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    Rodgers makes sense for Niners
    Scouts Inc.

    Our scouts have been tracking the top NFL prospects since last summer, evaluating their in-season performances both on film and in person, comparing notes with NFL personnel experts and scouting the Senior Bowl as well as the Shrine and Las Vegas all-star games. Individual scouting reports from that legwork can be found in DraftTracker.

    Below is our second crack at mapping out the first round. We'll be scouting the Indianapolis combine and various individual workouts, as well as zeroing in on NFL teams' ever-changing needs to make sure our projections remain accurate and realistic.

    * = underclassman

    2005 NFL draft, projected first round

    1. San Francisco 49ers (2-14)
    Aaron Rodgers* | QB | California
    Like most teams drafting in the top five, the 49ers would like to trade down, stockpile picks and address more needs. The problem, however, is that the top of the 2005 NFL draft is a seller's, not a buyer's market. More than likely, the 49ers' best bet will be to stay put and draft the player they deem to be the most valuable at a high position of need. In our opinion, that player is Rodgers. Neither Tim Rattay nor Ken Dorsey is a franchise quarterback and Rodgers would be a significant upgrade over both. Some feel that Alex Smith (Utah) has the same or better NFL potential, but we don't see it. Rodgers lacks ideal height but he has terrific arm strength, good accuracy and above-average athleticism.

    2. Miami Dolphins (4-12)
    Ronnie Brown | RB | Auburn
    The Dolphins have several needs, including running back, left offensive tackle and defensive end. Coach Nick Saban must first decide if A.J. Feeley is his quarterback of the future. If not, drafting a quarterback would be the right move. If, however, Saban can live with Feeley as his franchise quarterback for the future, drafting one of three top running backs in this class – Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown and Carnell Williams – becomes the next best move because there simply isn't an offensive tackle who warrants consideration with the second overall pick. Benson might be the more powerful runner and Williams might be the most elusive, but Brown is the best overall running back in this year's draft. Brown is big, strong and fast enough to carry a heavy load in the NFL and he also possesses considerably better skills in the passing game than those Benson and Williams.

    3. Cleveland Browns (4-12)
    Adam Jones* | DC | West Virginia
    Ideally, the Browns would trade down, acquire extra picks and get a better value on one of only two legitimate offensive tackle prospects in this draft class – Alex Barron and Jammal Brown. Assuming, however, they get stuck at No. 3, new GM Phil Savage has to decide whether he wants to draft his quarterback of the future – Smith or Rodgers, depending on which is available – or go in a different direction. Judging by Savage's game plan when he was helping control things in Baltimore, it wouldn't surprise us if he built the team first and then plugged in the quarterback later. If that's the case, the Browns are likely to go after the defensive player who ranks highest on their board. In our opinion right now, that player is Jones. Not only does Jones have the cover skills, speed and toughness to develop into a "shutdown" cornerback in the NFL, but he also as loads of upside as an NFL return specialist. The Browns could really use a playmaker like Jones on defense and special teams.

    4. Chicago Bears (5-11)
    Braylon Edwards | WR | Michigan
    The Bears desperately need a wide receiver who can stretch the field vertically, and Edwards is the best this class has to offer. Some think the Bears will shy away from using another top pick on a Michigan wide receiver, but that theory is ridiculous. For starters, the current regime wasn't in place when the Bears drafted David Terrell. Secondly, Edwards is bigger and faster than Terrell and made far more big plays at the collegiate level than Terrell did. In our opinion, Edwards is the best receiver in this year's draft and has elite NFL potential.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)
    Carnell Williams | RB | Auburn
    The Buccaneers could go in several different directions with this pick, including RB, OT, OG, DT or DB. Looking at the probabilities regarding how the top of the draft board will unfold, RB is likely to be the position that the Bucs will get their best value with the fifth overall pick. While Benson is a better fit for an offense looking for a load-carrying power runner, Williams is a better fit
    for Jon Gruden's version of the West Coast offense. Williams still needs to improve as a blocker, but he's the shiftiest and most elusive of the top three backs (Brown and Benson) and he has the hands to become a legitimate weapon as a receiver out of the backfield. It also won't hurt Williams' chances that Gruden fell in love with him while coaching him at the Senior Bowl.

