Robert Woods scouting report

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Scouting Report:

    + Great speed, likely to run in the mid to low 4.4s, shows the straight line speed to run by most CBs
    + All-State Track Star in HS – Ran a 21.01 200m and a 46.17 400m, both of which were top times in the state
    + Athletic frame with good muslce tone in the upper body
    + Possesses a 6’1″ frame with long arms and big hands, with very good leaping ability
    + Exhibits explosive burst off the line, can accelerate quickly reaching top speed after a couple strides
    + Is faster than quick, but displays good change of direction ability.
    + Often catches the ball going one way, but can stop change direction and get back up to speed quickly
    + Elusive in the open field, has had multiple touchdowns with 20+ YAC
    + Has a second gear, when it clicks in he separates easily and can run by “off” defenders and the deep safety
    + One of the best athletes in college football, will test well at the combine
    - Woods weight has been reported anywhere from 185-190 pounds, he needs to add muscle and strength
    - Not afraid to give out and take contact, leaves himself exposed to much and vulnerable to big hit

    + Has some of the best hands in America
    + Large soft hands, watches the ball in and does a good job at maintaining focus and adjusting to the ball
    + Makes the tough catches look easy, will go after every ball and put his body on the line
    + Catches the ball well in tight spaces, will go over the middle and lay out
    + Presents large catching target due to leaping ability and ability to go get it
    + Knows how to use his body to shield the defender from the ball
    + Will drift toward sideline to create separation on deep sideline/fade routes
    - Has an occasional concentration drop, which he needs to clean up
    - Sometimes he leaps or leaves his feet when it’s not necessary while the ball is being deliver

    Route Running
    + Stong route runner, crisp clean breaks, explosive when running double moves
    + Doesn’t lose speed when coming in and out of breaks
    + Creates separation with long strides and sudden, quick breaks
    + Accelerates at the top of his routes and is fluid in change of direction
    + Well developed route tree, USC moves him all across the formation, including slot
    + Is lethel when running fade routes and red zone combinations
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    Someone is going to get an absolute steal with this guy on round 2 provided he stays healthy. Hate see him end up in Washington.
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    Have not seen him play that much, only a couple games. Gotta say I'm more impressed with there other wide out Lee.
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    I think it is a sneaky good WR class in general, I could see a lot of them playing well in the NFL. Maybe not legit number 1s, but a lot of solid players. The West Virginia, USC, Vols and Clemson WRs have a lot of talent.
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    I think that everyone likes Lee better, but that doesn't have to be an indictment of Woods, who is a great player in his own right.

    I think Woods can be a really, really good NFL wideout.
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    I have seen him mocked to Houston quite a bit. I saw on bleacherreport today that Wes Welker could end up with the Texans. That would be scary.
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    If Austin is released i could see Dallas going after a guy like this in rd 2
  8. Macnalty

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    Good Player but I would have to hold back the floor soup if this was to happen. Can we agree we need to move forward and that means splash players need apply elsewhere. IMO we need some guys with lunch-pails for the OL and DL before we even look at a OLB and backup QB. I know we can win with the WR's we have now(OK not Olgletree) and the backups are more than adequate.

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