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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Dyluke, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Dyluke

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    Been a slow couple of days here so thought i'd start a new topic. The last couple of years we were blessed with some sweet videos put to music...but we havent been so luckly with the 2004 season. I've seen some clips here and there, but would a couple people be willing to pull together and make some highlight vids from the last season? We need something to get us til draft time i think, and a little project like this could work. Thanks
  2. playit12

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    You could always do a video highlight of Roy tackling from behind to the rest of the GM's whinning in chorus.
  3. calico

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    I might try to finish my Julius Jones highlight video. I have been working on it for months whenever I get the time and it is a big one. I will try to finish it this week and post it.
  4. jamez25

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    that would be allsome !
  5. djmajestik

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    I agree that it would be sweet to have a best of '04 set to music. Many will say that there wasn't much to look at for last year, but I LOVE seeing the boys play, even if it means rewatching some ole Vinny clips.

    Next year I hopefully will have my Media Center PC up and running, and I would love to start doing this (used to do it years ago using my VCR). We'll see.....
  6. Yeagermeister

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    I'd love to see a tribute to Vinny. That shouldn't take long ;)

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