    6. Tennessee Titans (5-11)
    Antrel Rolle | DC | Miami-FL
    With so many questions about the future of veterans Fred Miller and Brad Hopkins, the team's biggest need could be offensive tackle. The problem, however, is that this year's class is void of a legitimate top-10 OT prospect. Instead of reaching for an OT with the sixth pick, look for the Titans to draft a higher-rated player at a different position of need. If the team is unable to re-sign free-agent DC Andre Dyson, cornerback could become a priority early in the draft. Rolle needs to run well in his postseason workouts in order to prove capable of holding up on an island at the next level. Assuming he does, Rolle has the size, instincts, toughness and athletic ability to quickly become a solid starter in the NFL.

    7. Oakland Raiders (5-11)
    Cedric Benson | RB | Texas
    The Raiders would be elated if Benson fell to them at No. 7. Coach Norv Turner's offensive philosophy is to pound it out on the ground with a big, bruising back who can wear the opponent down and eventually open up some vertical opportunities with a play-action pass. The Raiders have a strong enough arm at quarterback with Kerry Collins, the speed at wide receiver and the bruising offensive line to execute that scheme, but what's missing is the "bell-cow" at running back. Benson doesn't have great speed or elusiveness, but he's a north-south runner with great vision, size and power – making him a perfect fit for Turner and the Raiders.

    8. Arizona Cardinals (6-10)
    Alex Smith* | QB | Utah
    The Cardinals still have several needs to address in the upcoming draft, including RB, DT, DC and DE. However, after passing on Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger in last year's draft and coming to the realization that Josh McCown is not the future of the franchise's quarterback position, the Cardinals would love to see either Rodgers or Smith fall to them here. Smith certainly will need time to get bigger and stronger, and to make the transition from the Mountain West Conference to the NFL. But he has the athletic ability, accuracy, toughness and competitiveness to become a franchise quarterback in the NFL, especially with young standout WRs Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald to grow old with.

    9. Washington Redskins (6-10)
    Mike Williams* | WR | Southern Cal
    The Redskins could use an impact, pass-rushing DE or an upgrade at center but Williams would be too good of a fit to pass up on. With inconsistent WR Rod Gardner likely heading out of town, the Redskins need a receiver who can stretch the field and better complement Laveranues Coles. Williams only has serviceable speed and he's been out of football for a year, but he is big enough and athletic enough to develop into a dynamic threat in the NFL.

    10. Detroit Lions (6-10)
    Heath Miller* | TE | Virginia
    The Lions could use playmakers at defensive end and in the secondary, but upgrading the tight end position ranks higher on the wish list. Miller is the only sure-fire first-round prospect this class has to offer. He lacks Todd Heap and Tony Gonzalez-type speed, but he's just a notch below the elite in terms of playmaking ability. Miller has very good size, is a smooth athlete, has a terrific feel for the passing game and might have the best hands of any skill-position player in this draft.

    11. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
    Shawne Merriman* | OLB/DE | Maryland
    Depending on how the board shakes out, the Cowboys should walk away from the first round with two top prospects from the following four glaring positions of need: DC, DE, WR and OT. Merriman is a "tweener" DE/OLB who may need time before settling in as a full-time starter at one position in the NFL, but he has the speed, athleticism and pass-rushing skills to immediately upgrade the Cowboys' defense in that department.

