Riddle me this...

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  1. Your best friend

  2. Your grandma

  3. The girl of your dreams

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  1. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    There is a Hurricane out side.. You are in your 2 seater car when you see your Grandma, your best Friend (who has saved your life before), and the Girl of your dreams. All of them are sitting on a Bench. Who do u take in your car?
  2. pupulehaole

    pupulehaole Well-Known Member

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    Grama has seen enough! She would want me to save my best friend who has saved my life before. There's always another girl.
  3. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

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    Let my grandma and best friend take the car. Ride out the storm with dream girl
  4. basstapp

    basstapp Well-Known Member

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    Well - sorry grandma its your time. I would save the girl because I'm assuming my best friend is a guy and he can take care of himself. Chivalry isn't dead?
  5. laythewood28

    laythewood28 Active Member

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    Family comes first.
  6. bigdnlaca

    bigdnlaca Well-Known Member

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    I went for Grandma. I would assume that if Grandma was there, that she was a part of most of my life. Yes, my best friend saved my life once already but that doesn't mean he/she will do that again. Grandma possibly looked out for me more than my best friend. She may not have physically saved my life, but always made sure my life wasn't in danger under her watch.

    I can always find another girl of my dreams.
  7. Teren_Kanan

    Teren_Kanan Well-Known Member

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    I'm conflicted because I do not have enough info on the situation.

    What kind of Hurricane are we talking about? I've gone out drunk onto a highway for several hours playing in the middle of a Cat 3 Hurricane. Was lots of house/car damage during it but I only ended up with a few cuts, it was mostly awesome. So what kind of Hurricane are we talking about here? Hurricanes really aren't as scary as they are made out to be, unless you're talking about Cat 4 pushing Cat 5.

    Am I supposed to assume the 2 I do not choose would die? Or they are just left to wing it on their own? 'Cause I'm pretty sure the only one who would be in any real high amount of danger on their own would be my Grandma. My BFF and said Dream girl could duo their way to safety just fine in a hurricane.

    So assuming It's just like a nasty Catagory 4 Hurricane. My Grandmother would never make it to safety. There is a very high chance my friend and the girl will survive on their own just fine. So I'd have to go with Grandmother.

    Assuming the 2 left behind die? I'd take my BFF over my Grandmother (sorry MEMA!!). Dude is my boy and will be there 4 life, where my Grandmother is not long for this world any way you slice it, and certainly isn't an integral part of my life currently, not that I don't love her dearly.

    As for girl of my dreams? Define "Girl of your dreams". Are we just talking about "hottest girl you can imagine"? 'Cause the girl of my dreams would be judged on a lot more than just looks, and a vast amount of that sort of stuff would be impossible to find out without dating etc. Can't possibly know if someone was the "Girl of my dreams" without knowing them incredibly well, and for a long time.

    If it's just some really hot chick, she never had a chance of getting in my car.
  8. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

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    I take all 3. Two crammed in passenger seat and the other in the trunk.
  9. bounce

    bounce Well-Known Member

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    Where the heck do you plan to get to in your car in a hurricane? A hurricane is going to wipe the whole place out. But, yes, I get the idea of the question, and how I'm just being difficult.
  10. DBOY3141

    DBOY3141 Well-Known Member

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    Give the car to your girlfriend and have her take your grandma to safety. Women and children first....the motto of a real man.
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  11. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    So that none of them feel left out, I will kindly wave and smile as I cruise past.
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  12. AmberBeer

    AmberBeer Well-Known Member

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    It wouldn't be the girl. Too much drama.
  13. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    This doesn't sound like a riddle. But if the hurricane is outside, I guess I am inside. Is the bench inside too?

    The girl of my dreams is my wife of 38 years, .. been together since we were 17 & 16. (42 yrs)

    She is coming with me.
  14. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    This is close to the answer, but can't quite grasp it yet.....The best friend is indeed the wife and they are in a garage, I think.
  15. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Your granma is a vision as your life passes in front of your eyes. The 'best friend' thwarted your suicude attempt, damn him!!

    I take the hottie and go out with a bang. :)

    I'm goin to hell...........
  16. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    If the girl of your dreams is with your best friend then I'd say screw em, take Grandma.
  17. Angus12

    Angus12 Well-Known Member

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    Blood is thicker than water.
  18. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    I just kind of condensed the whole thing. Most got it, some are being difficult. :)
  19. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    The philosophically correct answer, according to 16 blocks.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    My Best Friend would be with his own family and not sitting on a beach waiting for a Hurricane to arrive.

    What kind of person would allow their Grandma to be out on a beach with a Hurricane about to arrive any second in the 1st place? That could never and would never be me.

    My dream girl, no matter how beautiful would never be stupid enough to just sit out on a beach and wait for a Hurricane to come and take her life. My dream girl would not be that stupid.

    Lastly, I'm a Truck/SUV kind of person. I'd be long gone so this is a highly unlikely scenario to begin with, for me, but if I were their, they would all pile in and we be hauling it to high ground.

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