medical staff.

    “They want to find out who provided and distributed the drugs to football players,” one source told the newspaper.

    The investigation began after a group of former players sued the NFL, saying they were not warned of possible side effects of taking the prescription medication that team doctors gave out.

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  2. guag

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    Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't come up a LOOOONG time ago.
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    With the increase of States legalizing a formerly prohibited drug, marijuana, the DEA and Homeland Security have their plates full in trying to fight an intense Cartel and increasing terrorism related traffic in and into our country. Intense stuff here, and it goes to consumer 'bad habits' of our current population. Oxycodone abuse often turns into heroine additions now. The players are not immune to this flow supported by a large number of people co-existing in our society now.
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    Yup. Heroin is usually much cheaper than Oxycodone... and when someone is cut off from their legitimate prescription for whatever reason or can't afford it anymore, heroin and other related street drugs could be the next step one might take to avoid the horrendous withdrawals.
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    Wonder how long before the media finds out some player on any team that's being looked into, but yet were on the Cowboys training camp roster or regular roster at some point....they their headlines....
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    Of course Brett Favre's vicodin addiction when he admitted to it will be excused by the media....
    Nothing against Favre on my comment though.
    I give him credit for coming forward. No matter if he did it to avoid NFL punishment, that's not the point.
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    Pain management is a necessary thing in the NFL. It's just to physically hard on the body.
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    The DEA has cracked down on oxycodone pretty significantly. I think there's gonna be a push in the future to get people off opioids. Stuffs horrible.

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