Review of the current roster as it relates to the 2012 Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 18, 2011.

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    This not only address team needs but also considers positions where a late round draft pick would be doubtful to make the team. From the 2011 draft, I don't think Josh Thomas did anything wrong, they just were not going to make room for him unless he far exceeded expectations of a 5th round pick. Maybe it would have been different if they didn't keep 2 kickers.

    Not expected to return.
    Expensive Free Agent, expected to return.
    Might be cut due to Injury History, Age, Contract.

    QB: Kitna Retires. Now or never for McGee to be #2.
    Draft pick: Mid round.
    9 QB Romo, Tony
    3 QB Kitna, Jon
    7 QB McGee, Stephen

    FB: Health appears to be the only issue.
    Draft pick: No.
    24 FB Fiammetta, Tony

    RB: All set for 2012.
    Draft pick: No.
    29 RB Murray, DeMarco
    28 RB Jones, Felix
    34 RB Tanner, Phillip

    TE: MartyB is FA.
    Draft pick: Mid/Low round.
    82 TE Witten, Jason
    89 TE Phillips, John
    80 TE Bennett, Martellus

    WR: Need to re-sign Robinson. Radway and Harris will be in the mix.
    Draft pick: Mid/Low round if punt returner.
    19 WR Austin, Miles
    88 WR Bryant, Dez
    81 WR Robinson, Laurent
    85 WR Ogletree, Kevin
    16 WR Holley, Jesse
    11 WR Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi

    OG/OC: Plently of developmental types including Nagy. Could use a blue-chipper.
    Draft pick: High round or nothing.
    67 C Costa, Phil
    60 C Kowalski, Kevin
    64 G Holland, Montrae
    63 G Kosier, Kyle
    62 G Arkin, David
    75 G Dockery, Derrick
    70 G Loper, Daniel

    OT: Only 1 backup.
    Draft pick: Mid/Low round.
    77 OT Smith, Tyron
    68 OT Free, Doug
    78 OT Parnell, Jermey

    ST: I think McBriar is FA, otherwise all set. Please no more Buehler.
    Draft pick: No.
    5 K Bailey, Dan
    91 LS Ladouceur, L.P.
    1 P McBriar, Mat

    CB: Low round pick probably wouldn't beat out any of these guys. Could use a blue-chipper due to Newman/Jenkins injury history and age.
    Draft pick: High round or nothing.
    32 CB Scandrick, Orlando
    21 CB Jenkins, Mike
    41 CB Newman, Terence
    20 CB Ball, Alan
    25 CB Walker, Frank

    Safety: Would a low round pick beat out any of these guys? Maybe Church is really an ILB.
    Draft pick: Top 4 rounds or nothing.
    26 S Elam, Abram
    43 S Sensabaugh, Gerald
    42 S Church, Barry
    40 S McCray, Danny

    DL: Does a low round pick beat out any of these guys?
    Draft pick: Top 4 rounds or nothing.
    90 DT Ratliff, Jay
    92 DT Brent, Josh
    95 DE Lissemore, Sean
    97 DE Hatcher, Jason
    98 DE Spears, Marcus
    99 DE Coleman, Kenyon
    96 DE Geathers, Clifton

    OLB: Does Spencer re-sign or get replaced by FA or draft pick? Top 4 rounds or nothing.
    Draft pick: High round or nothing.
    94 LB Ware, DeMarcus
    93 LB Spencer, Anthony
    57 LB Butler, Victor
    55 LB Albright, Alex

    ILB: Maybe the leanest positon on the team without Brooking/James. Is Church an ILB?
    Draft pick: Mid/Low round. Maybe 2 picks.
    50 LB Lee, Sean
    54 LB Carter, Bruce
    51 LB Brooking, Keith
    56 LB James, Bradie

    Injured Reserved
    61 G Nagy, Bill
    18 K Buehler, David
    86 WR Radway, Raymond

    Practice Squad
    31 CB Butler, Mario
    72 DT Calloway, Robert
    45 FB Chapas, Shaun
    58 LB Lemon, Orie
    6 P Jones, Chris
    17 WR Harris, Dwayne
    15 WR Holmes, Andre
    10 WR Williams, Teddy

    Reserve Non-Football Injury
    2 K Forbath, Kai
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    I think OG and OC are a true need. Maybe you can fill one of the OGs with a expensive FA like Nicks or Grubbs.

    CB might not be an issue, one great on would have to fall to me for that to happen. Newman, Scandrick, and Jenkins are playing good this year.

    Safety isn't an issue because I don't see a great safety in this draft class and Elam and Sensy have been better than good.

    TE is alittle need but not really, his offense is fine with just Witten.

    OT only if one falls in the mid rounds but what would a late round OT help. Much rather get a vetern backup.

    KR/PR/WR is a true need. Mid rounds.

    3-4 DE is a need. Spears isn't a every down starter. I think NT is more of a need becasue you can move Ratliff to DE. Also sign Campbell and you set at DE. Campbell, Spears, Ratliff, and Hatcher as your 3-4 DEs, thats a great rotation.

    NT would be a place I would look at in rounds 2-4. Kawann Smart and Sylvester Williams along with a vetern.

    OLB I would resign SPencer. There is no gauantee that a late 1st round -3rd round pick can play as good as Spencer.

    QB would be nice to groom but not a big big need due to Romo still has a few yers left.

    My offseason would be

    Nicks or Grubbs
    NT Pauha or Soliai which ever cheaper

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    Good breakdown. Gives everybody a good look at the needs or possible needs for the coming year.

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