Robert Griffin III cleared for practice by doctors

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by panchucko, Jul 22, 2013.

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    But you argue when we tell you things like running QB's don't last long in the NFL. Like that statement is false. I call BS on your reason.
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    argue, or discuss? of course we are going to see through lenses that favor the skins point of view, but showing viable stats and taking a different point of view is a part of where I said, hear non Skins biased views.

    I think Tony Romo has suffered as much wear and tear on his body from inadequate line play as Griffin running (on scrambles as you know). TR has had concussions broken ribs and assorted other injuries.

    My biggest problem with your use of "mobile qbs" is that you lump a group in a false box. If Griffin doesn't learn to control his "Superman" moments he will have a shorter career, but both CK and Wilson showed a modicum of self preservation and avoided the big hits, I would think they will have solid long careers in the NFL. As for Griffin this year's telltale sign will be in a late game, game on the line and Griffin scrambles towards a first, if he goes out or down safely regardless of picking up the 1st, he will have learned, if he takes the hit fighting for a yard or two, his career will be much shorter. (still more than 2 more years to tie in to your other thread)
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    One year vs 10 years.

    Romo did not suffer a significant injury until his 6th year in the league ........ The hype machine did not even make it a year,
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    I call BS on your rationale because you don't have any.

    Facts were presented to you in the other thread which you simply ignored, which isn't a surprise.
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    That is generally the response of someone who has no facts to back up a false opinion.

    "Why are you here anyways making me look stupid?" "WAAAAHHHHH"
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    Exactly. There are a lot of smart, level-headed posters on here that challenge my views, logic, the way I look at players, schemes, etc. I welcome their opinion. Is there something wrong with that?

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