Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson---for the price?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DFWJC, Jan 6, 2013.

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    The Griffin deal has to be analyzed on its own terms. Do you trade that much for an elite quarterback prospect? I don't think there is any question that you should make the Griffin trade. The Redskins had gotten enough of fishing out the Rex Grossmans of the world, and realized you have to make a big play for the right guy. Of course, then you dont let your coach endanger your dozen-year investment by playing Russian Roulette with his knee.

    Bully to the Seahawks for finding Wilson, and there will always be examples of later-round quarterbacks who make it big. But building a franchise by planning to find a great quarterback in the third round is a recipe for Kansas City-ness.
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    Here's another question, would the Skins have been better off in the long term keeping their picks, losing out on Griffin, and taking ... say ... Tanehill or Cole (2nd round) ?

    That was a pricey trade. I don't think the Skins will get more than a few years of service out of him.

    But we have our own fish to fry. I would like to see us prepare for Romo's eventual departure. I don't want to be sitting around here in 3 years after Romo's arm turns into a noodle ala Brad Johnson. That's going to be fun.

    In the end, I have no doubt we will wait too long to find Romo's replacement .. and then go searching the desert for the next franchise QB.
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    Knowing Jerry, we'll trade our entire draft for Johnny Football whenever he comes out.
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    Wouldn't mind it. Considering the number of blown drafts we've gone through.
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    Given the hindsight that let's you see how Wilson has developed and played, absolutely you would take Wilson. But if on draft day you are faced with that choice, and no certainty for Wilson's ability to move to the NFL, I think the certainty dwindles. Add in the fact that you are competing for that top caliber player with a team that has extra draft choices to spend and the deal has to be done before draft day and all the interviews and maybe the choice is a little murkier.

    I could easily play the game with the likes of Ben and Eli, or other combinations as well.

    (I voted for RW given his play this year, but I would not have voted that way prior to the draft when the decision had to be made)
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    So there are 24 people to come to this site that don't think Russell Wilson is even worth a 3rd round pick?!!?

    That's embarrassing.
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    Hindsight is always 20/20, lol. Yes, Wilson has exceeded his 3rd rd pick and looks to be a star in the league. Aalthough, lets be realistic here....the "actual" star of that franchise is the young, hard hitting, and agile defense in which Wilson can rely on week end and week out.

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