Robert Griffin III’s ACL Recovery Is ‘Superhuman,’ According to Dr. James Andrews

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Dr. James Andrews has been highly regarded as a top-tier physician and usually doesn’t comment on his patents’ recoveries, but one of his most recent, Robert Griffin III, has caught his eye in a rather extraordinary way.

    Andrews, who has worked on the likes of Adrian Peterson, Rajon Rondo, Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens and others, has seen incredible recoveries including Peterson’s 2,097-yard comeback in the 2012 season. But he’s hyping Griffin’s recovery as “superhuman,” according Stephania Bell of ESPN.

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    This is all BS.

    The Redskins screwed up.

    Andrews screwed up.

    And now it is all cover-up mode.

    Shanahan has already said RG3 must change how he plays to avoid hits...translation...we ruined his knee so he has to be a pocket passer.
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    I like Griffin but he will have to change the way he plays or he will be injured and on the bench. I think he can be a pocket passer...He's pretty accurate..
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    CYA mode all the way! Everyone associated with that debacle has been in it since Andrews walked out of that little room looking like someone told him his dog just died.
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    Shanahan said RG3 needs to learn to slide properly, not change the way he plays.

    Which is true. The Ngata injury against Baltimore occured on a called pass play, where he ended up scrambling and when he slid his legs flailed in the air awkwardly exposing his knee to the hit.

    Also Shanahan has repeatedly said he won't know until July how ready RG3 is, so anything up until he actually steps on the field is speculation. Granted, Andrews is the best in the business and the one guy who has treated him, so his words do carry some value to me
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    Hey, people were saying RGIII needed to "run-safe" before his latest injury.

    Look at the past running QBs - most tend to stay in the pocket more as they get older.
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    There has been statistical evidence that shows quarterbacks are no safer out of the pocket than in. Shanahan, in that same interview, actually stated he thought Griffin was less likely to be injured on a read option play than any other play in their playbook.

    It's funny how often people jus repeat the same things they hear and read from the media.
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    Just like you're repeating what Shanahan said in an interview?

    Sorry but even IF (big if) QB's were "more likely to get hurt in the pocket than if they run" they are more likely to get a more severe injury if they run then if they stay in the pocket. You're barely able to breath on them if they stay in the pocket. When they run they're fair game. PERIOD.
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    No QB has ever been injured in the pocket and forced to miss a season, said Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Carson Palmer

    The further point is running the read option (in particular to the outside) gives a QB the safety valve of the sideline. In the pocket, especially with a bad blind side hit, bad things can happen.

    I should add this, I do look forward to Griffin playing more of a pocket passer game. The Thanksgiving game was probably the most fun to watch from a passing stand point this season. I'd like to see more of those :)
  12. SkinsHokieFan

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    And I knew there was actual statistical data to back up what Shanahan said (an article I posted in the Zone a few months back)

    The Running Men
    Are mobile quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick more injury-prone than pocket passers?

    Very interesting read

  13. 1fisher

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    Of course Andrews is going to say that. CYA
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    I doubt that totally. He doesn't need cover. If you look at times for rehab they are much better than even the fairly recent past. Too bad Gale Sayers wasn't playing now. I'd love to see what he could have done.
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    Funny that foreskins fans come here and expect us to cheer for the QB Shanahan ruined. I liked RG3 as a Baylor fan. Don't go looking for mercy points now that your "Skins" organization has ruined him early in his career. This is the same organization that hosted D. Hall and how he was going to try to injure Romo even more. Such an old mean old mean am I, and i hate your organization with every fiber of my being. I hope every fat lady hog retired fan of yours be miserable watching football the rest of their lives.


    This is my being nice version
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    That chart while interesting what the hell do the bottom numbers mean. The chart itself makes no sense because the 2nd and 4th column would mean both categories are mobile QBs. It also does not take into account how effective QB is when they go from a "mobile" QB to a conventional QB. Look at randall cunningham, in his prime he was a dual threat QB when his legs started to take a beating and he had to stay int he pocket he was just an average qb, look at McNabb when his legs started to go so did his game.
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    lol. I love the safety valve of a sideline, because no scrambling QB has ever took a ridiculous hit trying to reach them....especially yours (concussion). And one of ours Aikman(concussion), and Drew Bledsoe, and on and on....nice logic.
  18. Biggems

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    IMO, if HGH and Deer Antler Spray help the healing process go faster and actually help to improve the overall health of the injured region, I am for its use during the recovery period. However, once the player is cleared for play, all use must stop.
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    Michael Vick has only had 1 year in his entire NFL that is close to the season RG3 had as a passer in his rookie year, and it took him 8 seasons to get there.

    It's absurd to slap "Vick 2.0" on him.
  20. Wheeltax

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    I wouldn't slap "Vick 2.0" on anyone.

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