News: REPORT: Jerry wants TO *merged*

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Feb 25, 2006.


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    I know I will get blasted by a bunch of cz'ers but I believe in 2nd and 3rd chances. Who is to really say that landing in Dallas would even be his 3rd chance. There is more going on than we know(in Philly that is)

    I think Donovan is a poster boy for them and he slighted Owens.


    Whether TO lands in Dallas and it is called his 2nd or 3rd chance doesnt matter...

    What matters is that he closes out career doing the right thing.

    We, as a society pretty much only remember the last thing someone did. Hence the "what have you done for me lately"

    I am going on record as saying/believing that TO will get it right this time IN DALLAS.

    He will help win SB and then make a little speech about this is all he ever wanted. The guy wants to win. HE REALLY WANTED TO WIN that SUPERBOWL. It wasnt about him and the story about rehabbing and getting back. HE wants the ring.

    Starting for the Dallas Cowboys at Wide Reciever.... #81..... Terrell Owens!!!
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    T.O. can write???

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    If Jerry decides that TO is a go. Then we should atleast be optimistic about it. His play on field will no doubt help.
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    I all against it, but it would be terribly ironic that he finish a Cowboy and doing TD dances on the star, while wearing one.
    Personally, I can't stand the guy but I'd still root for the Cowboy laundry.
    I think he's a troublemaker but I do think he got somewhat of a raw deal in philthy. I think Donovan is such a poster boy there and the org won't go against him no matter what. TO is a punk, but he has heart. He played on a broken ankle and had one heck of a game trying to win the SB. McChunky soup choked....again but no one in the org wanted to admit that.
    TO could act less like a child but I won't question his desire to win or his ability to perform and perform in the clutch.

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    Thanks for the post. You stated your case and the upside and some optimism. It is too easy to just say "I dont want him" I really am just looking for comments and thoughts like that. He may just end up a cowboy. So.... thanks
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    Well I never thought I would find myself on this side of the fence...

    However, TO is not getting any younger and I think even he knows another stunt would surely end his career. I would not be opposed to the Cowboys signing him given the following:

    - He is kept on an ultra short leash.

    - There are strict conditions in his contract that allow it to be voided if he starts with the antics.

    - He comes at a reasonable price.

    Do I like him? NO.. Do I want him? NO... Do I think we need him? NO...

    However if the team decided to sign him, I would support him... Given the conditions above.
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    anyone who wants T.O. to come and rip apart this team is NOT a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Say NO to T.O.!!

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    iz dat rite? I wasnt aware that I wasnt a fan anymore... thanks
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    T.O. feels he's the best receiver in the game and he wants to be paid like it; that is, he wants to make more money than any other receiver - at least that's the impression I got from watching his dealings with Philly. I could be wrong. Are you willing to make him the highest paid receiver with the biggest signing bonus? If there's no new CBA and bonuses can only be spread out over 4 years, How's that going to affect a team's willingness to take a chance on him? Will the 30% rule kick in here and limit how much he can sign for or does that only affect players who stay with the same team?

    I will trust BP on this one and accept whatever he does - like I had some kind of choice. I was not in favor of the Keyshawn deal, but I learned some things about how he's helping South LA people by investing in businesses that both deal with and hire South LA people and he has behaved himself and been A good addition to the team. He gives something back to the community, will T. O. be doing the same thing? Is he helping anyone but himself?
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    I have battled with this quite a bit. I have an extreme dislike for T.O. And I personally hope and pray he does not become a cowboy. I certainly am not ready to call out anyone who wants him as not being fans of the Boys.

    If BP and JJ decide that is what is best for us to contend, then and only then will I support this move. I know that reaks of Homerism, but there is nothing they can do to turn me away from the franchise and a great player mover or a pathetic player move certainly ain't gonna do it.

    My weekend watching butt is full of opinions about all kinds of things, but I am not blinded significantly enough to think I know better than they.
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    A scorpion will sting anyone he gets close to because that is his nature. He has no real discipline- like a three year old you know a tantrum is coming sooner or later. After his big show at the SB, he had the world on his side and could have really made a place for himself. But NO, he had to go and throw a tantrum and rant and rave and hold his breath just like a 3 year old. After all the trouble he had in SF, then Phil- and you want him here? That makes you NOT a Dallas Cowboy Fan.
  12. Ashwynn

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    hogwash - all of it!
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    You talk about 2nd & 3rd chances. Well, let's see. He started out in SF & after a couple of years started causing an uproar there. He then moved on to Baltimore when he dissed them so bad they sent him on to Philly. Now he's soon out of Philly, moving on to his next place. I do believe next team is his 4th. I'm sure all those TO lovers will come up with all kinds of reasons why he had trouble with each. Wasn't happy in SF cause they weren't willing & he wasn't loved; didn't like Baltimore Ravens & after complaining they got rid of him. Happy in Philly for 1 year, they lose SB & in 05 he wasn't appreciated, nor loved, wasn't making enough money, wanted any other QB better then McNabb. Does anybody see a pattern here? Some of you would bring in Jack the Ripper, Benedict Arnold or anybody just to win the SB. I'd bring in a lot of guys but certain people no way & TO is a no way.
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    I agree guys I hate him as bad as anybody, unfortunately we don't get to make this decision BP and JJ do. I personally think they know full well what TO will do to the team.

    My point is people want to win and as you said they will bring anyone in to do it. I don't think this means they are not fans, it means they are desperate for a Lombardi. I support this team through thick and thin and I drink my fair share of the Kool-aid, so no personell decisions are going to change that.
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    Anyone who ever questions my loyalty to The Cowboys on the street would get a straight right hand to the jaw. You dont know the trouble and sacrifice some fans go to just to watch and support our team. I have lost jobs to watch games. I have bought Sunday Ticket and had to borrow money just to eat because I live outside tha Dallas media market. I am also not so blind to realize that I have hated TO as a member of the 49ers and Eagles but I have never been able to question his talent. That talent playing on our team would be enough all alone to make a push very deep into the playoffs. If we can get that talent and fix the o-line we might just be super bowl bound. Its been too long since 1995. Im not saying he is the only way to get there but he is one of the most dynamic players at his position in the entire league. That is a position IMO where we are in dire need of a playmaker. It would be a quick fix and might just put us over the top. To be great sometimes you have to take a chance.
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    Yet another TO thread.

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    You are too emotional. Its business not personal Sonny.

    Baltimore doesnt count as a 2nd chance. He is probably more right than wrong when it comes to Philly. San Fran for that matter. He said/says what others think and wont say.

    Do you think he just blatantly went out to smear McNabb... nah, not even TO... McNabb did his part... what it was we may never know... and then McNabb plays the media and they and WE all buy it.

    Too gullible some of us are I say.
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    NFL Networks Adam Schefter is reporting that Jerry Jones wants Terrel Owens. I heard this on NFL Network and read it at Like it or not it's going to happen.
  19. BigDFan5

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    Terrell Owens - WR - Eagles

    NFL Network's Adam Shefter reports that Jerry Jones is interested in acquiring Terrell Owens.
    Bill Parcells met with Owens' agent on Friday, possibly to gauge interest. It looks doubtful that any team will have to trade for Owens. He's likely to be released. Feb. 25 - 8:21 pm et
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    Its all in BP's hands, if he wants him TOO! then yeah...but i doubt it..:)

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