RG3 suffers knee injury late in game

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bula, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I've been sifting through most of the pages in this thread and saw a recurring sentiment; RG3's playing style will ultimately shorten his career. What I say to that is.... perhaps. The possibility will always loom when he's outside the pocket with bodies flying around. However, playing QB in general will ultimately result in many injuries throughout the course of a career whether pocket passer or scrambler. The threat of a season or career ending injury is ever present for the NFL signal caller (Troy Aikman knows what I'm talking about).

    Most rookie QBs go through the bumps in the road associated with learning how to minimize mistakes while operating an offense. In RG3's case, he's pretty damn consistent already operating his offense....it's him learning how to take less bumps in the road regarding his body. Pain is the greatest teacher and sometimes a young guy who thinks he's SuperMan has to learn the hard way. However he is learning nonetheless (the first injury this season came from just being reckless outside the pocket. The second injury occurred from not sliding fast enough to protect the whole body). RG3 is a smart a guy; he'll learn from it all.

    And by the way, he's slated to play Sunday at Cleveland in a brace (he still has that rocket pin point arm).
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    Whats amazing is that a redskin fan is so bored he has to come onto a Cowboys board. Makes no sense. Whats the point?
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    Lol Is this what you come up with, when you are wrong about something?

    This forum has some very mature members...
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    Research much?
    Vick Rookie Year:

    44% completion
    2 TD 3 Int
    289 Rush rards 1 TD

    Michael Vick 2nd Year

    54% COmpletion
    2936 Passing yards
    16 TD 8 int
    81 QBR
    877 Rush yards 8 TD
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    Well Redskins fans trying to pimp RG3 on a Cowboys forum aside, the knee injury could hamstring the Redskins offensea more than a little. What killed us in the first game was them running that option on Ware and Ware failing more often than not in covering it.

    Now that he has seen it we can hope that he can zone it up better but if RG3 cannot run well then it makes it a whole lot easier to defend. They must have run that play or it's play action counter on us up to 10 times. That is a significant amount of the offense.

    This is before you consider that you can be a bit more aggressive in your pass rush because he is not so fast as to destroy angles from our slow ILB if he takes off upfield.

    I am interested to see how he does if he has to be a pocket QB for 40 attempts. Not saying that he cannot but that athletic ability gives him a huge edge.
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    I'm glad we aren't playing against you guys this week. Cleveland will pose its own problems - but I'm doubtful they will be able to put up 28 pts in a half on our D.
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    Yeah, I am bored and watching you lie and make up random facts to try and make yourself feel better is worth a laugh. I guess I'm the one with the problem though, sorry.
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    The utterly pathetic attempts to downplay Griffin here is highly entertaining. I also really love hearing how awesome Luck is playing, but Griffin is a fluke. I wonder if those claiming Luck's greatness saw that pick-6 Luck just tossed right to the LB as he was getting sacked...
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    You don't really love it..... you hate it and it's eating away at your soul! :D
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    I swear I have looked at your graphic repeatedly trying to see anything on it that shows Luck is doing something better than Griffin. You say that it shows Shanahan is limiting Griffin's long throws, but lets look at some of the numbers:
    +20 to the left, Griffin has 6/11/2/0, Luck has 8/22/2/0
    +20 to the right, Griffin has 4/7/2/0, Luck has 8/26/2/3
    +20 to the center, Griffin has 4/14/2/1, Luck has 15/37/3/3

    So, yes the scheme doesn't force Griffin to throw deep, but when he does his rating and results are far better. Heck, +20 to the left, Griffin has 2 less completions on half the throws.

    I guess the question I ultimately have, is in response to your comment:
    If Griffin burns the defense deep, at the same rate, or better than Luck on all 3 deep areas, and hasn't made near the mistakes Luck has, then why would it seem obvious that he would do worse if the plan calls for him to throw more deep. Put another way, he could throw 14 more passes to the center long ball, all incomplete, before his numbers would be comparable to Luck's numbers now. Does his numbers give you reason to think he would do that?
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    What's somewhat comforting, to me at least, that you're getting it from the same guys who have zero appreciation and low expectation for our own team. It's apparently a congenital condition. Welcome to our world.

    If nothing else, though, it's nice to see some signs of life in the old Cowboys/Redskins rivalry. At least our fans can still muster a limp response in a thread about your budding superstar QB.
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    Oh, we have plenty of these dinks on ES. I call it tr1 Syndrome.

    I am glad to finally be on the winning side of the limp response instead of trying to compare Jason Campbell to Tony Romo! :)
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    I believe what you are missing here is that his point was that Luck has been asked to do more. I didn't see it as a discredit to anything that RG has done, just that he hasn't been asked to do it as often, on purpose. Not because he can't or because he won't be able to, but because there is risk in asking a rookie, any rookie, to throw that many deep balls.

    I'm waiting for it to sink in though that there a BIG differences between what Luck has done and what RG has done 'til this point.

    RG has the #1 rushing attack in the league, and within that has the a RB in the top 5 in rushing yards. Luck has the #18 (average) running game behind him.

    RG has thrown the second fewest passes of ANY starting QB in the league (one more pass than Russell Wilson). Luck has thrown the SECOND MOST passes of any QB in the league. Of course he's going to make more mistakes. Average running game and 200 more pass attempts will do that to any QB.

    RG's passing numbers look great on the surface, can't deny that, can't discredit that. But what that chart (as well as my own eyes) show me is that they have a condensed offense that they use to suck in safeties and LB'ers to take deep shots. To the OC's credit he has found a way to seemingly always have a wide open receiver for RG to throw to.

    My brother in law is a Redskins fan, we had this talk on Saturday night. I told him that the only hope that we (Cowboys fans) can cling to is whether or not RG can manage the pro game and read the defense. At this point he isn't being asked to do so very often. I haven't seen him drop many passes over the corner and in front of the safety in the cover two. Most of the passes, as the chart shows, are in front of his face. It's in the area vacated by linebackers who have been sucked into the play action. Or it's deep shot down field... For the most part it is a one read system (minus two minute drills and desperate situations).

    Because no primarily running QB has won on a consistent basis at this point, the threat of him killing us with his legs in the future doesn't scare me. It's whether or not he can fully develop what Vick was not able to develop, the ability to read a defense and slice it apart with his arm. Honestly, any NFL QB can throw a 50 yard pass to an open WR or a WR with man coverage. It won't continue to happen enough to be relied on for years to come. Can he show the ability to consistently put the ball in the tight windows on third down, or in a clutch situation.... If he starts doing that in the next couple years, then we could have a problem...
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    What are you winning exactly?
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    I think it's because they have a one game win streak going against us? :muttley:
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    Never mind the 8-22 record over the last 30 right?:D
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    And all it took was a little throught process on your part to figure it out.

    Good job, and for the Redskin fans...keep making your comparisons to Rex Grossman when you can't think outside of the box.
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    Interweb points
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    Just because a qb throws more, doesn't mean he's asked to do more. Griffin is leading the #7 pts per game offense, and leading a more varied attack which opens the defense yes, but it's on Griffin to read the defense at the line and decide where the ball goes. The fact that the yds per attempt (#1 passing, #3 rushing) are so high in the league standings says that he is reading and understanding the defenses and where to attack, be it line of scrimmage or deeper down the field. Just because you are trying to read something into Luck's numbers doesn't make it a valid statement. If he is being asked to throw it deep more often, I am sure the coach isn't saying "Andrew, we need an incompletion or interception on this deep ball, can you do that?" But that is the result he is providing pretty frequently.

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