Rod Marinelli is special coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, May 9, 2014.

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    Do yourself favor and listen to Marinelli interview. It takes about 10 seconds to see why players respond so well to him. You can feel his presence thru the mic. Very soft spoken, highly intelligent but down to earth (he is Vietnam Vet). The show host alluded to the 'it' factor he has. Lets hope he stays with Dallas for a long time. Few things he talked about tonight:

    * Demarcus Lawrence has very large hands and is a very physical player (mentioned this twice). Thinks he will fill out and be a strong lean player. Too much speed for DE can be curse because they over-pursue. Says good ones learn to harness it.

    * Wants to see Carter & Durant battle it out for WILL linebacker spot. Says its very important position in that scheme.

    * Likes to have multiple players who can play 3 technique.
  2. Teague31

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    So holloman is our starting SLB?
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    We're going to find out. He's inheriting a historically bad defense, not adding much in the way of talent improvement, and running pretty much the same scheme as his mentor ran last year.

    We'll find out how good a coach he is for sure this season.
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    Awesome. Lawrence's frame and physicality stand out on film. Love the toughness.
  5. Wood

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    I forgot to mention Marinelli really emphasized he wants Dallas defense playing fast this year. That seemed to be his central theme for 2014.
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    Rod Marinelli.
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    I disagree Lawrence stands out because he can bend around the corner unlike any of the DE he is not more physical than the DE. I like the player hate the trade, point well taken he would not have been available at 47, on the flip there are still some really good WR/DT/RB in the third that could start for the boys.
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    Marinelli actually creeps me out a little bit. He sounds like he should be wearing only a trenchcoat when he talks.
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    Say it three times
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