Rod Gardner...Hard Knocks

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BlueStar22, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Anyone else see him get cut? They liked his ability, had a great camp, but Herm and the coaches didn't think they could trust him.

    Love the show. Ty Law and Michael Bennett talking about how cut throat the NFL is. They said they are proud of other players when they get the big money, whether deserved or not, because everyone's day is coming. Bennett says, "get it while you can!" Law made the comment that he has 3 rings and has been fired twice and the 3rd time is coming. Eddie Kennison, "that's the business cuz".
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    yeah it was pretty good tonight.

    I think they have a pretty horrendous coaching staff. I think herm edwards is the most overyhyped coach in the league.

    Norm called this team one of the worst in the league, it is going to be interesting to see what they are in a few weeks.
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    To Herm's credit, he's an OUTSTANDING motivator-he really knows how to light a fire under players' tails.

    However, the flip side is that he's a VERY poor game planner/game manager. The Jets never got far in the playoffs b/c of his in-game coaching blunders, and you saw it with KC in their playoff game last year(despite Indy playing 8 in the box the entire game, he just kept running LJ, instead of getting Gonzales involved to loosen everything up-even a MORON could have seen that).

    But hey-if they are truely indeed the "worst" team, didn't they sign LJ to an extention recently? Meaning that DMF won't fall into their laps.:)
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    The problem with Rod Gardner was that he never lived down the nickname that Bruce Smith gave him in Redskins training camp in Gardner's rookie season

    Smith nicknamed him "50/50" because he would catch 50% of the balls throw to him and dropped 50%

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