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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 3, 2014.

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    I'll be the broken record around here I guess.

    Mark it down, barring multiple injuries like last year, this defense will be better (and probably significantly better) than last years disaster.

    Just hoping the hole is not too deep after the first 6 games to recover from once they start getting in a groove.
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    How will Cowboys defense improve? Rod Marinelli: ‘We just got to get guys to have career years’
    IRVING – How does the NFL’s worst defensive unit improve after losing its top three players?

    “We just got to get guys to have career years,” he said. “I think you set standards for men. If you don’t set standards, you certainly won’t reach them. If I put a ceiling on them and say, ‘This is all I expect of you,’ that’s all you’ll get.

    “I take the ceiling off. I want every guy to have a career year. That’s how I do it.”

    “Every guy, I’m going to coach as hard as I can to be the best pass rusher he can be,” Marinelli said, “and if you do that, the numbers will start falling for you.”

    “Right now, hopefully the strength is the unit,” Marinelli said. “Hopefully, we have eight guys that we feel good about and each guy, nobody’s selfish, and you play the game as hard as you can play it and play it as well as you can play it.”

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    I work at one of the largest and most respected (and yes vilified) financial institutions in the world.

    Everything we deal with has quite a few more zeros than you mentioned.

    How often in your leadership and work environment would you have found it helpful to put down your peers and subordinates in public media?
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    both carter and durant are at least average nfl starters
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    This a whole lot lile my sacks vs tackle's for loss argument in another thread. Sadly, he's right, though. The same applies to sacks. If you don't get a whole bunch of sacks as a Dl, your not going to Hawaii; but like you said, sacks don't always tell the whole story and I'd say interceptions have far more of an impact on win's and losses then sacks do. But ultimately at the end of the day, I want to see assignment sound football, consistent pressure and a Dl that can shut down the run game. If you are getting all of those things consistently, you will see winning football.
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    Don't try and read more into what is being said. Believe me, Scandrick knows his role; knows he has to make more of an impact. INT's (turnovers) do just that. But at the same time, you are right--just play your game and the turnovers will come. It's a complete team effort.

    Ya gotta love Scandrick's bravado at this point. He's a confident player who should get better.
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    So Marinelli's tweak to the scheme is to have the Will over the 3 all the time in order to make the reads for the linebackers the same no matter what offensive front they see.

    Offense has 8 holes, and defense has 7 gaps to cover. Now think about all the different combinations/formations of plays and it can quickly can become a cluttered mess trying to read what linemen are doing.

    He's said it multiple times, but he wants the players to play fast, and part of that is making the reads simpler to diagnose and react to.

    We'll see what happens. this yr.

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