Review of DEs on the current roster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 5, 2014.

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    XW, this is not true

    not many would characterize me as the uber optimistic/pie in the sky fan but i like the signing of melton and was VERY excited about Haley coming in 1993

    many fans who were "optimistic" back then can be characterized as "pessimistic" now and that is completely based on team performance and poor decisions by the front office

    it is the other parts of your analysis that people are finding fault with here
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    What will spencer get as a salary? I expect he takes a low salary to prove his value again.
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    But they are on the roster... And this is a Cowboys' board. ;)
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    Maybe I could use better labels than optimist/pessimist, but my point is that the TYPE of fan that is not excited about Melton were not excited about Haley.

    That appears to be correct in your case. You liked both.

    People were pessimistic back then also. The team was bad in the mid to late eighties. They lost 44-0 to the Bears in 86. When Jimmie came in many many fans laughed and moaned that he was a college coach that was in over his head.

    There are always going to be bandwagon fans that say the team sucks every year until they start winning. Those fans were around in 1992 and they're around now. Those people would be whining regardless if the Cowboys spent Zero in free agency or is they were the top spender. I'm sure that many of the fans that are currently whining about not signing more/better free agents on the Dline were moaning last year when the Cowboys spent as much as possible to retain Spencer, Rat, and Ware.
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    IF Cowboys can hit a DE plus a DT... then all will be forgiven and forgotten as well.

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