Robert Quinn (Dware 2.0)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Trace1015, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I keep hearing about Quinn, but what do we do with Spencer if we draft him?
    Or i guess the better question is, what is Spencer worth in a trade if we get Quinn?
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    lol, goodness gracious.
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    I repeat, WILL NOT be 21 till May 18th of this year.

    His body is still developing. Frame is built to add strength and weight.

    Who ever gets him needs to be patient. He is probably going to aggrivate the heck out af any fan base who is expecting him to come in and get double digit sacks his first 2 years in the league but when he has had two seasons in a NFL weight program and the expierence under his belt and is still only out.
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    This guy might be the Real Deal, but what is preventing him from being Bobby Carpenter II? BC was a real fetish item on this board the year we drafted him, even though most of his proponents agreed we were reaching for him in the first place.
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    No most of the draft experts called Carpenter the safest pick we could have made. How quickly some forget. Turned out not to be true. There is no such thing as an absolute sure pick.
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    Burmafrd, my recollection is that Carpenter was tagged as a late first rounder to early 2nd. A reach, in other words. Maybe not a huge reach, but a reach nonetheless. It's true, though, as you say, that people also regarded Carpenter as a safe choice. But he wasn't felt to have much upside, which led to the late first-early second assessment.
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    if we take him at 9 i'd be more trhan happy. Instantly he's a better pass rusher than Spencer. Spencer has had 3 years now. Not taken his game to the next level.

    Quinn will be a beast in this league, imo he's a way better pass rusher than Von Miller already
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    He went pretty much where he was supposed to go.
  10. dwmyers

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    You sure? One rating, on one date, from a not terribly well respected ratings service, represents the whole of the range of ratings of Bobby at the time?

    Understand, the whole set of arguments dating from 2006 are on this board, including my own comments about Bobby Carpenter from that date. Are you, like NextGenBoys, going to accuse me of not knowing what I was saying at the time?

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    Grow into his frame? This kid looks like he built like a you know what brick house!

    His lean around the corner looks a lot like Dware.

    He also reminds me of a bigger version of Von Miller.

    For those worried about what to do with Spencer, you can never have enough pass rushers!!!!
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    well your recollections were wrong. He went at about where Goose and others had him at. He was called the safest pick we could make at that point.
    Don't get your panties in a wad. It was 5 years ago.
  13. dwmyers

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    Tell you what, I'll concede the point that many on the board felt he was drafted at value. That is probably true. I do believe, though, that I'm arguing pretty much what I was in 2006, that he was a reach, and if I actually cared enough to check, I suspect I could show down to the post where I said that.

    AJ Hawk was the only blue chip LB that year. A lot of us wanted Kamerion Wimbley, but he got picked at #13. The real argument, iirc, was between Carpenter and Manny Lawson, and I suspect the latter is still playing, but not very well. All the LBs in that year after Hawk seem to be disappointments.

    We drafted Q in part because he resembled Michael Vick, and the magic of him being drafted dragged a mediocre player up higher than he should have been rightfully considered. I'm a little worried that we're getting so caught up in our needs that we're overvaluing certain kinds of positions.

    The collective obsession with nose tackles and right tackles concerns me a little. Neither position is as important as people make them out to be.

    Yes, I'm a curmudgeon by the standards of this board. Swimming upstream here seems in my nature :cool:

  14. burmafrd

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    AJ Hawk has not exactly set the world on fire. At the time when we started finding out that Carp was not much, it was said that playing next to AJ inflated Carp. Well looking at Hawk it could be said that went both ways.
  15. Randy White

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    Only idiots would expect double digit sacks from players in their rookie season. One thing is getting it because the guy is a freak and another one is " expecting it "..

    I "man"love Robert Quinn, but the Spencer point is very valid and should be taken into consideration. I just hate to see 2 or 3 years down the line Quinn becoming a dominant force for somebody else when we know that Spencer will never be that type of player. I'm not saying Spencer sucks, but it's fairly common knowlege that he'll never be one of the top guys at his position. Very solid, perhaps, but not " best of the best ".
  16. Randy White

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    Nothing prevents it. Just like nothing " could " prevent Patrick Peterson from becoming the next Bruce Pickens, or Da'Quan Bowers from becoming the next Courtney Brown, or Nick Fairley from becoming the next Dan Wilkerson. All experts can do is use the same barometers that are available, their instincts and experience, and pray that they work.

    And using those same measuring sticks, Bobby Carpenter does not, never has, nor ever would, become even close to be in the same league as Robert Quinn. Bringing up Carpenter's name in the same sentence as Quinn that does not include " sucks compared to " is disrespectful even to average intelligence.
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    You know, Jim Jeffcoat was never Harvey Martin, but Jim plus Tony Casillas plus a few other rotation guys gave us a pretty effective front. I've been impressed at times at what Victor Butler has done; OLB and ILB all could benefit from a 2-3 deep rotation.

    Do you think this team would have the patience to get a guy who could end up great, even if he took a couple years to develop? If Dallas were a baseball team, could Jerry ever develop a Sandy Koufax?
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    Carpenter was a decent athlete with good speed and size. He however had no physical strength and couldn't tackle a damp tissues. Quinn has more speed, more strength and more quickness. He isn't in the same zip code as Bobbie was.
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    D-Ware and Quinn getting after the QB would spell major problems for the rest of the QBs in the NFL.
  20. Randy White

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    Answer: Miles Austin, Tony Romo, Jay Rattlif.

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