    12. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Troy Williamson* | WR | South Carolina
    Despite their impressive turnaround in 2004, the Chargers still have several positions of need to address. With that in mind, expect the Chargers to stay put with their two picks in the first round (12 and 28). Upgrading their free safety position is a need, but bringing in a vertical threat at wide receiver and an impact pass rushing DE/OLB rank higher on the wish list. Not many people are talking about Williamson right now, but wait until the combine is over. He has the size, long arms, hands and explosive speed to quickly develop into a deep threat in the NFL. Adding a playmaker like Williamson to go along with TE Antonio Gates and RB LaDainian Tomlinson would make the Chargers' offense frightening to match up against – no matter who is the signal-caller.

    13. Houston Texans (7-9)
    Derrick Johnson | OLB | Texas
    The Texans need to get younger along the defensive line and also could use another receiver to help complement Andre Johnson, but passing up on Johnson here would be a mistake. Johnson could slip because of the position he plays, but in our opinion he's the best defensive player in this class. The Texans used a top pick on a pass-rushing OLB in Justin Babin last season but could use a more traditional linebacker to help improve their run defense and pass coverage. Johnson, who has experience inside and outside, is versatile enough to play different roles in the team's 3-4 scheme, and he's athletic and instinctive enough to upgrade the unit in both of the aforementioned areas.

    14. Carolina Panthers (7-9)
    Alex Barron | OT | Florida State
    The team's biggest need is at right tackle, where Matt Willig and Todd Fordham didn't cut it a year ago. The Panthers could go in a different direction if they are unable to re-sign free agent Muhsin Muhammad, but Barron is a decent value at a much bigger position of need. Barron needs to become more physical but he has the size, strength and feet to develop into a starting right or left tackle in the NFL.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
    Eramus James | DE | Wisconsin
    The Chiefs could use a vertical threat like Williamson if he dropped to them here. Otherwise, it's defense, defense, defense again. A pass-rushing defensive end would help most, followed by a corner who can hold up in man-to-man coverage and then an upgrade in terms of athleticism at the linebacker position. In this scenario, the Chiefs would have a tough choice to make between James, DE Dan Cody, DC Brandon Browner and DT Travis Johnson, and James is the best value at the position they need most. James is a risk-reward type prospect because of his injury history. However, he's the best pure pass-rushing DE in this class and he's worth taking a chance on in the middle of the first round.

    16. New Orleans Saints (8-8)
    Thomas Davis | DS | Georgia
    The Saints are starving for an athletic upgrade at linebacker and Davis could be just the answer they are looking for. Davis played OLB early in his collegiate career but moved to DS and became an absolute terror as a sideline-to-sideline run stopper. Davis might not have the range and cover skills to develop into an elite DS in the NFL, but if he can add a few pounds to his 226-pound frame he has a chance to develop into a Derrick Brooks-type OLB in the NFL.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)
    Travis Johnson | DT | Florida State
    The Bengals need to use this draft to upgrade the middle of their defense. If Johnson falls to them at No. 17, the Bengals would be elated. After struggling through some off-the-field issues that affected his play early in his career at FSU, Johnson had a breakout season as a full-time starter in 2004. In our opinion, he's the best defensive tackle in this year's draft class and has a chance to make a huge impact early in his NFL career as a one-gap, penetrating DT.

    18. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)
    Shaun Cody | DE | USC
    The Vikings might be looking for a wide receiver if they do indeed part ways with Randy Moss. If not, upgrading their defensive tackle position and secondary become the primary goals in the 2005 draft. If Davis is off the board, there isn't another safety worth reaching for with this pick. Cody is a much better value at a position of equal need, as the Vikings need to replace Chris Hovan at the three-technique position. Cody is a "tweener" DE/DT who would have to move outside to end in most NFL schemes, but he would be a perfect fit as a one-gap penetrating DT next to Kevin Williams.

    19. St. Louis Rams (8-8)
    Dan Cody | DE | Oklahoma
    The Rams could use upgrades at right tackle (if Kyle Turley isn't back), offensive guard, inside linebacker and free safety, but none of those needs are as pressing as defensive end. The Rams missed Grant Wistrom's presence opposite Leonard Little last year and Cody has the athleticism, speed and pass-rushing instincts to step in as a rookie and immediately make an impact.

