Robert Griffin III’s ACL Recovery Is ‘Superhuman,’ According to Dr. James Andrews

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Mar 23, 2013.

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    I doubt that Dr. Andrews is worrying about appearing credible considering his reputation in his field. Was it hyperbole, probably but I imagine that he was trying to convey a sense of how impressed he is at Griffin's rehab ethic.

    I think nearly every Skins fan is far more worried about Griffin pushing to hard versus not hard enough. I know I am, and that's where the coaches and doctors have to keep him balanced and not let him go hog wild.
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    Everytime I hear a Cowboy fan attempt to say Rg3 will have a short career due to his playing style, I simply mention Troy Aikman. A prototype "pocket passer" with a career cut short due to AT LEAST 8 confirmed head injuries. Again people, find a different argument.......playing QB in the National Football League in general is dangerous. Just ask good ole boy Troy. And while you're at it ask Rodgers, Brady, P.Manning and any other elite QB who's ever got his bell rung or season ended due to being a "pocket passer" not athletic enough to avoid major impact.

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    And on the fourth day RGIII created the sun, the moon, the stars, and a self healing ACL. And Bob said, let the sun shine upon my super human body, let the moon light my way to Canton, and let me be the only star in the sky. And Bob saw that it was good.

    Check back next week where we'll review Matthew 14:22 where Bob walks on Gatorade to get across to the Subway store.
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    Aikman played in a different era than all of those QBs, hell the rules were different, half the hits aikman took that resulted in concussions in his career would be penalties today. Running in football is one thing that can cost a player 1 full season with zero contact. Lets not forget Mr. Steve Young who was famous for taking off an running when a play broke down, he played with wreckless abandon and probably cost himself at least two more years in the league because of the concussions. Difference between a "pocket" passer and "running" QB, when a running QB loses his legs, and eventually he will he better be a damn good pocket passer or you are done, a la D. McNabb.
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    And yet the concussion that ended Steve Young's career was off a safety blitz by Ananeas Williams, while Young was in the pocket.

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