Rg3 most overrated player I've ever seen...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Jan 6, 2013.

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    He knows of what he speaks. Steve Young was great on his feet, but he never rushed for more than 75 rushing attempts in a season in a 15 year career. RG3 had 120 rushing attempts in his first season, and that's with missing about 1.5 games and being limited about a quarter of the season. It's not just some fluke that RG3 was beat up to hell by the end of the year. There's a reason why no one in the NFL has implemented the option as their base package. He's not a large framed guy to boot.

    It wouldn't be insignificant if he needs a surgery to his knee that knocks him out the offseason. He's got a lot of things he needs to work on. NFL Defensive coordinators are going to adjust to the pistol concepts, and RG3 will need to expand his dropback game to counter to the adjustments.
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    Would you say Pete Carroll has outcoached both Shanahan and Garrett over the course of last year to this year? Sure seems that way. I agree with a and b though...though who knows if we would have even been able to get up 14-0 with Cousins.

    Quarterbacks seem afraid to throw against Sherman. Completing passes against that guy is going to be essential if Seattle is to be stopped from dominating the NFC in terms of defense and physicality.
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    I've heard this before. Go name the last 10 years of Super Bowl winning QBs and which ones base a lot of their game on running around.

    Big Ben
    Both the Mannings

    None of them. You have to be able to be a good passer in this league to ultimately win it all. All that running is cute but in the end, doesn't win you championships.
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    It's really not about the Pistol so much because it's just the formation they are using but fundamentally they are putting defenders in conflicts that they aren't used to. Ware hasn't defended the read option in years and was completely fooled by the ball fakes. Coupled with his injuries he just wasn't the same guy we were used to at all.


    This play in particular is one of their base plays that they run to setup defenses. As you see Ware is the guy in conflict but the FB going full speed at Ware causes him to be indecisive and instead loops around to block the OLB. It isn't some magic play they concocted but something that had been used before in the college ranks.


    And then they when you have it figured out they'll actually come at you with the FB.

    The Shanahan's didn't use anything new or innovative but instead dusted off the old playbooks from Chris Ault. RG3's speed and ability to beat you on the edges is what had coordinators baffled. If you played contain he'd hand it off inside and if you crashed inside he'd beat you around the edge. His ball fakes are some of the best I've seen too so that definitely fooled alot of players trying to decide what to do. Couple those runs with PA passes and you'll catch LB's cheating up to stop the run and the big plays where there.

    The issue is not if coordinators will adjust to it, because they certainly will scheme packages to beat it, but it's the exposure to RG3 as a ball carrier. You are correct in your point about RG3 needing to expand his passing game because ultimately that is how the elite QBs destroy defenses. It was obvious that the Shanahan's gave him simple reads and he has a tendency to stare down receivers. (I noticed this on opening day vs Saints)

    Another issue is making RG3 slide in scramble situations. He didn't get hurt on option plays but rather trying to make a play with his feet scrambling and instead of sliding he took on defenders head on.

    Tonight he got hurt trying to corral a bad snap on a terrible field. He shouldn't have been playing in the first place after he took the shot that caused further injury to the knee in the 2nd qtr but that's the root of the problem with a HC that was looking at the next game rather than the future of the franchise.
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    Its sad..
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    Part of the reason Morris had a hell of run is because of the threat of griffin running.
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    But that's just it, he didn't even get hit on that play. His knee buckled and gave out on him, WITH a knee brace on, after rolling out to the right and trying to stop and throw. I agree, he should've been pulled after he threw that second touchdown.
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    I'm not convinced re: RG3 being an elite QB. The fact that Cousins appeared to be equally effective when RG3 was injured in recent weeks makes you wonder how good he is - or is it that Cousins is a future HOF player?

    He's a good athlete, he has a good arm, but he's not the complete package at QB. People conveniently forget that in the pass orientated modern NFL, your QB's primary job is passing. Running ability is a nice to have optional extra and not something that should be the primary reason for drafting a QB. The painful truth is that the Randall Cunninghams, Quincy Carters (yes he was originally touted as one of those 'athlete' QBs), Michael Vicks, Tim Tebows and RG3s may be exciting to watch and display great athletic ability, but none of them can take a team to the Superbowl.

    In the specialized world of the NFL you have QBs to throw and RBs to run. No all rounder, no matter how talented can compete with the specialists.
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    You should really watch RGIII play a bit before you speak about him.. that could go for half the people in this thread though. He's not a "running QB" just because he's black. The guy has a cannon for an arm and can make all the throws when he's not injured. Keep in mind he had one of the best passer ratings in the league this year with that crap WR group they have over there. He made several bomb throws downfield that were perfect strikes that hit his receiver in stride. He's certainly not just a running threat. Lets cut the silliness, people.
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    As a Skins fan, I obviously don't think he's overrated. I think he has the skill set to throw more from the pocket and I imagine he will next year after the playbook is opened up.

    Yesterday was rough to watch. Young athletes will tell you they are ok and keep playing when everybody knows its a serious risk.
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    Over 100 qbr. Led the league in yards per pass attempt. Led the league in yards per rush. Turned his team from a top 10 draft team to a division champion.

    All of this as a rookie.

    This has got to be the stupidest thread ever started on the Internet.
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    I don't know, this one time this guy started a thread about ending the draft, it was pretty bad.
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    I know this. He's good enough to make our defense look JV.

    If Ryan and company don't figure this out (run option), the Cowboys will not beat this team.
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    We were playing defense with Scrubs off the street!
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    The injury excuse. I don't think RG3 was running up the middle, Ware and Spencer were playing.
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    That's a loose interpretation of what Ware was doing out there.
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    If a rookie QB in a Dallas uniform put up 3,200 yards with 20 TDs against only 5 picks while missing his best receiver for most of the season, this place would be hailing him as the next great QB to ever play the game. He may or may not pan out over the long haul, but Redskins fans should be happy with what they saw from the kid this year.

    If I was a Redskins fan I would be peeved that Shanahan had him in after the first quarter. He was obviously hurt and Shanny killed their chances when he had a pretty good QB just sitting on the bench.
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    yes the runs were to the outside, but if we had a stout NT and our starting ILBers, Ware and Spencer could just control the edge and not worry about crashing in.
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    From where I sit, Luck looks a lot more like a rookie Peyton Manning than a rookie Rex Grossman.

    Grossman played in an offense that relied on a lot of one-on-one matchups with receivers on the outside, and it's no surprise that he has most of his success against man coverage. The easiest way to stop Grossman is to play zone. Grossman also struggles mightily when he's pressured.

    Neither of these describes Luck. Like the rookie Peyton Manning, he plays well against the zone, though he's made a lot of rookie mistakes because NFL defenses are much better at disguising their coverages. He's also fearless in the face of pressure. Stanford ran a run-heavy but pro-style offense under Harbaugh, and Luck hit the ground running when he reached the NFL. I guarantee you he's learned a lot about reading NFL defenses.

    Luck did a lot of things very well in 2012, and he was asked to carry the heaviest load of all the rookie QB starters. While that didn't do his stat line any favors, it will end up accelerating his growth. RG3 and Wilson both put up impressive TD/INT stats, but their teams weren't relying on them as heavily, and what they were asked to do in the passing game was simplified relative to Luck. Unless that changes, in 3 years, Luck is likely to be emerging as one of the elite passers in the game, while Griffin and Wilson will still be learning the ropes of passing in the NFL. If Griffin misses a substantial part of 2013 while rehabbing a catastrophic knee injury, he'll be even further behind.
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    Yea.... Ware with his dangling arm.... :rolleyes:

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