Richie Incognito suspended indefinitely...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 4, 2013.

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    This happened last night during the game, but man the number of stories that have come out in 24 hours... Whooo!

    Jason La Canfora
    CBS Sports NFL Insider
    Dolphins harassment case: Text from Incognito to Martin used racial slur

    Among the texts that Jonathan Martin made available to his parents, and then, eventually the Dolphins and the NFL, include those in which Richie Incognito refers to Martin, who is biracial, as a "half-******," according to a source who was privy to the communication.

    There are several instances of threats as well, the sources said, and overall disturbing exchanges, including one in which Incognito refers to defecating in Martin's mouth.

    Incognito also made reference to tracking down members of Martin's family and harming them in the texts as well, according to a source.

    In some instances, that kind of rhetoric might be shaken off or ignored, but, given the track record of incidents between Incognito and Martin, and how sustained it had become, Martin truly felt that Incognito might be capable of inflicting harm, and for his safety getting away from the team was in his best interests.

    Read the rest:
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    Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 5m
    The evidence that's now in the hands of the NFL implicates Richie Incognito and, to a lesser extent, Mike Pouncey.
    I've seen some of the evidence, and there are indeed threats of violence/racial slurs. More context, in this case, is needed.
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    There is no place for that in the league. He should be banned, and if Pouncey has done the same, he should be banned too.
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    That's pretty awful. Dumb way to end your career in the NFL.
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  6. MonsterD

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    Ban his butt and suspend Pouncey for loving fools like Incognito and Hernandez.
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    Bart Hubbuch ‏@HubbuchNYP 24m
    And in his spare time, Richie Incognito apparently likes to attend concerts with Riley Cooper.
    I hope Richie Incognito enjoyed his former career as an NFL player.

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 24m
    NFL has heard Richie Incognito's VM to Jonathan Martin. Dolphins have heard the voice mail.

    Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 16m
    The voicemail transcript that's floating around out there is part of the evidence that went to the NFL and Dolphins.

    Andrew Brandt ‏@adbrandt 15m
    Interesting that several of voicemails were in April, in midst of offseason program. Reaching a head now but seem long festering.

    L Rod Hubbard ‏@rodimusprime 9m
    Hilarious how Icognito was going hard on twitter and impugning Schefter's credibility. He basically forced Schefter to release this tape
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    The Pouncey's have some less than stellar history also.
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  9. Titleist

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    I'm not sure I agree with some people comparing the Incognito situation to the Cooper situation. There is a big difference between threatening your own teammate (and his mother, jeez) with racial epithets and being a drunk, ignorant fool at a concert.
  10. WoodysGirl

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    Jim Trotter ‏@SI_JimTrotter 9m
    interesting that of the half dozen personnel people/players i've spoken with, all feel martin should've handled this man to man.

    Said one personnel man (who's not alone): "Instead of being a man and confronting him, (Martin) acted like a coward and told like a kid."

    Another: "Incognito is an A-Hole, however I'm pretty sure you would want him beside you if you are in a bar fight. Tough as nails." Also: "You handle it in house (fight, handle it on the field, joke about it, etc.) and keep it moving."
  11. DragonCowboy

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    Really? This is exactly something you go to the coaches about...this has surpassed the level of hazing. Didn't Martin try to tell coaches about stuff like this over the offseason and nothing came of it?
  12. jimnabby

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    Good to know that blaming the victim is alive and well in the NFL.
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    Incognito sounds like the type of guy that would start the bar fight in the first place.
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  14. BoysFan4ever

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    Bye bye Richie. You moron.
  15. AbeBeta

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    Incognito is a bad guy. But really the coaching staff and team need to be reprimanded here as well. Player under their supervision bullied a teammate -- obviously this voice mail is likely just the tip of the iceberg. I'd like to see members of the staff fined a few game checks - I'd say suspended, but the last thing that team needs is few coaches around.

    As for Martin, I think the league needs to do something unprecedented. The should force the Dolphins to waive him AND guarantee whatever is left of his deal. They should make it so that if another team claims him, they can do so at the minimum salary - the Fins cover the rest. If he loses his job, the Fins cover whatever is left over from that rookie deal. He should have the chance to continue his career in a better environment.
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    He messed with the right person.....I'll tell you that.

    If you are not trying to fight, what you do is delete all voicemails....let time go by(so nothing is so obvious it traces back to you), you have millions. Hire a hitman, or find out dudes living situation or what he does on his free time at night, monitor, wait for the right moment...and leave him stiff as a log, in suit looking nice.

    That, or save all the evidence....walk into the locker room, blind side him and start going to work. That way when they ask you why, you can point to that. That way you are maybe suspended 6 games or the year, and he is left bloody, kicked out of the league, and has to look over his shoulder after the racist comments.

    This is what you do, if you are scared to fight straight up and be a man. Never just run, and point the finger though, at least go out with a bang, even if you play dirty.
  17. Frozen700

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    I think Martin may have been Homosexual though for them to just pick on dude like that.

    Like somebody said in the comments in the article, they had something on him. That may have been it.
  18. blackbull

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    I agree with the gay assumption
  19. DragonCowboy

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    I'm not seeing where you're getting the homosexuality unless you're pulling it out of thin air?
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    Andrew Brandt ‏@adbrandt 5m
    Martin's father is Associate Dean at Cal State, Dominguez Hills, College of Business. Mother is associate general counsel, Toyota.

    Damien Woody ‏@damienwoody 3m
    @adbrandt Harvard grads I believe

    People thought he ran home to Mommy and Daddy and to tell on the people who been bullying him. Martin's parents are Harvard Law graduates. Clearly they taught him the best way to get out of a situation. Sue the pants off people.
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