Report: Garrett staying...To get a play caller?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. DBOY3141

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    Cryst - he coaches the Pitt Panthers, I think.
  2. davidyee

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    ...but I don't judge people until I see the entire picture.

    The second half is just as valid as the first half and when the chips were down for this team and they could have folded like they did for Wade what actually happened.

    If you want to throw dow nthe first half then I ask you what happened in the second half?

    The entire season merits some credit for Garrett.
  3. davidyee

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    ...with the perspective that the coach has to call plays also.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Is he? Because of what?

    Team sure as hell didn't look ready to play yesterday. Looked like crap to start the game, yet again.

    Dallas hasn't looked good to start a game in months.

    As far as game management goes, he hasn't been all that great in that respect either.

    The series before half was a joke. Just an absolute joke.

    So as Catch has asked, other than speak well what has he done that gives anyone confidence.
  5. HoustonFrog

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    A leader of men that ices his own kicker and who uses the clock horribly. More time for him to overthink. Entering depressed stage.
  6. Gaede

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    There's no possible way to spin this possible move into a positive.

    It shows that Garrett isn't doing a good job at doing the thing he was hired for and that the coach is on thin ice.

    You can't demote someone and pretend you're doing it for their best interests. It is what it is. A demotion. Indication of failure.

    Why bother? It's just the first step towards firing. We all now it. The players would all know it. And the coaches would all know it. Why not bite the bullet and do that now and save yourself a year? Instead of limping into another season with a lame duck head coach.
  7. HoustonFrog

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    So more teams looking to get better while we circle in mediocrity. We'll be bottom of the division next year. Have yall seen the schedule?
  8. ghst187

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  9. footballinsider22

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    We need change. I have no idea how JG still has his just feels like a carousel of coaches, coordinators, and players but the feelings the same over the last few years. Iv been following the players thoughts here We need extreme change for the vision of this team.

    Romo's gotta go
  10. CowboyMcCoy

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    This is ridiculous. Garrett is a goof. You call a run play on the play Romo threw the pick. Why would they not run the ball on the play? Because Garrett is a nitwit. I was saying, "please, run the ball." Sure enough, a freakin' pick. Dude needs to go. I hate this guy. So, we won't see a new coach for two more years now? That's a tough pill to swallow. How nostalgic.
  11. Pottsville Maroons

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    Agree. However, I think he can continue (improve?) with this culture change even if he hands the OC duties to someone else. I'm not opposed to Norv, either.
  12. NinePointOh

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    Yes, it is possible that Garrett might be a better coach than Schiano. I didn't think that was an especially controversial assertion. Perhaps an emotional Cowboys loss is enough for you to make sweeping judgments about a first-time NFL coach based on one 7-9 season, but the evidence simply isn't there. Not yet.

    Remember, those 4-12 Bucs were 10-6 the year before, and they were widely regarded as the biggest winners in free agency this offseason.
  13. Gemini Dolly

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    What a tease of an article.

    Garrett will be calling plays next season.
  14. NinePointOh

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    Your sentence isn't coherent, but if I'm interpreting correctly, it's not a helpful question. If I think Garrett is better than those coaches, then obviously I would expect him to win more games than they did with the same players. If you think Garrett is worse than those coaches, then obviously you'd expect him to win fewer. But that doesn't really get us anywhere, since it's impossible to test those predictions and see who's right.

    You'll have to come up with a better criterion if you want to argue the point.

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