RGIII - 70%+ Completion Percentage

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by perrykemp, Oct 15, 2012.

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    He did the same thing in college and people tried to write it off, time for those that doubt him to just accept that he's a special player.
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    No one is fabricating anything. Would you rather prevent the deep pass and give your defense a better shot at stopping Morris and he running, and short passes, or sell out to stop the run and get hit deep like his passes to Hankerson and Robinson? Am I fabricating that, or do I need to link the plays to those to prove my point?

    Furthermore, using statistics to state how many times he's gone deep doesn't actually prove your point. It proves mine. I say defenses have been gameplanning to keep him from going deep over the middle, and you talk stats that state he hasn't been going deep.....ok. I haven't looked at the stats, but I've seen every game, they've taken less shots deep as the season has gone on. Coincidentally, Morris has found it easier to run as the season progressed as well.
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    Did you ever hear of YAC??? Apparently not.
  4. Hoofbite

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    You said going deep "consistently" like he was airing it out like New England 2007.

    He hasn't.

    On a 70% completions, if he were going deep "consistently", he'd have more plays of over 25 yards.

    PFF has him down for 9 passes attempted over 20 yards. I don't know what week that is through and I'll readily admit that PFF isn't exactly the gold standard but 9 ranks 33rd in the NFL for QBs.
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    Is part of YAC QBs hitting their WRs in stride and putting the ball where WRs can catch it and do something with it?
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    If the coach is tailoring an offense to the skill-set of a player, it's called good coaching. If a coach is trying to force-fit a player into an offense, even if it doesn't make sense, then you have Jason Garrett...
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    agreed. Now if defenses do evolve to take away the shorter fields and he doesn't end up completing his long passes then the discussion could be relevant. But right now, the offense seems to be working, and I don't think it's unreasonable to say that Griffin is the key to that.
  8. rickjameschinaclub

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    One should also bear in mind, Shanny's last season with the Broncos, when Cutler was lighting the world on fire and they faded at the end. Though, Cutler doesn't have half the brains it seems RG3 has, nor the legs, it's not a forgone conclusion this would happen.

    What is clear though is that when things are clicking for Shanny's offense, RBs are running through holes, and the offense is scoring in bunches.
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    If he stays healthy, RG3 will redefine the position.

    Everyone compares him to Vick, Newton, name-your-black-QB...which is just stupid. He's nothing like those players.

    Griffin is like Steve Young, except with a much stronger arm and a ton more speed. He's not a mental midget like Vick.
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    RG3 is good. And he will be better.

    I am not a Vick fan at all and I wasn't sold on Cam Newton but RG3 has great arm and legs. If he is mentally strong, he will go long distance in this league.
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    They were last in the league last year in YAC with Grossman/Beck.
    It's also why they released Gaffney (2.5 YAC avg) and almost gave up on Moss (3.8? YAC avg).

    They added receivers and put an emphasis on yards after the catch: Garcon who was one of the leagues best in that category and Morgan too.

    But QB has been the biggest difference. He's very accurate.

    The receivers also do a good job of blocking, which turns 10-15 yard passes into big plays.
  12. koolaid

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    It sucks to see RG3 and the Skins doing so well already. They are back to being competitive again.
  13. slaga

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    There, I fixed it for you.:laugh1:
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    We can all make up excuses for his numbers, but the guys is good. We don't have to let our hatred for the team blind us so bad that we can't recognize when a player is really talented.
  15. SkinsandTerps

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    It's exciting for us as fans to see him do pretty well thus far. We shall see how he continues to grow and develop.

    He makes his reads, goes through the progressions and makes a strike. It's much more than just dinks and dunks.
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    Not sure why Washington fans get so defensive when people mention that Griffin's completion percentage may be a product of a dink and dunk offense.

    Last I checked short passes, and YAC were a staple of the West Coast offense, and given the fact that outside of Williams and Montgomery Washington's offensive line is a mess, I fully expect Shanahan to continue to put an emphasis on precisely what they've been doing.

    Griffin has shown an extraordinary amount of skill and what's even more impressive, for somebody with his talent level his intangibles are off the charts.

    That said, I think Shanahan deserves a ton of credit for keeping the game manageable for Griffin and tailoring an offense that features his west coast principles along with familiar concepts from Baylor.

    The game against the Giants should be a real test to far along Griffin is at this point. Washington hasn't really had to face a defense like the Giants yet, so it'll be interesting to see Bob's decision making when he comes under duress from that New York front four.
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    And I am a huge Andrew Luck fan


    Link for rest
  19. rickjameschinaclub

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    I remember hearing analysts affirming that they think Griffin would be performing better than Luck in the beginning, primarily because of the lack of talent that Luck has.

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