Report: Manziel was highest rated player on Cowboys board at time of pick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, May 9, 2014.

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    Romo s
    I like Romo, but he has hit his ceiling and is likely to come down - he isnt Brady, Manning, Brees. Jerry should have just shut up and this wouldnt be an issue. He opens himself up to this crap and deserves what comes as a result
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    Agreed, my back is starting to creep up on me. I'm still able to go out and ball, but I know damn well if I took a nice clean hit to my back I'd be done for. He won't be the same
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    Agreed you need a replacement, but not with a circus that JF would have created. I don't know how any Cowboys fans would want that? If you thought we had RG3 shoved down our throat in his first year, it would have been 100 times worse with JM.

    So if we pick QB this draft, will you be satisfied?
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    Got a link?
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    So we should have drafted Manziel because some on here who are obvious football experts think he is a sure fire franchise NFL qb ?? Is that the gist of this discussion? I personally think Manziel is an overrated future bust .. But that isn't guaranteed either wouldn't have made sense to draft Manziel at 16 with Romo and his contract what it is . Martin was the safe pick .. Martin has the potential to be a good fit for now and future .. I am not saying Romo is going to make it through the season or even return to form but the boys wagon is hitched to that horse for at least 2 more seasons ... The NCAA dîdnt all of the sudden close up shop.. More QB's will come along .. We can still draft a qb this year and or next year ..
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    What does that have to do with what original post? My point was, you don't always take BPA. You take BPA that can help your team the most now and later.

    BTW, Rivers/Brees is a bad example to make your point. As it turned out, keeping Brees and using that high number one pick on someone else would have been better for SD.
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    The surgery was a laminectomy without a fusion. I had it in 2003 and was 34 at the time. I was back at work in 2 months but never close to 100% and am still not. I had a second ruptured disc in 2010 and had to have another laminectomy on a different disc with just about the same results. The surgeries helped me no doubt and I was much better than I was pre-surgeries but never close to as good as I was pre-injuries. I am a chemist, so my work is not anywhere close to what an NFL QB goes through daily.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Clearly the Cowboys agree. Did you see the way they ran to the podium Thursday night with JF's name written on the card in ink. Oh wait......
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    JM is a play maker that is continuing to grow. When a team has a chance to take a rare prospect like JM you take him. Who gives a crap what the media says . It's the person laughing at the end that wins. Just like last year when JJ was getting bashed for the Fred pick. Where are all the nay sayers now?

    I think the reason that JJ didn't make that pick was due to the turmoil and bad perception it would cause. No one can say squat about the Martin pick though
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  11. jnday

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    If they gave another top QB drop to them, they should take him. I don't expect Jerry to take a top QB prospect next year either. I expect a solid 5th round project will be drafted and sold as a developmental QB to the fanbase. The so-called circus that JF would have brought to town is business as usual in Dallas. JF has been exposed to the hype and if anything , it is good preparation for the spotlight in Dallas. It is no concern to me at this point. Jerry will keep the headlines going with or without JF. I would have felt the same way about any other top QB dropping because I am not really a JF follower. It is the future at QB that concerns me.
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  12. jnday

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    If anything, it was showing loyalty to Romo, which may not be the best thing in this case.
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  13. big dog cowboy

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    I don't know. The local contractors were ready to bid on the new media wing at VR should JF come to town.
  14. McLovin

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    Your original post was:

    Your original post was a fairly hyperbolic/preposterous hypothetical but I answered with:

    Not talking about 7 guys. Franchise QBs are the most important piece. If you dont have to play one with ?marks immediately all the better. No way there are 7 much less 2 consensus franchise QBs in a draft. If so, you get trade value (i.e. RGIII), or other teams jump to get them.

    Dallas had Aikman and drafted Walsh. Wash drafted RGIII and Cousins in the same draft and other examples. Every draft is different and every opportunity is different"

    San Diego had Value by having both QBs, they didnt extract that value, Brees got hurt and they let him test FA on an injury. and AJ Smith proved to be a pretty lame GM.

    Was also funny that your post from right before the Rd 1 draft pick was :
    If you have a player in their mid 30s you should always look for the replacement if it presents itself - especially Franchise QB. BPA are never completely rank ordered, but grouped which alows an out for need. I can say that if you think a 10-15 year Franchise QB is there, that will help you much more than a guard over the long haul - but I love the guard pick.

    Its about Jerry and him rambling nonsensical blather rather than immitating Belichek or Parcells and saying "We took the player we took" after every question. He talks himself into a corner and it makes him look like a buffoon.
  15. HoustonFrog

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    I get that but overall you set your board for overall, positional, etcetera and if you aren't following it you might as well just say "this is our situational board." I get it's fluid but this is year 2 if an alleged higher guy being passed. Glad we did but it cuts trust of board.
  16. McLovin

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    All opinion, but I think they know they are tied to Romo due to the contract, had he had the latest back surgery prior to the contract, Im think they would (should?) have franchised him this year. The problem is they think they are super close. I can't fathom a way they make any run with that defense, playing the NFC West, etc.

    If they only refused to pull a QB trigger because they are too chummy with Romo, then its all over.
  17. Dale

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    This quote nails my concern as well. I have high hopes that Romo can give us a 14-plus-game season of terrific play this season. But as quoted above, the owner is thinking our 34-year-old QB with back problems might have as many as six years left in him.

    Jerry's ever the optimist, and it historically has gotten us into trouble. He overestimates the capabilities of players, the durability of players, etc.

    I don't mind him building this franchise around Romo. It just concerns me that he's building the program with the thought in mind that Romo might be here another six years.
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  18. BrassCowboy

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    yes, do we need any more drama around the QB position. Romo is a very good QB, but sometimes I even consider changing him out for someone else just to get rid of the drama that seems to follow him. So I was so happy to see that Jerry passed on JF and picked up the BPA in Martin.
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  19. ConstantReboot

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    Glad sanity rue the day! And people get all over my case on why we should NOT PICK BPA at times.
  20. Zman5

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    When you have so many holes like the Cowboys do, you don't have the luxury of using your valuable resources (picks, cap ) on one position. It doesn't matter if he was the BPA when we picked or not. That is the dumbest thing you can do. It's a kind of thing that got this team in trouble in the past.

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