Robocop reboot on its way!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Supercowboy1986, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Checking the Robocop reboot out more closely, I could easily imagine that the ijit producers asked for a more Batman looking suit. Or at least a sleeker, 'cooler' version. The original Robocop was much bulkier. There are 4 screenwriters listed, which is typically a bad sign; it usually means lots of rewrites, with the danger of a load of slop from too many cooks. Also, I think 4 is the maximum number than can be listed, so it might mean even more were involved. Cast looks reasonably decent. The director is interesting, appears to be Brazilian, with at least one well thought of Brazilian action/cop movie under his belt, along with several praised documentaries. However, the release date is presently in Febuary, which is a time that studios usually release movies they consider bad, small market, or are unsure of.

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    The times are changing. Robocop fits more now than then.

    My gripe is the tech is not allowing for little nuances and charming charisma of the originals.

    Most notably ...MoS was more "epic" but it was a fail for me... Epic kidding not epic fail. But a fail nonetheless..
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    Funny you mention Total Recall, since the original and the original Robocop were both directed by Paul Verhoeven. Both of which should've been left alone.
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    Every now and then you get one that's somewhat original... but you're right. Hard to be original when pretty much everything has been done.
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    Seen so much rage over the suit before seeing this that i honestly expected much worse

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