RESIN8's 2 round mockery.....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RESIN8, Mar 24, 2005.

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    First ROund
    SF- Braylon Edwards
    Miami- Ronnie Brown

    Cleveland- Aaron Rodgers

    Chicago Bears- Cadillac Williams

    Tampa Bay-Mike Williams

    Tennesee- Antrel Rolle

    Minnesota- Derrick Johnson

    Arizona- Alex Smith

    Washington- Pac Man Jones

    Detroit- ALex BArron

    Dallas- Shawne Merriman

    San Diego- Marcus Spears

    Houston- Jammal Brown

    Carolina- Cedric Benson

    KC- Carlos Rodgers

    NOLA- Travis Johnson

    Cin- Heath Miller

    Minny- Troy Williamson

    Stl- Erasmus James

    Dallas- Mark Clayton

    Jacksonville- Kahlif Barnes

    Baltimore- Thomas Davis

    Seattle- Channing Crowder

    Green Bay- David Pollack

    Denver- Dan Cody

    NYJ- Fabian Washington

    Atlanta- Roddy White

    San Diego- Davis Bass

    Indy- Shaun Cody

    Pitt- Justin Tuck

    Phil- Chris Henry

    New England- Elton Brown

    second round

    SF- Brodney Pool

    Cleveland- Kevin Burnett

    Phil- Matt Roth

    Tampa Bay- J.J Arrington

    Tennesse Titans- Fred Gibson

    Oakland- Odell Thruman

    Chicago Bears- Darryl Blackstock

    NOLA- Bryant McFadden

    Detroit- Chris Canty

    Dallas- DeMarcus Ware

    NY Giants- Josh Bollucks

    SF- Antajj Hawthorne

    Carolina- Reggie Brown

    KC- Roscoe Parrish

    Houston- Ernest Shazor

    Cincy- Chris Spencer

    Minny- Mike Nugent

    STL- Marcus Johnson

    GB- Charlie Frye

    Jax-Marlin Jackson

    Balt- Terrence Murphy

    Seattle- Rian Wallace

    Buffalo- Ciatrick Fason

    Denver- Alex Smith

    NY Jets- Matt JOnes

    Green Bay- O.J Atogwe

    Atlanta- Chris Kemoeatu

    Indy- Eric Green

    San Diego- Brandon Browner

    Pittsburg- Vincent Jackson

    Philly- Kevin Everett

    New England- Barett Rudd
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    braylon edwards wont make it past teh first two rounds.. sorry.
  3. bert

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    He actually shows him going #1 to SF in the 1st. The way the thread was worded was a bit misleading though.
  4. Future

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    I don't know about Braylon Edwards as the #1 overall pick, I know hes an easy top 10, but #1 overall? I wouldn't be surprised to see SF trade it..
  5. RESIN8

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    well im not gonna go trades. Im not gonna go leftfield and im gonna stick to the draft as it is. Haven't heard of any trade rumors like what was being proposed in last years draft. i don't think about getting all creative about something that i don't have any control over.

    BUt people out here aren't to sold on the 49ers getting these QB's out here. the name that you heard at the start was Leinart and when he choose to stay at USC it was like great now what? I mean who really is gonna trade up for that number one pick when there isn't a Mike Vick, Tomlinson or Sanders. The thought is that hell we've won with subpar qb's before. Jeff Garcia wasn't the most gifted QB, but he worked well within the system when given adaquete weapons. I think the same is thought of Rattay, that it really wasn't his fault for the crap year. They lost Ron Stone and Derrick Deese to FA, Newberry to injury and had a rookie starting at tackle. That line was a mess. Throw in the fact that you lose your best weapon and arguably the best WR in the game. They had no answer for the #1 wr spot. When it boils down to it they just want a guy who is gonna fill the seats, not sit on one all year.

    The consensus is Rodgers, but i think if he stays in the Bay that it will be bench duty for a year and there is still that question about the Tedford QB. I think that it was Leinart or bust and i don't think anyone can convince me that these QB's are higher on the charts than Edwards or Williams.

    I just figure that SF will have a crack at Leinart next year since if they truly want a franchise Qb. I see them being a cellar team in the worst division in the league so the dream is still there.
  6. AsthmaField

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    I'd love for Dallas to come out of the first two rounds with those Guys.

    Merriman, Clayton, and Ware would be nice.

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