Rick Gosselin's first mock - Cowboys taking WR S. Holmes

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    Rick Gosselin's mock draft
    01:23 AM CDT on Sunday, April 16, 2006

    In their 46-year history, the Oakland Raiders have never used a first-round draft pick on a player from the University of Texas. But then there has never been a player the caliber of Vince Young available when it came time for the Raiders to pick.

    Young is easily the most scrutinized player to hit an NFL draft board this decade because he's not the prototypical pro quarterback. At 6-4, 230 pounds, he has a linebacker's size with a running back's legs and a quarterback's arm. He rushed for 1,050 yards, finished third in the NCAA in passing efficiency and took his Texas Longhorns to the national title.

    But Al Davis is the league's maverick, both on the field and off, and doesn't back off from players different from the norm. So give Young to the Raiders in the first mock draft offering from the Dallas Morning News. Here's the rest of the first round:

    1. Houston Reggie Bush HB Southern California
    (Bush was the best player in college football last season and has a Heisman Trophy as proof. He's the best player in this draft and likely will have the first overall pick as proof. Pencil him in today as the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year.)
    2. New Orleans Matt Leinart QB Southern California
    3. Tennessee Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
    4. N.Y. Jets Mario Williams DE North Carolina State
    5. Green Bay A.J. Hawk OLB Ohio State
    6. San Francisco Vernon Davis TE Maryland
    7. Oakland Vince Young QB Texas
    8. Buffalo D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia
    (If there's a run of quarterbacks at the top of the draft, as there is in this mock, an elite player is going to slide. In this case it's Ferguson, the best blocker on the board and a top-three value.)
    9. Detroit Michael Huff CB/S Texas
    10. Arizona Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
    11. St. Louis Jimmy Williams CB Virginia Tech
    12. Cleveland Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State
    13. Baltimore Jonathan Joseph CB South Carolina
    14. Philadelphia Ernie Sims OLB Florida State
    15. Denver Manny Lawson DE North Carolina State
    16. Miami Winston Justice OT Southern California
    17. Minnesota Chad Greenway OLB Iowa
    18. Dallas Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
    (With two starting wideouts in their 30s, the Cowboys need some youth on the flank. Holmes brings big-play potential in the Terry Glenn mold, averaging 18.4 yards per catch last season.)
    19. San Diego Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
    20. Kansas City Tamba Hali DE Penn State
    21. New England Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State
    22. Denver Laurence Maroney HB Minnesota
    23. Tampa Bay John McCargo DT North Carolina State
    24. Cincinnati Donte Whitner S Ohio State
    25. N.Y. Giants DeAngelo Williams HB Memphis
    (A run on defensive players in the teens could push the bulk of the running-back board into the 20s. Good backs like Laurence Maroney and DeAngelo Williams could fall into the laps of good teams.)
    26. Chicago Tye Hill CB Clemson
    27. Carolina LenDale White HB Southern California
    28. Jacksonville Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State
    29. N.Y. Jets Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida State
    30. Indianapolis Joseph Addai HB LSU
    31. Seattle Chris Chester G Oklahoma
    32. Pittsburgh Jason Allen CB/S Tennessee
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    I would take Chad Jackson from Univ of Florida over Santonio Holmes, that being said no WR with the first round pick in my opinion.
  3. Clove

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    I agree. I don't think it's top priority right now with what we have on the team. Plus, I don't think any of them are 1st round material. OTOH, I wouldn't cry if we did draft one of the 2 Wideouts.
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    If Cromartie was still on the board I'd rather see us take him and move him to FS then take a WR. I dont see DeAngelo Williams falling to 20 and DEFINITELY dont see the giants NOT taking a LB at that spot Good thing for goose's his last mock in usually his best
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    I doubt BP will want someone in R1 who will be at best his #3 WR this year. I also don't see taking Holmes when Carpenter and Whitner are still on the board.

    I bet we take a WR, but not in R1
  7. burmafrd

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    This mock is a joke. Why is it that many of the mocks on this board make a lot more sense? NO WR in the first because: A- we do not need one; B- there is not one worthy of a first.
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    Gosselin is usually on point with the draft mock's but a wr in the first round???
    Another writer in the Dallas Morning News said he would bet a year's salary that the Cowboys WOULD NOT draft a wr in the first.
    Considering how many times I have seen the Cowboys go to the 3 wr set...drafting a wr in the first is a long shot.
    But Gosselin is calling a wr???
    Makes you wonder if Gosselin has some inside info of some sort.
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    Santonio is worthy of a 1st round pick.

    The only wr this year worthy of a 1st rounder. Wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas draft him to trade down. But even if they didn't trade down - both of the cowboy's starting wrs are injury prone. TO has shown he is willing to be a cancer if it suits him. And they are both old. Crayton is solid, but then after that?

    Chad Jackson has good measurables but he is raw raw raw. Hasn't shown much RAC ability nor good route running. If it wasn't for his 40 time he wouldn't have ever been mentioned as a 1st rounder.
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    i don't like this mock one bit. it doesn't make sense for NO to take leinart when they just got drew brees. TN taking jay cutler? i don't think so. and dallas taking a WR????!! i understand the theory of taking the best available player in the draft instead of the one you "need", but i really think dallas needs to look at upgrading the O-line. adding youth at wide reciever is a good idea, but i don't think they should burn a first round pick on a WR. and vince young to the friggin raiders? its a flashy move that i could see al davis making, but i really don't think young will make it past three. i believe v. young will go to TN. houston should take young, but they're hell bent on reggie bush and keeping david carr. they have such a crap O-line, they need a QB that can move in the pocket, instead of carr standing there like a deere in the headlights waitin to get clocked. :starspin
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    That would be hard to pass on Cromartie and Carpenter and Wimbley for Holmes, and I even like Santonio. I just think that you can find good receivers later in the draft.
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    Matt Leinart to New Orleans? Gotta be a trade, right?

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