Rg3 Now Known As Rg4 Here In Va!

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    Man I cant beleive this team lately. I come into work to here folks singing Romo Coaster yadda yadda yadda. I wanna blame our losses on the oh so many injuries weve had but that would be a punk way of going about the explanation of our record. I think we need to adopt the Bill Belicheck Offense just go no huddle and throw it 45 plus times a game. We have no running game at all. Heck we do good when we go no huddle in my opinion. Then Fletcher is in a boot two days before the game and he plays. Murray is in a dang boot for 7 weeks, heck he minus well put a Nike Logo on the boot and sport it every day. Cant pass a foot test seems to me he is a princess! If i was 90 or 95 percent, when i did the tip toe test and asked if i felt pain i'd lie to get on the field. Just frustrating!!! I attached a pic of the guy we got beat buy!! Wow has he grown up to be a decent QB :)

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    I thought Joe Buck was going to have a moment of ecstasy during this game.

    Seems every sentence started with RGIII.

    Used to be Romo got that type of attention.

    Come on Jerry-ego, get an OL and a WR and move Austin to the slot, and find an edge rusher, and hire Payton.

    The window is closing and I'd like one real shot before Romo walks away.

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