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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hostile, May 25, 2008.

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    What's your best revenge story?

    I was a fireman for 7 years. Made Lieutenant and as such was part of budget proposals and equipment upgrades, etc. My hometown had a city councilman who always voted down equipment upgrades for the fire department. He was a real jerk about it too.

    One of the items he led the vetoes on was a Class D fire extinguisher which is used for magnesium. They are not cheap. They use a gas called Halon. If you put water on magnesium, it explodes.

    One day we get a call to a car fire and it turns out to be his Volkswagen Bus. Volkswagens had magnesium engines. The engine was on fire. It was small though. So myself and 2 other firefighters were running a shovel brigade trying to put the fire out with dirt. Smother it if you will. It wasn't working.

    He started yelling at me to put it out. I assured him we were trying. He said we weren't putting any water on it. I told him that would make it worse. He finally demanded that we use water or he was going to sue us. I turned to him and said, "if I order them to put water on it do you in front of these witnesses release us from all indemnity?" He did in front of witnesses.

    I ordered a fireman to grab the reel hose and stand back 30 feet and spray the fire. His little engine fire that would have done minimal damage was instantly an inferno that engulfed the entire bus and I pulled my people back, called for the tow truck to come get the remainder when the fire was done, and thanked him.

    We had our class D extinguishers one week later.
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    lol...wait, your city councilman was driving a VW bus?
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    Yep. One of those ones with the pop up camper top. It wasn't his main vehicle.
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    Haha...that would seem so unlikely.

    That's a great story, one I'm not likely to top.
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    I can't tell mine or I could end up in jail.

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    A guy ran over my foot with his 4 wheeler in my driveway. It only tore up the skin a bit with a bunch of bruises, but I reported him to the cops for not being remorseful.

    IIRC, when the cops came to patrol, he was caught under 14 and driving an unregistered ATV on public property, had no insurance, no safety equipment, broken taillight, etc. 3 fines and a couple warnings were thrown at him and his parents. He was also caught speeding on it (52 in a 30).

    That felt real good.
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    This year, I had a teacher who was a complete B. She gave me my first failing grade on a report card I have ever had in my entire life. A freaking 68. It was AP European History. But the problem was I asked her if there was anything I could do. It was just two measly points.

    Of course she said no. The thing that pissed me off was that we had an extra credit project that six weeks, and I had done it and it was a great project. I got all of my stuff stolen at school the day it was due. The cops were involved and everything. My wallet, keys, everything were in my backpack. Every single one of my teachers cut me a break but her.

    I had to go home and make another copy of the project (it was a powerpoint), and turned it in the very next day. She took off 30 points for it being late. Unbelievable. That, among other things caused the grade to be what it was.

    The next six weeks, two classmates of mine were failing, she allowed them to retake multiple tests so they could pass. Not wanting to ruin the break they received, I held my tongue.

    I got my revenge on final exam day. I came in early, (i had her class first period), she always went to get her coffee then come back. I had mowed the lawn the past week and caught four garter snakes, one was particularly bigger than the rest.

    I put it in a ziplock back, put it in my hoodie pocket, and brought it that day. I went to her desk, put it in her drawer which I knew she would open, and the rest is history.

    The hardest thing I have had to do in my life was try to contain my tears from the laughter when I, along with the rest of my class saw her reaction. She went nuts. She actually yanked the drawer out and threw it sideways, and the snake got free, making it even better. It was slithering all over the place.

    I never did get caught. Biggest hypocrite, two faced liar I had ever met that teacher was. I thought the snake would be her perfect ally. Guess not :D

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    Back in High School.

    In gym we used to play sports and pick teams. I was always the middle guy... not the jock, not the geek... in the middle. So as teams were picked I was always on the non-jock teams.

    We would play vs them and get killed every time.

    On the last day of the school year... we played a softball game. We were losing 8-0 with about 15 mins to play. There was this Jock leader "Mr Gym".... he was arrogant and rubbed it in our faces.. and I thought to myself... wow.. you beat a bunch of geeks and non-jocks with a team of jocks. Ok fine.

    So we are losing 8-0. Mr Gym is actually in centerfield.... disinterested. We score a few runs and its now 8-4... he is still arrogant and thinking the game is over and they have won again. I get up with bases loaded.... I see this guy Mr Gym in centerfield fixing his hair. I swing at the pitch and nailed it right over his head, he panicks... stops fixing his hair and reaches back but it is way over his head.

    3 runs are in its 8-7.... I am running like I am possessed... I round 3rd base and I wipe out.... scraped up, bleeding etc... all the while I am thinking "ioh man I am gonna be caught and it would have been game over - last out"

    I get up and run home and slide... SAFE. Game is tied 8-8. My friend... another tweener... not geek or jock.... he is up next... bases are empty.... only time for a homerun to win it.

    He hits it down the right field line WAY OVER the rightfielder.... he runs the bases - WE WIN. The jocks were like little babies.

    It was Great!
    We celebrated like crazy.... the jocks just watched.
    Great thrill for a 16 year old.

    Last game of the year - the only one you remember is the last one. Mr Gym is throwing a fit.

    So later that day I am walking home... and who else but Mr Gym comes up to me to walk with me and kinda says good game and plays it off like no big deal. I told him WE BEAT YOUR ARSE....(that ball went right over your head)..... he says... yeah you did. Just gave him what we had been getting.
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    All my revenge stories usually end with someone sitting on a thumbtack.
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    Nice. YoMick's reminded me of mine.

    I played numerous sports in high school lettering in football, soccer, tennis, golf, wrestling, and baseball.

    I was capable of playing most of them at one collegiate level or another, but unfortunately my parents wanted me to go to my mother's alma mater as it was so close. That effectively eliminated football, golf, and wrestling.