    20. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
    Carlos Rogers | DC | Auburn
    After addressing their need for a pass rusher with the 11th overall pick, the Cowboys should turn their attention to finding a potential shutdown cornerback. They badly underestimated their need at the position last season and it resulted in a major trickle-down effect for the entire defensive unit. Rogers has good size and speed. Most importantly, he is a physical cover corner with the athletic ability and confidence to play in the Cowboys' man-to-man defensive scheme.

    PJCOWBOYS New Member

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    21. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)
    David Pollack | DE | Georgia
    The Jaguars are stacked in the middle with Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, but they need help on the perimeter. In fact, an explosive edge rusher may be the one thing keeping this unit from reaching elite status. Pollack might lack ideal size and top-end speed, but he has the quickness, power and playmaking instincts to immediately contribute in the NFL. One thing is for sure; nobody in this class works harder.

    22. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
    Mark Clayton | WR | Oklahoma
    The Ravens are desperate for a wide receiver who can separate and stretch a defense vertically. They would like for one of the top-three receivers (Edwards, Williams and Williamson) to fall, but that's unlikely. Roddy White is a possibility, but we still think Clayton is the superior talent. His lack of size is concerning but he has very good speed, exceptional hands and is a threat after the catch.

    23. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
    Matt Roth | DE | Iowa
    Grant Wistrom was an upgrade when healthy, but he's aging and can't be counted on anymore as an every-down player. The Seahawks could use a young pass-rushing presence at the defensive end position, and Roth provides some versatility in that he can play defensive end and even move back to a rush-linebacker role when the team is in its nickel and dime package.

    24. Green Bay Packers (10-6)
    Channing Crowder* | ILB | Florida
    The Packers need to find another pass-rushing presence opposite Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, and they also need an upgrade at linebacker. If they draft an inside linebacker, Nick Barnett can move outside. If they draft an outside linebacker, Barnett can stay home at his MLB position. Crowder, who is a "tweener" OLB/ILB prospect, would be a good fit because the team could try him at both positions and see which one fits best. Crowder is still raw, but he's a good athlete with a mean streak, two qualities the Packers' linebacker corps currently lacks.

    25. Denver Broncos (10-6)
    Marcus Spears | DE | LSU
    This would be a good fit, as Spears is a "tweener" DE/DT who could play both roles for the Broncos. On first and second downs Spears could spend time as a power-end in order to better rest pass-rushing specialist Reggie Howard. On obvious passing down Spears could move inside to upgrade the Broncos' subpar interior pass rush.

    26. New York Jets (10-6)
    Brandon Browner* | DC | Oregon State
    The Jets' most glaring weakness on either side of the ball is at cornerback, and luckily for them this year's draft class is loaded with top candidates at that position. Browner is a bit of an enigma as an unexpected early addition, but his combination of height and speed are intriguing. Browner has great experience in man-to-man coverage and he would be a great value for the Jets at No. 26.

    27. Atlanta Falcons (11-5)
    Roddy White | WR | Alabama-Birmingham
    The Falcons are hot in pursuit of Randy Moss. If that deal falls through, the draft is their next best option in terms of providing Peerless Price legitimate complementary help. White left the Senior Bowl early with a hamstring injury but he proved during the first couple days of practice that he has the speed and playmaking capability to make a difference in the vertical passing game at the next level. If the Falcons do land Moss – or another legitimate starting WR during free agency – DS, DE and OG are the next three positions of need.

    28. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
    Daryl Blackstock* | OLB | Virginia
    If the Chargers go after a vertical playmaker at wide receiver with their first selection, their attention should turn to the other side of the ball with the 28th pick. Drafting a free safety such as Oklahoma's Brodney Pool is a possibility, but Blackstock is a better value and fit. Blackstock was a dominant pass-rushing OLB in Virginia's 3-4 defense and he could serve a similar purpose within the Chargers' identical scheme.

