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Republican National Committee: ACORN & Voter Registration Fraud in MO

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by JBond, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. JBond

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    Obama has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups to commit wide spread voter fraud. South side Chicago politics super sized across the nation. Change? Bull. This guy is bad for America.
    Republican National Committee: ACORN & Voter Registration Fraud in MO

    Last update: 1:16 p.m. EDT Oct. 8, 2008

    WASHINGTON, Oct 08, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- From FOX News
    The following was released today by the Republican National Committee:

    October 8, 2008
    STEVE DOOCY: We've been telling you here on Fox about ACORN, and you know they are alleged to have been involved in widespread voter fraud in a number of states. Well yesterday out in Vegas the fed- the officials raided an ACORN office because apparently they were registering all sorts of people who were not actually going to be voting in Las Vegas.

    GRETCHEN CARLSON: Are you talking about the entire starting lineup for the Dallas Cowboy football team?

    DOOCY: Yes indeed.

    CARLSON: Somebody might have been able to figure that out when they see that Tony Romo now lives in Las Vegas.
    BRIAN KILMEADE: And Terrell Owens as well. And here's the thing, Nevada that is a total battleground state that can go either way. Thousands of votes could sway the election, decide who's going to be the next president. So ACORN's doing this, and then you look at their track record, in Indiana they had 2,000 voter registration forms submitted, 1,100 were found to be illegal.

    CARLSON: We just heard from Eric Shawn this morning, about a Fox News exclusive. He's in Missouri digging up the same thing. He had one woman who registered four or five different times with different addresses. This is happening all over the place.

    DOOCY: And the reason it's coming to light right now is because there was that one-week window in some states where you could register ending on Monday. ACORN, by the way, simultaneously just yesterday announced that this has been their most successful year ever. In 21 states they registered 1.3 million. Now, ACORN was submitting the information through apparently a voter sign-in drive known as Project Vote. And while some have said, you know Barack Obama may be involved in ACORN, well, I've talked to the Obama campaign, and they said look, he was not a trainer, he was not a community organizer the campaign says for ACORN. However, Barack Obama does have a history with Project Vote which is involved in this out in Vegas. Here's Obama's connection to Project Vote.

    SEN. BARACK OBAMA: Sandy Newman, who was running this national project called Project Vote, contacted me and said we need somebody to help organize voters to make sure that they turn out in the polls in the general election. And so, I started working as the director of Project Vote here in Chicago and our task was simple. It was to get disenfranchised communities, minority communities, low-income communities, to turn out to vote.
    DOOCY: Alright, so there you got Barack Obama talking about his involvement in Project Vote which as we understand is involved in ACORN out in Vegas, which was raided yesterday by the authorities.

    KILMEADE: And we've been telling you about the stories of them picking up homeless people, people on the street, to tell them to register. Hey come down here register and vote the same day. We don't even know if they've been getting forms to show that they even live there, that they are residents of Ohio.
    DOOCY: They don't need ID.

    CARLSON: Not in every state which is still unbelievable to me. Now as we mentioned, Eric Shawn has been following this for us, and he's in Missouri this morning where he's uncovering some exclusive information for us. Eric what have you found out?

    ERIC SHAWN: Yeah, another Fox News voter fraud investigation unit exclusive, we are now inside the Jackson County board of elections headquarters in Independence, MO, of course Harry Truman's home town. And if you take a look, people are registering now. The deadline is 5:00 Central Time today, they are also casting absentee ballots. You know everyone wants a fair and honest election in just a couple weeks from now. But here like elsewhere across the country, more problems with ACORN. Take a look at these ACORN forms. These are among the more than 800 voter registrations that officials here say they believe are fake, phony, more phony ACORN forms. This is the one that Gretchen you referred to earlier. Under the name Monica Ray, ACORN registered Monica Ray ten times. She has three different birthdates, four different Social Security numbers, six different phone numbers, and they don't even know if this person Monica Ray is real. This is what they're finding. It's really clogging up the system. And, by the way, it's illegal, a felony in most states. Charlene Davis is one of the directors of the board of elections. She is really angry at ACORN and says that they're coming across a lot of this.

    CHARLENE DAVIS: From an election official standpoint, it makes me mad. Because there's so many good people out there, and that's what we're here for.
    SHAWN: Well Brian Moller is an ACORN lawyer, actually he works for Project Vote you were just talking about that, which is associated with ACORN, he told us that it's not ACORN's fault. That they are taken in by workers who may do illegal things, and that they are the victim if there is any fraud, and he says that there is no voter fraud. Here's Brian Moller who is the ACORN lawyer.

    BRIAN MOLLER: Most of those people were in low and moderate income communities, they are minority people who have historically been disenfranchised, and we focus on trying to register people in those communities so they can have a voice in democracy.

    SHAWN: Well he says it's like an employee stealing from a store, that they don't support this at all. By the way, it was news to him that there were more than 800 potentially false and fake forms here. They know of about 89 so far. Well, about these forms and all the 800. Well guess what? Ms. Davis says tomorrow they're going to go and be given to the FBI, but here at Fox News, we got them first as part of our continuing voter fraud investigation. As far as the registrations like they had out in Las Vegas with the starting lineup of the Cowboys, don't know yet though if the starting lineup of the Kansas City Chiefs have been registered here in Independence. Back to you guys.

    KILMEADE: You know what? They're such a young team, get a roster to cross-check. They don't have a lot of famous names like the Cowboys. Ok, Eric?
    To View The Entire Video, Please Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPvJRkyb8PQ
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    I heard they had the entire starting Cowboys lineup and a few cats registered in Nevada. I'm waiting for the outrage, some how I have the feeling are left wing friends find nothing wrong with it.
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    From now on use this one...it always makes me laugh, credit goes to trick for using it first.

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    Virtually every documented case of real voter fraud over the last 20 years has come from the democrats. But once again the MSM and the libs try and play the victims.
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  8. JBond

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    Why does Obama feel the need to cheat? His internal polls must be scaring the crap out of him. He personally has funneled over $800,000 to Acorn in return for fraudulent votes. Yet, the looney left will continue to defend him.

    Obama has no morals. He will buy houses way under market value from convicted felons, he loves racist pastors, he is buddies with terrorist bombers. Now he is trying to steal an election with the help of a group he funded. America is in danger if this is the quality of person we elect.

    Cheating on your wife and raping people and taking bribes from China like Clinton used to do was one thing. This is a whole different level of corruption.
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    I'm kinda reluctant to admit this, but I'm hungry now.

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