    The soccer coach was also the tennis coach at this particular college, so I opted to play both. Unfortunately, he had previous relationship with my older sister through the tennis program that didn't bode well for me. I wouldn't have thought he would hold it against me, but he did.

    Soccer happened to be one of my better sports, but I wasn't heavily recruited by Div 1 schools because my first two years of high school were spent rehabbing a torn achilles tendon throughout sucked. That effectively made it impossible for me to get on successful club teams (along with the fact that I played other sports, reducing the amount of time I dedicated to soccer). However, I successfully made the Olympic Development Team for Northern VA (extremely competitive area) and got on a very competitive club team for one of the nation's biggest tourneys. I scored four goals in three games, and drew some attention from some decent programs.

    All of this became a moot point, of course, as my parents pushed me to this small div 3 school nearby to Quantico, VA. The last few months before my freshman year of college were spent honing my skills at one of the countries most competitive soccer camps (post to post)...were I played well against some of the nation's top players...but also attained a few nagging injuries. I sustained a slight tear in my gluteus maximus, broke my right big toe, and had the toenail ripped off the left big toe.

    The following week was "tryouts". I went, fought through the pain, and successfully ran two miles in 10:49. Not bad for being hurt. I continually showed that I was at or above the level of play of everyone on the field, with the exception of two players (that happened to be div 1 transfers).

    Anyway, when the cuts were done, the coach called me into his office, and preceded to tell me that I had made the team, but that I wouldn't start....and that I likely won't get much PT because of my "inexperience".

    Now, and this might sound like I was being a complete **** (and I was for the most part, but I was young with a bad whatever :eek:: ), but I told him to "go **** himself" and that he should "eat a bowl of dick". Again, I was immature at this point.

    I had later learned that there were several other soccer players at the school whom had been treated similarly, and that the coach was being "persuaded" by outside sources to play certain individuals. About midway through the second semester, we (a makeshift bunch of castoffs) challenged the school's team to a friendly. They were missing their top player (a friend of mine) due to injury, but he agreed to officiate.

    We won the game 7-2. It had drawn a crowd of several hundred spectators, and created quite a buzz throughout that particular small school community.

    That coach doesn't work there anymore.
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    My fantasy revenge includes them in the burning bus:D
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    Tomson, I had a similar revenge my Senior year of High School. I got cut from the baseball team. When I told my friends on the team they couldn't believe it. We had gone undefeated and won State my Junior year and our Head Baseball Coach had gone on to bigger and better things. The new coach had his pets who were coming up from JV and Freshmen where he had coached before getting the Varsity job.

    As soon as HS was over I joined a semi-pro team in Southern New Mexico and got to travel around a bit playing for the summer. At one point we came back to my home town to play the local team. Their best pitcher was this new Head Coach's all time best/favorite player. I had heard a lot about him but had never seen him.

    So I came up to bat and he threw a ball that I swear was going to hit me in the head. I hit the deck and the Ump yelled "strike 1." I looked at him and said, "you've got to be kidding." It was the nastiest curve ball I had ever seen. So the Catcher starts saying that I am afraid of it. The Coach was behind the home plate area and he started laughing. He knew I heard him.

    So I know this guy is going to throw another curve ball and I decided to sit on it. The next pitch was a heater right down the middle and like a fool I just watched it. So I knew the next pitch is going to be that looping curve and this time I wanted to watch the action on the ball. Sure enough he threw it and again I was sure it was going to hit me in the head and I wanted to hit the deck. I stood my ground and weakly fouled it off then walked away muttering to myself that his pitch was nuts.

    So now I had really seen it and watched the break. He threw it again and I deposited it in the Left Field seats for a 2 run Home Run.

    3rd Inning I hit a solo shot. 4th inning I hit an RBI double off the fence. They pulled him in the 6th inning when I came up to bat with 2 men on.

    As the new pitcher was warming up I looked at Coach and the look on his face was priceless to me. Not a doubt in my mind that his Pitcher was a better player than I ever hoped to be, but by then I was in his head and he never gave me anything to hit the rest of the year. It felt great.

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    Sweet and sweeter.

    Great story. Can you say "turn the tables".... .haha more than once

    Ahhh.... my sweet spot... left field.... although the story I mentioned it was a rare shot to centerfield. I think I willed the ball over "Mr Gym's" head....
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    Haha...that's fantastic.

    On a side note, that guys curve ball sounds like the one that I faced that essentially made me realize I'd never be more than an above average high school player. I faced a pitcher that threw them right at my ear...but they were strikes. I never could hit those damn things.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Reminds me of the movie Major League.

    "Wow how did they miss this guy(Cerrano)? (he was nailing fastballs out of the park in batting practice)

    "Hey... now throw him a curve"

    Strike 1 (swing and a miss)
    Strike 2 (swing and a miss)
    Strike 3 (swing and a miss - you're out!)

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    Lmao...pretty much.

    Same damn thing happened to me when I used to mess around with boxing. I used to hold my own....and then I fought a southpaw. :banghead:
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    To be absolutely truthful, that pitcher was one of 2 who scared me to death. The other was a kid from Hobbs, NM who in HS was dialing in the high 90's on the Juggs. He was wild.

    I still swear the ball should have hit me in the head. I couldn't believe the break he had on that sucker. How I ever timed it I will never know. Luck mostly.
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    You played against Nuke Laloose? :laugh1:
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    Man! That must be a real pain in the ace, having to carry a pile of dirt and a bunch of buckets and shovels around on the truck all the time?

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    I saw this thread pop up a day or so ago I guess. Been thinking hard (painful, yes) and haven't come up with a single revenge memory. I may occasionally get worked up pretty good but subsequently let things go pretty quickly. It might be an attention deficit disorder rather superior coping skills...

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