RG3 suffers knee injury late in game

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bula, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I don't agree with some of your conclusions, but that's a very cool article about the evolution of the NFL no-huddle. Thanks for posting it.
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    Adam Schefter via twitter ... "At team meeting minutes ago, Redskins players were informed Kirk Cousins will start at Cleveland, according to text from person in room."
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    Guess we'll see if the Redskins struck gold twice in the draft... or if Cousins limited playing time success was pyrite. :)
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    I told ya!!!

    Cousin might be an upgrade.It will suck losing the division title to them in two weeks!
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    So, a 4th round QB can come in and successfully run the Redskins offense. Hhmmmm.... so RGIII is just a product of the system?
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    Yep...that offense is complete. I don't think they can be stopped, you're gonna have to put up points on that defense but it's hard to in December in their stadium on that grass.
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    Sure. We score points like that, it's all good to me!
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    I was making a joke, going back to the whole Brady is a system QB because Cassel came in and went 11-5 or whatever it was.
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    by saying it's the "system"...those two kids are something else unfortunately. However, the Shanahan's offensive system is sick: the oline is stunning. Not so much the pass blocking but the run blocking: where did that come from?
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    I hope they realized how good the pass blocking became once Tyler Polumbus went out with that concussion. I'd rather have Jordan Black starting at RT next week to see if he can be our starter for the rest of the season.
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    cut blocking.
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    Yup. Shanahan has been doing this blocking scheme since the Elway days.
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    Dude what are you talking about? Luck has almost 4000 yards passing and will probably break the most passing yards by a rookie record and already has the most passing yards in a game by a rookie. You need to seriously take off your homer glasses. Luck has passed for 1000 more yards than RGIII
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    I am talking about passer rating and completion percentage which are stats that reflect a qb's quality of play more than gross yard

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    Yeah... People excuse all of Lucks INTs because they say he passes a lot more then RG3. But then they say he has thrown for a lot more yards then RG3, and ignore the fact that he throws a heck of a lot more.

    I didnt realize that it was okay to play poorly if you throw the ball more. :D

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