    29. Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
    Justin Miller* | DC | Clemson
    The Colts have a lot of young talent in their secondary, but they are still without a playmaker at the cornerback position. Miller is tough and aggressive, which makes him a good fit in Tony Dungy's scheme. Most importantly, he has great speed, athletic ability and ball skills. Not only could he upgrade the Colts' secondary right away, but he also could provide more explosiveness in the return game.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1)
    Bryant Mcfadden | DC | Florida State
    The Steelers could use this selection on an additional pass rusher at the rush-linebacker position, but cornerback is realistically their biggest need. Mcfadden had a terrific week at the Senior Bowl and should have solidified a spot late in the first round. He has good size, speed and athletic ability. More impressive, however, is his toughness, confidence and tackling skills. He has experience in man-to-man coverage and he could immediately provide an upgrade at the nickel cornerback position for a thin Steelers secondary. In our opinion, Mcfadden would be a perfect fit in the Steel City.

    31. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)
    Anttaj Hawthorne | DT | Wisconsin
    The Eagles could go in several different directions with this pick, including wide receiver, running back or defensive end. However, if Corey Simon bolts via free agency, the defensive tackle position will become one of the team's only glaring needs. Hawthorne's effort was inconsistent at the collegiate level, but when he turns it on he has as much talent and explosiveness as any other player at his position in this year's class. He doesn't have great size or the strength to hold up in a two-gap scheme, but Hawthorne has the initial quickness and upfield explosiveness to fit nicely into coordinator Jim Johnson's one-gap system.

    32. New England Patriots (14-2)
    Jammal Brown | OT | Oklahoma
    The Patriots have other more pressing needs at cornerback and linebacker, but they've never been an organization that reaches for a position of need. They have gotten away with below-average individual talent at several offensive line positions, so drafting a lineman with a good deal of upside with their first pick would make a lot of sense. Brown needs to become more physical, but he has the size and feet to develop into a solid starter in the NFL.

    Rumor Central

    Tice wants Moss back, but does his QB?


    Randy Moss


    Feb. 10 - Vikings coach Mike Tice emphatically denied the team plans to trade Moss, and Moss told a Minneapolis radio station he wants to remain with the Vikings. However, QB Daunte Culpepper told reporters at the Pro Bowl it might be time for Moss and the team to part ways.
    "He's my good friend, but you almost get to thinking that maybe enough is enough," Culpepper told the Associated Press. "And maybe the Vikings' organization has had enough."

    Or maybe not. Tice told the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "I love Randy Moss. Where all this trade stuff is coming from, I don't know. Randy and his agent are not demanding a trade, and we are not looking to trade him. We are not shopping Randy Moss."

    Moss, meanwhile, told KFAN Radio, "If I get traded from here ... I'm gonna probably be a little sore, a little mad ... because I'm leaving here, and [losing] the love that I've developed here ... "

    Reports have been circulating for weeks that Moss won't be back in Minnesota next season, and Pro Football Weekly reports the team will start fielding offers at the Scouting Combine later this month. The Ravens, Jets and Raiders are expected to have serious interest. Reports indicate the Vikings would be seeking a combination of draft picks and players, preferably a defensive starter, in exchange for Moss.


    Jerry Rice


    Feb. 11 - Rice isn't sure when he'll call it quits, but when he does retire, he'll do it as a 49er, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.
    "I know it's gonna happen," Rice told the paper. "I'm not saying when, but I will retire as a 49er."

    That doesn't mean Rice will play for the 49ers again. He'll likely sign a token contract with the team with which he spent his glory days – a common practice by Hall of Fame-bound players – and then immediately announce his retirement.

    When will that happen? "I'm gonna sit down, give it some serious thought, see what happens," said the 42-year-old Rice. "I'm gonna leave all my options open."


