Richard Matheson has died– Well known horror and scifi writer...

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    Even if you’re not immediately familiar with his work, it has influenced some of your favorite movies. He’s probably best known for writing I Am Legend, which has seen a number of movie adaptations, including The Last Man on Earth. Starring Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth was a big influence on George A. Romero and an inspiration for Night of the Living Dead.
    For fans of classic horror/sci-fi TV shows and movies, you’ve definitely seen his work. He was a big presence on The Twilight Zone, having written a number of episodes, including Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Invaders, And When the Sky Was Opened, Third From The Sun, and Nick of Time. For Star Trek, he wrote The Enemy Within, were a transporter malfunction splits the crew into two halves with different personalities. He also wrote the screenplays for The Comedy of Terrors, Tales of Terror, Pit and the Pendulum, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and more.

    He passed away yesterday at the age of 87.
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    His is a big lost. He was an amazing talent.
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    I saw this mentioned on Sunday evening news. I was "scarred" by that "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" episode since the 1st time my parents let us watch a rerun of it, when I was somewhere around the age of 8 probably?

    It did come in handy over the years, whenever we took family trips and we were fortuitous enough to have an evening flight. Although, I don't think my sister would agree? :D

    It also worked out very well, when "Twilight Zone: The Movie" came out in the early 80's, and I took my GF and her little sister, making sure to sit in between them. I timed the "dual knee-grab, blood-curdling-scream" thing perfectly w/ the window shade scene. :eek:

    R.I.P. Mr.Matheson
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    RIP Richard you may be gone, but DEFINATELY not forgotten by all means. And the works you leave here with!

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