RG3: "We made Cowboys Stadium our Home"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Apr 28, 2013.

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    The jealousy is strong with this one lol. RG3 is overrated because I said so! Good analysis :lmao2:
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    I'll take the 15 yards and the first down all the way down the field. Any coach with half a functional brain is gonna stop having teams march down the field on them for being morons.
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    That's what I recommend. When your pass protection is weak you take out blockers. That way the blitzers can get there completely unabated.
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    That's fine. But don't hate on a player just because he's good. That's what makes the NFL good. The game is much better when there is competition, and RG3 didn't choose where he went. For footballs sake you got a picture or Richard Sherman on your tag.
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    Its not all about stats. How many games did they win. Its not just the QB. Defenses figure out the whole OFFENSE in general. That would mean he can have similar stats as the year before but the offense as a whole is not producing what it was the first year it was used by the team. The QB they have is the REASON they employ that offense. Once it stops working the QB does not get the results he did before because the offense needs to be modified to adjust to the way defenses are playing them. Scheme changes..Quarterbacks skillsets generally dont...BUT ANYWAYS you obviously just like to argue because now you are acting like Cam Newton is a Deadskins QB the way you are defending him. The only reason you would do that is because you think RG3 will be more like Cam ..maybe he will have similar stats as last year..but that doesn't mean your offense won't be less effective as a whole.
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    Careful. We don't like comments of this sort.
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    I know ya'll don't believe in karma. But I do and you're scaring me silly. If you have any love for Tony (and me) please give it a rest.
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    Am I going to get trolled again with someone who has Richard Sherman as his mascot?
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    And the Cowboys still lost that game.

    That 68 yard TD is a part of the reason they lost.

    I'm not sure how you're trying to refute him here.

    We will have to agree to disagree because putting your QB in the position to be running the ball more often increases the chance for him to be hit that much more often.

    Vick used to be this unstoppable beast too running around and you can see how that's turned out really great for him and the teams that bothered to play him. Now don't get me wrong here I think RG3 is a far far better QB than Vick, of that I don't really believe there is any debate, but the running around takes a toll on a QB, especially one with one wheel that's bad already.

    Yes I suppose that would work just like that if they get penalized every single time they hit the QB. If that becomes the case then the NFL game is for even bigger cry babies than I thought.

    Yes I think sometimes you're gonna wind up getting penalized but I do believe that if you designate a guy to go to the QB and his job is to hit him and he hits him clean, as he's pitching, that yes enough times of that and teams will second guess running that.

    This spread this is unique now but the wishbone, while granted different, was also at one time a huge college offense for letting your QB hurt people with his legs and it never worked in the NFL to any degree.

    Now that's why I reconize that this new stuff is better than the wishbone but it's going to go by the wayside like any other type of offense similiar to it in the past. Option offenses simply aren't a recipe for long term success in the NFL.

    Unless of course they continue to go the way of putting skirts and flags on the QBs and in that case this type of offense will be all the rage and everyone will be running it.
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    That's fine, we can agree to disagree. No shame in that.:D I would still recommend you look up the statistics on QB injuries inside and outside the pocket, the results may shock you.
  12. BraveHeartFan

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    Well not really. I'm sure the statics are overwhelmingly in favor of those in the pocket because the vast majority of QBs are pocket passers. Larger group of people in which to inflate the numbers with against a much smaller, more unique group, of quality players and athletes that can run around the field like studs.
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    Eh, I have a special disliking for RGIII. The picture of Sherman was after the Seahawks knocked the deadskins out of the playoffs. He is waving bye to RGIII and the hype. I thought it was classic.

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    I don't dislike RG3. Sherman is a straight-up turd.
  15. muck4doo

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    Nailed it. RG3 is a classy kid. I hate that he plays for the Redskins, but that's just how the chips fall. If RG3 were a Cowboy you know our fans would all love him. Someone posting that has Sherman as his mascot shouldn't say much, but will.:rolleyes:
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    What on earth are you talking about?

    My entire point is people act as if Cam Newton turned into a pumpkin, 2,500 yard, 10 TD 25 INT QB overnight.

    The guy had very similar numbers from his rookie year and also played incredibly well down the stretch.

    The hope of "well RG3 will be figure out like Cam was figured out" is false because Cam wasn't "figured out"

    If RG3 is healthy, I expect him to improve on his rookie year and the Redskins as a team to improve. The gimmick responses of "taking 15 yard penalties" to stop a "gimmick offense" aren't grounded in reality.

    The offense will evolve as defenses evolve to catch up. Saban mentioned the key to stopping the RO is play assignment football. You play assignment football in the NFL, a QB is going to have ALL DAY in the pocket.

    I look forward to that
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    Keep on drinking [​IMG]

    But, like Mike Tomlin said, that stuff will get shut down - its the NFL, and the gimmicks ALWAYS get exposed.
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    You are wasting your time. The only hope of sucess that the Redskins have is that this gimmick offense won't be exposed. History has shown that these things take a year or two to figure out and it is a thing of the past. A Redskin fan is going to cling to the only hope they have.
  19. SkinsandTerps

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    How many times do we have to talk about it as a "gimmick" offense ?

    These men played in or against these type of offenses all the time from the time they were 12.

    They have all seen them before, as well as the coaches.

    Frankly, it comes across as simply not knowing the game.
  20. Rack Bauer

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    The read option IS a gimmick offense. Period.

    Just like the Run & Shoot was when Jack Pardee was with the Oilers.

    Just like the Wildcat is/was.

    Teams will learn how to shut it down and he'll be forced to play as a more conventional type QB. At that point he'll either sink or swim.

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