RGIII or Andrew Luck

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Sam I Am, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Luck ...... and its not even close.
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    I joined this message board in most part because of this question. First and foremost let's look at the question itself.....RG3 or Andrew Luck? Off the bat it won't produce many credible answers because it was posed to a predominate Cowboy fanbase with one of the options being a REDSKIN QB!

    Secondly, you can't properly debate RG3 Vs Andrew Luck without looking at a couple numbers. Luck has throw almost 150 more passes than RG3 yet they BOTH have 17 passing TDs as of week 12. Also; as of right now, RG3 is FAR more accurate than Luck with 67% compared to a 55% Completion Rating. And because RG3 is more accurate than Luck, 4 Ints compared to 16 Ints is a significant gap in decision making leading to turnovers. I don't care about "future prognostication", right now RG3 is more accurate and makes better decisions than Andrew Luck....Period!

    Thirdly, many people say that Luck is better because he's 8-4 as the Colts QB. Let's actually breakdown that 8-4.....the AFC South isn't exactly a world beating division. Aside from Houston being a legit squad, the Titans are 4-8 while the Jaguars are 2-10 (he plays in a VERY weak division, I'd like to see someone argue otherwise!). In those 8 wins he's beaten ONLY TWO teams at .500 or better while the other 6 Wins came from below .500 teams (food for thought....he's not beating anyone significant!!)

    RG3 on the other hand is 6-6 as Redskin QB in a much more DIFFICULT DIVISION (Three teams at .500 or better as of week 12). In his 6 wins....4 have come from teams who are currently .500 OR better. Not to mention RG3 has proven he can beat division rivals late in the season which includes the World Champion Giants.

    So all in all, RG3 as of RIGHT NOW is better at accuracy, not turning the ball over, and winning games against teams who are also winning which includes division rivals.

    The unbiased selection here is Robert Griffin III.
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    And another thing....lets put an end to comparing RG3 to Vick because it's weak, extremely lazy, and one sided analysis based on the fact both are speedy Black QBs. And even still, Vick has been historically a east-west alluding scrambler who would take off at the drop of a hat. RG3 on the other hand has Olympic speed he uses to escape a collapsing pocket in a north-south fashion.....THEY DONT EVEN RUN THE SAME AT ALL!

    RG3 is currently and will probably always be more accurate than Vick and continue to make fewer bad decisions. If you want to compare RG3 to anyone, make it be Steve Young or Fran Tarkenton. Any other comparison is weak, lacks thought and consideration to RG3's elite dual threat talents.
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    Gee, I wonder if that might have anything to do with the fact that RG3 is throwing about 25% of his pass attempts behind the line of scrimmage, compared to Luck's 10%.
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    I agree. Outside of being black, QB with the ability to run there is no real comparison with Vick and RGIII. I was glad Gruden pointed out how quick RGIII is out of the shot gun to get the ball and get off the quick pass accurately and how difficult that can be. RGIII talent are better than Vick who looked to run 1st early on in his career and now that he is having to actually play QB he is not that good. Andy Reid offense is not that complex in terms of QB'ing it is very QB friendly and yet Vick screws it up.
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    No doubt about it. Colts are having to rely a lot more on Luck and the passing game. Hell Luck has had to put up over 500 passes and the Colts ground game is not something defense are overly concerned with. RGIII is not being asked to put the ball up at the same rate.
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    I agree about the comps.
    Not sure that I agree that RG3 has already ourplayed any season that either of the had though. But that's another topic.
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    I'd rather have Luck. He's utterly complete. He can make any pass, he can scramble, run down field. He's got elite character and he's already demonstrated some amazing clutch characteristics.

    I'm still unconvinced in Griffin's intermediate throws. But more than anything I'd be concerned with RGIII getting hurt. He can sure break down a defense with those legs. But I'm not sure I want my quarterback running as often as he does...even though he does it so well.

    RG3 is a amazing talent and is certainly a better passer than Vick...maybe than McNabb as well. Still...I'd go with Luck.
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    I can say this,
    1) I am not a big college football fan, even when I was at College Park I rarely went to a Uof Md football game.
    2) When it became painfully obvious last year that we were going to be in the market, and were going to be dealing whatever to get the "franchise qb" I started looking at both of them (along with the FA types like Flynn/Manning)
    3) I didn't study tape, but I watched both in the late season games.

    I came away wanting Griffin, and there was one play that took me there. Griffin's team was down, and he was running out, and the cynic in me was thinking I wanted nothing to do with a running qb ala Vick. Then as he was approaching the line, and a LB was about to get him he took 3 steps to the left and threw a bee line bomb to one of his WRs in the endzone. I watched that play a ton, looking at where his eyes were, how he made the LB miss, and how well placed the bomb on the run was placed. At that point, I wanted him, period end of statement. I watched Luck, and nothing at all was bad, but nothing about him made me think, he's the guy I want.

    Then I did go look at stats, just to see if Griffin was a one year wonder and his stats showed a greater progression, even with his injured year. In fact from 2010 to 2011 his rating leveled off/went down a smidgeon.
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    Luck is throwing 27.6% of his passes 15 or more yards downfield. Griffin is only throwing 17.5%. At least according to Advanced NFL Stats. Do what you want with the stat.
  11. SkinsHokieFan

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    Sounds to me like Luck is forcing the ball downfield as opposed to taking what a defense gives him.

    I saw a QB do that last year, his name was Rex Grossman
  12. joseephuss

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    You would have to watch the games to make that determination, which it doesn't sound as if you do.
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    Of course you would choose to compare Luck to Grossman:lmao2:
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    I watched that Detroit game as well as some other games on Indy this year. Luck is an absolute beast. Dude is the real deal. But he does try to force too many balls. I know two of his picks on Sunday were no where near a WR. I dont know if the receiver ran the wrong route or if Luck just threw a bad pass.

    Luck is playing like a typical rookie in that he has a ton of moments that make you saw "wow, this guy is amazing" and he has a ton of moments that make you say "wow, what the heck was he thinking on that throw".
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    Again, the numbers are out there. Why not look for yourself?

    RG3 has been more accurate than Luck at every distance other than throws that were between 31 and 40 yards (0% on 4 attempts to Luck's 21% on 14 attempts). Yes, his sample size is smaller, but it's really not as cut and dry as you're trying to make it

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