RG3 wins Rookie of the year

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by 5Stars, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Way to not give credit to an awesome performance....

    So false it's actually funny. The OL is STILL bad. They only had excellent running blocking and decent pass blocking in Pistol formations, where the defense was indecisive due to the read option. In the plays where they went spread or Griffin was under center, Morris' YPC was well below 4.0 and Griffin almost never had a clean pocket. The RT Tyler Polumbus is not a NFL starter, he actually shouldn't even playing in the league. Even in the Pistol he was consistently giving up pressure and often not even getting a hand on the pass rusher. The only thing that OL did better than the previous two seasons was stay healthy. Although I agree he finally attained a tailback that had the patience and vision he requires for Mike Shanahan's running game, he only had Garcon for half the season....and a couple of those games he wasn't much more than a decoy due to his health.

    Wow, if Shanahan is that great I wonder why McNabb, Grossman, and Beck didn't work out.

    Example, please. The only games I noticed him inaccurate in were after his injury against the Ravens. And bad accuracy isn't something you just happen to notice as teams see more film on your offense. An inaccurate pass is an inaccurate pass, period. If he was an inaccurate passer, which he isn't, this would've been noticed back in September or October.

    Anyone who gives more credit to Morris in this offense has very little clue how the offense works, and obviously only watched the games Dallas played against them. Morris' low ypc outside of Pistol formations is a testament on how much he benefited from Griffin's presence. He's a back with great vision and patience, but only average agility and no breakaway speed. Great kid with a good head on his shoulders, so he'll stick around...but Shanahan's system has made careers for more average tailbacks then the other way around.

    Griffin simply outplayed his competition, no other way around it. Although if Wilson would've won it I would not complain, Luck didn't deserve it though.
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    Media won, Luck got robbed.
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    The Garcon reference might be the funniest of all.

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    So by someone saying "I'd love Griffin on the Cowboys" that warrants a Romo discussion in a thread about ROY? I'd take Griffin too just because he's 22 and Romo is 33.
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    Where's that Skins fan that posts here with the NFC East Champs banner? He can put this one right beside it and file it away in the "Who Cares" drawer.
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    Agree, his game opens up oppurtunities for Morris and it works the other way.

    But I'm sure as hell D Coordinators would rather have Morris run over them than letting RG3 do his thing
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    What a joke these awards have become. Luck and Wilson were both robbed
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    True story...
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    Funny thing is Cousins comes in and puts up awesome stats in his only start as a rookie. Here's a hint...its not RGIII that makes that team go. Morris was the one constant throughout the season. Like I said before. Cousins will be the Starting QB in Washington in 4 years.
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    They better be concerned about those 2 major knee surgeries on the same knee in a 4yr span, that's unheard of and its serious. REAL SERIOUS!!! They gave up a lot for damaged goods. Wow!!!
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    Funny thing is that RG III when asked who should be Rookie of the Year said that it should belong to Morris.

    For those of you who say that Luck or Wilson got robbed. Well this was a year that two top notch rookie QB's would get robbed as all three were worthy of ROY and only one could win the award.

    For those who think that RG III isn't special, look at his TD/INT ratio and compare it to your altime great cowboy QB's. 20 TD's isnt "great" but only 5 ints is pretty darn good. Throw in 800 yards rushing (which I predict will be his career high even if he plays 20 season - which I don't expect)

    When RG III plays a more traditional game, he has shown that he can throw. The real test comes next season if they work to protect their investment and limit his runs to less than 1/2 of the attempts he had this season. He simply needs to prove it more ans rely on his whells a little less (His favorite comparison are to Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers - Not Vick or Newton)

    As for the guy who says he laid a stinker in week 17 with "100 yards and 50%" yes those were his passing stats which included some drops by his all-pro wide receivers (thats right NONE of the Redskins WR were anywhere close to the conversation for Pro-Bowl for very good reason) and it included running for 60 yards and a TD on a gimpy leg. Now imagine for a minute of RG III had a WR to throw to like a Dez Bryant or Larry Fitzgerald or even a Vincent Jackson. I challenge any real Cowboys fan to tell me that they would be comfortable playing the Skins if they had a real receiving corp for RG III to throw to

    Be happy, the Skins Cowboys Rivalry is back. Both teams appear to be poised to contend for a while.

    Lest we forget

    F Mara...
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    This thread has made my Monday

    My only response is this


    Oh I know y u are so mad

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    Both Wilson and Morris had outstanding running games. The Skins ranked first in the league in yardage and the Seahawks third (about an 8 yard per game difference). However, that difference is really more about RGIII going for over 800 yards (Wilson ran for close to 500).

    The Seahawks actually were a little better in terms of running backs -- they had Lynch go 315-1590 and Turbin 80-354. Morris went 335-1613. No other Skins back went over 100 yards for the year.

    It is hard to buy any argument that a good running game makes a QB less worthy
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    RGIII threw for 6 fewer TDs. He also ran for three more.

    RGIII had a TD-Int differential of 15. Wilson had a differential of 16.

    RGIII 258-3200, PR 102.4. Wilson 252-3118, PR 100.

    Really the only statistics that shows much difference is RGIII's 800+ rushing yards to Wilson's almost 500 and turnovers. RGIII turned the ball over a total of 7 times. Wilson turned it over 13 times.

    You need a better argument for Wilson.
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    If the award was for doing the most with the least around him, then Luck would be the winner. He had zero running game.

    Really, all three are deserving. Me, I think RGIII is a guy who is really fun to watch. He's exciting and has a heck of an arm. I have no problem with him winning the award.
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    RG3 had a very good rookie season and played well with a solid running game something which certainly helped his cause.

    What we will continue to see develop from defenses this offseason are complex attacks designed to shut down the pistol formation and read option approaches.

    RG3 will not last long in the NFL in this style of play, as defensive players will unload on him outside of the pocket as evidenced this year.

    The gimp knee is certainly no chimera and will become a significant factor that will certainly mitigate his style of play next season.

    If RG3 continues to play his game as such, he will be much like the often injured Michael Vick that simply continued to be exposed to problematic punishment and injury.

    I realize Redskins fans are ecstatic for actually drafting a QB with promise and for getting out of the NFC East basement this season.

    However, if the said QB continues this style of play, their insurance policy of Cousins will be needed at the QB position because defenses will evolve to counter the novel approach and will simply punish the runner of the option outside the pocket.
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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

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    What you say about his style of play is very true. He must adapt his play to protect his knee. that said, he does NOT need to stop running altogether. Many a pocket passer has had his career ended via injury from hits in the pocket or on scrambles to evade the rush. He just needs to be smarter and realize that the ability to play the next down is more important than an extra couple yards.

    As for the picture of RG III with his knee buckling. That is all the Cowboys fault; If they could have beaten a gimpy RG III the week before, then RG III Would have begun recovering from a less severe injury a week earlier...

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