RIP Sean Taylor

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BTX, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Was a tragic moment in my household.

    He was a good kid, not a thug as some suggest.
    He made mistakes that lots of kids make.
    He was growing up, and died defending his family...that's honorable in my eyes.

    R.I.P. Sean.

    I respected even more that this board changed colors to show respect. I still think that was better than any honor shown on the Redskins boards because this is a Cowboys forum.

    Lost a friend over that. When Sean first was shot he said..."I hope he dies"...I haven't spoken to him since (Cowboys Fan). I might dislike the Cowboys as a fan, but that's just disrepectful to me. I cut him off.
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    I remember when the board changed. So awful your friend did that, I'm sorry.

    I hope his family is well. RIP Sean was trending on twitter yesterday. So classy.
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    Actually, he was for most of his NFL career but he had appeared to turn his life around in the months before his death. He certainly had turned his career around as he was playing the best football of his career and looked be an all pro safety for years if he kept it up. It was a tragedy but it doesn't change the truth. He had several run ins with the law and was hanging out with people who can only be described as thugs. In fact, I believe the kids that broke into his house and killed him were connected to some of his prior associates or someone he had dated. I can't recall the exact situation but they knew someone and thought that he would be out of town that night with the redskins. He certainly didn't deserve to be shot and killed but he was not a saint and in the end, his past seemed to me to help lead to his death.
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    What I appreciated about him most from purely a football sense, was the way he approached the game. He played the Pro Bowl like Pete Rose played the MLB All-Star game. Whenever he was on a football field, he played the game the only way he knew how. Fast and hard.
  5. DallasCowpoke

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    Here's what I consider hypocrisy. Two pages of replies on this thread, and this one goes completely ignored.

  6. Dallas

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    It's true what you say here. Far easier to weep for someone who didn't mean anything to this team or fan base than those vets who lost their lives in that float accident. Not taking away anything from Taylor, but come on.

    There have been a few NFL players die over the past couple of years and I have not once heard much about it except a link to the article. Certainly not a remember thread 2 years after they passed. It's almost like Taylor was a HOF player for the Skins and Cowboys both.

    I don't get it at all and this thread is head scratching. Leave it to this board to do just that though. One would think we would be having threads about all of the great Dallas players who have passed. Nope! Sean flippin Taylor the Redskin. Our priorities as fans are straight, yep!

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    Lookin back at the youtube clips of him last night I could'nt help but shed some tears.He was only 24 and the talent that he had was unreal and simply amazing.IMO he would without a doubt been a hall of famer.Thanks to all the cowboys fans on here for all the kind words about sean.RIP SEAN!!

    Did this site change colors for a brief time or what?what happened on here when he passed?
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    Makes some feel good to say RIP five years after I guess. Hell his death had no real effect on any of us as we are not related to him in the least. It is always a shame when someone dies at that age but he had been involved with bad elements and it looks like it caught up to him in the end. Did he deserve to die, of course not, but none of our lives changed in the least.

    His existence was meaningless to me other than twice per year and the fact he had died had no impact on me either. His family lost out, none of us.
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    Yes, I do remeber when he passed that this site changed it's colors for a day. One of the classiest thing I had ever seen. It's the reason that I love this site (tho I hate the Cow girls of course). But the site is one of the best fan sites around, easily. This site and Extremeskins are my two favorite to frequent.
  10. CanadianCowboysFan

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    the two sites are similar, that is why I call this one
  11. StylisticS

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    If I'm not mistaken, it was up longer than a day. I think it was up for a few days. I could be wrong. Yeah, the colors was changed to burgundy to honor Sean Taylor on this site.
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    No reason to get all bent out of shape about there being a lack of replies to a thread you made. Thats a terrible unfortunate accident. I actually have family that lives there. Ive noticed a very strong sense of veteran support among members here (although my time posting here has been brief.) That tragic event got a ton of coverage in the media.
    I think that the death of Taylor got more replies because the is a NFL related board and the Redskins are in the division.
  13. SkinsandTerps

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    Being a knucklehead and being a thug are not even close to the same thing. Not to mention I have a feeling that you don't even know that mafia gangsters are called thugs...he was very far from that lifestyle.

    Should I go on ? You are far off base here. Hate the Redskins all you want. That has nothing to do with this situation...and no...Dexter Manley was not a thug either. He was an idiot and a drug addict.

    Your premise of his previous life and fiancee are off also. Geez.
  14. NIBGoldenchild

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    After his death, and after the names of the burglars were revealed and interviewed by police, it came out they were friends of Sean's cousin. He had a birthday party for her at his Florida home, they were invited, and that is where they came up with the idea to rob his home while he was away in Washington.
  15. Cowboys22

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    Being a skins fan, I don't expect you to agree and I couldn't care less that you don't. To me, it was clear that he was living a thug lifestyle for a few years. There were pictures and stories of it everywhere. It may have been a front as he was trying to create a image that he thought would somehow benefit his career but it was out there. A short while before his death, there was a story out there that he and his boys chased down some guys they thought stole his ATVs and Taylor put a gun in one of their faces while the others were threatened with baseball bats. To me, thats being a thug and thats surrounding yourself with thugs. Maybe that story wasn't true but thats the kind of stuff that was out there on him. As the post above points out, the guys that killed him were actually friends of his cousin. I would say they were thugs and they were invited to his party. That just further makes my point about who he was surrounding himself with.

    I stated that it seemed he had turned his life around in those final months and he was lighting it up on the field. It sucks what happened and he didn't deserve it, but I live in the real world. Whats true is true and I don't sugarcoat it because a tragedy happened.
  16. SkinsandTerps

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    So if he was involved with trying to reclaim his property...that makes him a thug ?


    I don't think there was even a case with the ATV thing. Sounds like a stretch of the story. I recall it being a situation where someone was threatened...again...not a thug there. Don't get me wrong perhaps he did roll with some of those guys. That I have no idea of...when I met him he was just a regular guy kinda quiet and just making sure he had his space.

    And the party thing... I don't recall it being a party situation at all. Perhaps his cousin did set him up.

    I do have some further info...but it doesn't matter. It's not proper to post that type of stuff.

    EDIT: I stand by my last post about this.
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    Big difference is that the extremeskins moderators are huge dbags. Typical power trip moderators. YOu guys are lucky with the CZ moderators.

    And to stay on topic: RIP ST21
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    That goes way beyond just being disrespectful. That's flat out stupid and moronic. Anyone who wishes death on someone because he plays for a different team or something superficial like that is a complete fool that no one should desire to be around.

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