Retro Cowboys VS Skins video

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by icyhot, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Nice to hear announcers making that "Emmitt Thomas" slip again. :)
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    Just think what our offense could be with that line!!
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    That's the only Cowboys game I've ever been able to attend live... I was in the end zone behind the Boys on that drive, where Haley sacked Mark Rypien for the safety on the opening series that had put the Boys up 2-0...

    I remember walking into the stadium, and being shocked to find the astroturf was laid directly over concrete... I remember the banner behind the Skins' bench that read "Last Year's Champs", and the one behind the Boys' bench that read "This Year's Champs"... I was amused by the arrogance of those banners, never dreaming they were quite prescient...

    But mostly, I remember how HOT it was... and not a breeze to be found, until you got out on the concourse... I tell friends that after that game, I now have a fair idea how a pizza feels when you stick it in the oven... :D

    I also remember walking out of the stadium, with my cousin Lee (a big ol' Italian boy who was a devout Skins fan, and dressed in full Skins regalia, while I was of course dressed in all my Cowboys finest), and d*mn near having to fight a coupla drunken, belligerent Cowboys fans... I wondered what they would have been like if we'd LOST that game... but Lee had put on his radio headphones, and was blissfully unaware of the grief he was taking...

    My final memory is taking like an hour to find our rental car in the parking lot; apparently, all those parking attendants went home when the game started, and the lot was absolute CHAOS... sure hope they put better thought into the parking situation at the new stadium...

    But all in all, it was a great night, and a great weekend; the first night in we wound up at the Hooters there by the mall in Irving, walked in right before closing time, and the waitresses invited me and Lee over to some after-hours club in Plano, where I got good and drunk on tequila, and one of the waitresses (name of Sherry) apparently taught me how to two step... I'm told I was gettin' the hang of it pretty good, but I can't remember it... LOL...

    Then the night before the game, Lee and I decided to do the tourist thing, and found our way to Billy Bob's over in Fort Worth... shot some pool, listened to some good music, bought a nice straw Bailey's cowboy hat in the gift shop, ate some of Riscky's barbeque...

    The day of the game, we hit the mall at Irving, spent a little more money, and did a little bowling at an alley there nearby, just to kill some time... Lee was dressed in some other Skins' paraphernalia, and I was amused at how three different little old ladies gave him gentle h*ll for his apparel-- at the Piggly Wiggly, where we bought a cheap styrofoam cooler, at the Whataburger (Lee had never been in Texas, I thought he ought to try some "local cuisine", and it had been WAY too long since I'd had a burger there my owns self), then at the bowling alley...

    Lee was about as wide as he was tall, standing maybe 5-10 and weighing about 290 pounds... his calves were bigger around than some girls' waists... as the game went downhill for him, he was an extremely good sport about it, giving the Boys fans high fives when something good happened for them... one of them was the guy sitting on his immediate right, who even made Lee look small (the guy had to stand 6-8, and was well over 300 pounds)... that good ol' boy decided Lee was all right, and announced he was makin' him an honorary Cowboys fan...

    I don't know if the cuz fully appreciated the honor he was being given, LOL...

    Ahhh, memories...
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    You have only been to one Cowboys game ?

    Dont you live in Metro DC ?

    I have been to more Cowboys Games against teams other than the Redskins (rooting against of course), than you have been to any Cowboys games ? I might need to start a Silverbear fund.
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    Yup, that's it... only time I've ever been in Dallas...

    No, but I'm not far from there-- out in the Shenandoah Valley... and I HAVE been to a coupla Skins games at RFK, coincidentally both of them against the Iggles...

    I couldn't go to a Cowboys game in DC, I couldn't possibly enjoy it... but when my Mom (who was working at CIA headquarters at Langley at the time), won a lottery for game tickets two seasons in a row, we got to pick which game, so Lee and I went to watch the Skins play Philthydelphia... this was in the Buddy Ryan era, and I purely hated him, so my thinking was that I could in good conscience root enthusiastically for the Skins in those games... in one game, we had REAL good seats, just a few rows up from the Iggles' bench, and I endeared myself to the Skins fans by constantly bellowing at Buddy "have another pork chop, you fat :bastid:

    This was not long after one of his assistant coaches had had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him in a restaurant; he was reportedly eating a pork chop at the time...

    My voice was COMPLETELY gone by game's end, but I know Buddy heard me, he turned and glared my way a coupla different times...

    Hey, any time y'all wanna send me back to Dallas, I'm game... I wouldn't mind if you waited a coupla years, though, I'd love to partake of a game in the Boys' new stadium... :showme:

    I might have to check and see if ol' Sherry's still around... she was REAL easy on the eyes, and a lot of fun... she could almost hold her own with me when it came to drinkin' tequila, too (Gawd, am I glad the cuz was driving that night)...
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    That was beautiful. Aikman in his prime was the perfect quarterback.

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