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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by boysfanindc, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. boysfanindc

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    What are your thoughts on this guy, watched him play some last year, he has decent size 6' 200lbs. Seems to be a willing tackler, can play multiple positions and seems to have play making ability. Fairly young 27 and according to PFF won't break the bank.

    Seems like a boys type of free agent and would allow us to focus on OL early in the draft.
  2. robert70x7

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    I hope we get him some how. He would be great against slot receivers on 1st-2nd downs and is the type of corner that we look for who can press up on receivers. A lot of that is based on information that I also got from PFF, but I like what he brings to the table and would be a great complimentary piece for the Cowboys.
  3. boysfanindc

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    Meant to post this in Fan Zone, maybe the Admins can move for me.
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    I made a post about him a week ago. With Routt signed, Finnegan wants top 5 money, and Carr will get close to that Marshall makes the most sense.

    He will warrant less money, played in a 3-4 defense, and also played safety in some packages for Arizona. Marshall was called the cardinals defense MVP by coaches due to his leadership and versatility. He played well at safety this year when needed meaning at the end of his career he could make the transition.
    I would be happy to sign Marshall.

    Much more likely for Dallas to be able to resign Spencer, sign Nicks, and sign Marshall than it would be to sign Carr.

    I think Carr will cost way to much to sign any other top FA.
  5. texbumthelife

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    Rather have Terrell Thomas.
  6. Leadbelly

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    The team could probably sign Marshall + Terrell Thomas for the price of a Carr, Finnegan, or Grimes.

    I was impressed with Marshall in our game vs Arizona. Seemed like he challenged nearly every pass that came his way. The concern would be he was available to any team that wanted him last year and few did. He ended up playing on a 1-yr deal.
  7. Idgit

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    He's the kind of player we're going to add this offseason, I think. One that will elicit a lot of grumbling from fans who want Carr or Finnegan, but who whill come in and play well on a roster that needs quality role players.
  8. xwalker

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    ^ This would be a good option.
  9. VACowboy

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    I wanted Marshall last year.

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