Rob Ryan Fired per twitter ESPNDallas **merged**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kilyin, Jan 8, 2013.

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    sorry if this was posted already...from Mike Florio / NBC Pro Football Talk.

    At the NFL level, Rob Ryan has worked for the Raiders, Patriots, and Cardinals. It’s possible that the Cowboys will look to replace Rob Ryan with Mike Pettine, who has served as Rex Ryan’s defensive coordinator since 2009.
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    Idg, he very well may do it.

    I think Cleveland and San Diego would both be ideal spots for him to land.

    I agree Philly is a mess and Arizona will be available again soon.

    One thing I think you have going for you is that he is a native Texan. I am not sure but I believe his mother still lives in Texas.

    One thing against you...he has no problem moving. This guy has been all over including Arizona.

    Off topic, But I do wonder about some of these guys (Norv as one) They could go to the college level and own a town, make millions, and kick back relax in ten years time (at that age), recruiting has to be easier for a coach that was an NFL coach. Sure it's a pay cut somewhat...but job security would likely be better and although there is more get all the best players. Which makes the goal of a championship even easier.
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    That move would make zero sense.

    Perhaps it's an off-field problem they had with Ryan.
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    He did a fine job in the second half of the season with all the injuries, the problem was what we was doing with his full line-up in the first half.

    When Lee went down in the 6th games of the season we only had 5 turnovers.

    That just won't cut it.

    Coupled with the fact he never did all that much at Cleveland or Oakland and he had a big mouth you can see why it would happen.
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    You guys do realize that Ryan had 2 brand new corners on defense and the depth was garbage, not to mention there is no safety help ?
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    Depth was garbage? We had three legit #1 corners and a damn good #2 in Scandrick. That's plenty of help to sell out on blitzes, not to mention Barry Church was playing great before his injury.

    Ryan's defenses between 2011 and 2012, scheme wise, had no consistent identity. None.

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    Don't come in here making sense you will be stoned.
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    If a team has a good defense, it can hide the fact that the team has a poor offense. Don't think for a minute that JJ doesn't realize this in his quest to keep Redball employed.
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    Any connection between Jay Ratliff getting into an altercation with Jerry in the locker room and then Rob Ryan ultimately getting canned?
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    So much for give a guy time. It only applies to coaches/players we personally like.
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    It has nothing to do with "we". It's JJ team and he'll run it the way he wants as long as he's alive. As JJ said, there would be a lot of uncomfortable people at VR over the next few weeks/months.
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    All these firings mean that the red head is on notice,if we dont improve on 8-8 next year then he will be fired and thats the good thing because he is not the answer and will never be the answer.

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