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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by xtreme_2k, Jan 7, 2013.

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    So beautiful.

    E: Was he injured on this play? If so I take it back
  3. Venger

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    This play did aggravate his injury. But that happens when you play injured. It's still beautiful.
  4. ajk23az

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    I really like RG3 as a person but with him being a Redskin, I don't wish him any luck when it comes to his football career.
  5. kmd24

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  6. Stryker44

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    You guys should have stacked the box more against Morris. Aside from his first 2 drives, he was very limited with what he could do with his arm much like against you guys. He couldn't throw deep, accurately, or with any real zip. You might have beaten us had you done that.
  7. Stryker44

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    Yeah, after that play in the first quarter he looked about as bad if not worse than he did when he played you guys.

    The thing that annoys me, is that he went in front of the cameras after the game and said it was the brace causing him to limp, that he was basically 100 percent.

    So he got fitted with a less restrictive brace...and then blows out his knee. :(
  8. BAZ

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    They did stack it, the bodies just couldnt stop your bodies. I dont think I've heard of a PCL before, sounds nasty.
  9. kjcmeb

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    maybe....but, you replace Earl Thomas with Sensabaugh & Chancellor with Frampton and you might get different results.

  10. Stryker44

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    That's the play he blew out his knee in the 4th quarter.

    He looked awesome for 2 drives, then re-injured it towards the end of the first quarter.

    Stats speak for themselves...129 yards in the first quarter for us...74 the rest of the game.

    Shanahan should have yanked him.
  11. StylisticS

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    Morris still would have had a field day against that defense.
  12. Stryker44

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    Well, I guess at least Snyder can't raise ticket prices for next season. He has to be livid.

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