Retire Emmitt's #22?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. dougonthebench

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    If you remember,Bob Hayes also wore #22.Shouldn't He also get the same consideration?
  2. Hostile

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    That is exactly what I mean.

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    but let's just play a game.. IF the Cowboys did retire numbers, how would you rank the players that should have their numbers retired?

    1. Emmitt Smith, 22- The greatest and most decorated Cowboy of all-time, period.
    2. Bob Lilly, 74- Mr. Cowboy
    3. Roger Staubach, 12- Our best QB ever
    4. Troy Aikman, 8- Our 2nd best QB ever, won 3 Super Bowls
    5. Tony Dorsett, 33- Most exciting Cowboy, one of the all-time greatest RBs

    is there any others really? yes, you could make cases for Randy White, Michael Irvin, Bob Hayes, Don Meredith, Larry Allen, etc, but they just dont have the same prestige as the other five.. there is just something about those five that stand out.. they were bigger than life..

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Honorable Mentions

    Deion Sanders - Hired Gun
    Charles Haley - Assassin
    Ken Norton - Assassin #2
    Jay Novacek - Security Blanket(unsung hero)
    Moose Johnston - Bulldozer(unsung hero)

    Gotta throw in James Washington.
  5. CowboyPrincess

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    I'd add Too Tall and Harvey Martin. I love that you listed Jay Novacek - My favorite

    I retire Jay's number every night. I sleep in his jersey :D
  6. Crown Royal

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    ....go on........?:D
  7. Maikeru-sama

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    Cowboys just have too many really good players to do that.

    And there are some people missing from this thread that should have their Jersey's retired.

    Mel Renfro
    Everson Walls
    Cornell Green

    If you want to talk about hired gun then you have to throw Herb Adderly's name in the mix too.

    - Mike G.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah Jay was one of my fav's. I remember one time was jumping over defenders heading for the end zone. It looked like he was jumping hurdles at the track. His legs were everywhere.... GREAT STUFF!

    Retire Jay's number every night... lucky Jay:wink2:

    I guess if NO ONE ever wears #12 again then that is just like retiring the number. NO ONE has worn #74. Could happen to #22 also.
  9. Sarge

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    I agree. No numbers should be retired. If a player has the nuggets to wear #22, so be it - time moves on. Someone else wearing #22 will never tarnish what Emmitt did in his career.

    It was strange after Dorsett left when some started wearing #33 but you get use to it.

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