    Brett Favre


    Feb. 11 - Favre hasn't said for sure that he'll return in '05, but the Packers are preparing for the season as if they believe Favre will be their quarterback.
    "I don't have a specific reason to think he won't be back," Packers GM Ted Thompson told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "The only thing I know is the same thing he said after the [last] game, when he said he wanted to think about things. I think that was the gist of what he said. But I haven't talked to Brett. I think he's going through this time where he needs to think it out, and he's earned that time."


    Vinny Testaverde

    Jets? Cowboys?

    Feb. 11 - The Jets will likely acquire a veteran QB in case Chad Pennington (rotator-cuff surgery) isn't ready for training camp, and Testaverde's name has been floated as one of the possibilities.
    "Now that (offensive coordinator Paul) Hackett is gone, it makes an awful lot of sense," Testaverde's agent, Mike Azzarelli, told the New York Daily News. "Under the right circumstances, he'd love to go back to New York. From our end of the equation, it would be something to look at."

    Testaverde, 41, who played for the Jets from 1998 to 2003, started 15 games for the Cowboys last season, compiling a 76.4 passer rating. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed interest in bringing Testaverde back for another season, but the team has yet to make an effort to re-sign him.


    Chad Scott

    Feb. 11 - Cornerback Chad Scott, who missed nine games last season with a knee injury, could become a victim of the salary cap, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.
    Scott is scheduled to count $4.985 million against the cap this year. The Steelers have 10 players costing between $2.95 million and $5.484 million against the salary cap.


    Gary Baxter


    Feb. 11 - Baxter, an unrestricted free agent, told The Baltimore Sun he's optimistic he'll re-sign with the Ravens before March 2. Baxter's biggest concern appears to be a possible switch from corner to safety, which he's against.
    "I'm not going back to safety," Baxter told The Sun. "And you can print that as big as day."

    A source told the paper the Ravens would consider moving Baxter to safety if they add a corner through the draft or free agency. Ravens officials, though, deny such a notion.

    "We have no predisposed plans that Gary is a safety," coach Brian Billick said. "If Gary wants to focus in on corner, we understand that. If we re-sign Gary, it would certainly be to that end. But I'm not going to pigeonhole myself with any athlete to say this athlete will do this or that."


    Matt Hasselbeck

    Packers? Cowboys?

    Feb. 11 - If Brett Favre is serious about retiring, Pro Football Weekly believes Hasselbeck would be the Packers' first choice to replace him. However, the Seahawks appear serious about re-signing Hasselbeck, an unrestricted free agent, so it's unlikely he'll ever hit the open market. If he does, the Cowboys would also likely be interested.


    Jerry Porter


    Feb. 10 - A five-year offer similar to the one Chad Johnson signed with the Bengals for $25 million wasn't good enough to convince Porter to stay in Oakland. There's a chance he remains a Raider, however Porter plans to test free agency.
    "I owe it to myself to get my market value, if not (sign with) some team that will pay me more than market value. I owe it to myself to find out (what I can get)," Porter told The San Francisco Chronicle Feb. 10.

    Porter is still upset Oakland did not offer an extension of his six-year rookie contract in 2004. The 26-year-old WR voided the final year of the deal, according to the newspaper.

    Porter caught 64 passes for nearly 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns (12th best in the NFL) last season. His best game came against Tennessee in Week 15 when Porter made eight receptions for 148 yards and three TDs.


    Neil O'Donnell


    Feb. 10 - Another former Jet, Neil O'Donnell, said he would listen if the team contacted him about the backup QB job.
    "You always listen," O'Donnell told The Star-Ledger. "It has to make sense. I would really have to sit down and think about it. We've been down here (in Tennessee) for seven years. We like it. ... But I haven't heard anything. I haven't been contacted by the Jets."

    O'Donnell, who turns 39 in July, last played for the Titans in 2003. He spent last season doing television work, although several teams expressed interest in signing him as a backup.


    Mike Vanderjagt


    Feb. 10 - Mike Vanderjagt hopes to be re-signed by the Colts but the team wants to re-work his deal for salary cap purposes. "I expect to be re-signed, I would think, to hopefully end my career in Indianapolis," Vanderjagt told The Toronto Sun Feb. 10.
    Vanderjagt was limited to field goal attempts and extra point tries, having his kickoff duties taken away because the team said his leg strength had diminished. And he's been known to have some of his comments taken out of context, like when he said the Patriots were "ripe for the picking" before New England beat Indy in the playoffs.

    "Much too much was made about nothing," Vanderjagt told The Sun. "That's the wonderful world of the media. I just said I think we have a good chance to win. ... You guys (in the media) seem to think that I'm some outspoken, crazy Canadian. ... You're not going to hear anything out of me."

    Vanderjagt converted 20-of-25 field goals, with a long of 47 yards in 2004.


    Chike Okeafor


    Feb. 10 - Okeafor would like to remain in Seattle, but is prepared to enter the free-agent market if a deal can't be reached by March 2. Okeafor's agent, Andrew Simms, met with Seahawk officials last week. Even though the Seahawks are without a team president, Simms is optimistic about the negotiations.
    "The guys that are there are very competent," he told the Seattle Times. "Of course, they are in transition. But as far as our communication with them, it's been pretty consistent. I don't feel like it will inhibit our ability to negotiate with them."
  3. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    say for a minute that the draft starts panning out this way:
    1) please for the love of all that is good and right in the world don't let the foreskins get Mike Williams!!!
    2) If the Broncos are looking to get Spears in the draft they may be less interested in resigning Hayward....someone on my wish list
    3) I'm still amazed that people have Pac-man going in the top 5 and as the #1 CB, I rank him as about the 4th best CB in the draft
    4) If we look to take a CB with our second pick and Roger and Marlin jackson are both on the board (along with Hawthorne), I'd prefer a trade down to acquire another pick or two and then take whomever's remaining between Marlin Jackson, Rogers, Hawthorne (depending on if we take get a DT in FA), or even Justin Miller. I think Jackson is the best pure cover CB in the draft but Rogers has an edge in playmaking. I haven't seen a lot of Miller but everyone is raving about his speed, athleticism, playmaking, and return ability. I think any of the three would start at RCB for us and make an impact.
  4. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

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    If MW falls to the Skins, so be it. We are better served keeping our picks rather than trading up to take someone from another team.
  5. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    who do you propose cover him 2x a year every year for the next 10?
    He'll light us up.
    Remember playing Minny every time since Moss has been there?
  6. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

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    I'm more concerned with the 14 other teams who will expose our lack of quality players at just about every position.

    PJCOWBOYS New Member

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    I'm more concerned taking Shawne Merriman at such a high pick at #11. I'd rather take a sure thing defensive tackle or de. Or Derrick Johnson.
  8. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    Well its not like MW wouldn't fill one of biggest voids...
    we haven't had a redzone threat since Irvin retired...watching Cundiff (and whomever) kick (miss half of them) 20 yard field goals has gotten tiresome the last several years.
    We lack a true #1 WR.
    Also, we need to fill as many needs as possible through FA to free up our draft options anyway.
    But i really don't care to have one specific player terrorize us and almost single-handedly thrash us every year, once per year with Moss is enough...twice a year by the foreskins would be pretty sickening. :banghead:
  9. playit12

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    I agree with much of what you said but I do have one problem. If you are going to use Merriman in a 4-3 there are better options later. You just don't need his kind of speed or coverage ability (versatility) at the DE position. If you take him at #11 it better be as the pass rushing LB in a 3-4. In that case I don't think that Hawthorne can be a two gap guy. I really like him in a 4-3 where I see him getting great penetration and collapsing the pocket. But I think he would get blown up on the front side of a 3-4. Maybe in 5 or 6 years after he puts on another 40 pounds.

    I do think the value of our pick at 20 is a little light. In that scenario I'd hope we trade down. Personally I don't see that many CBs slipping, but all the better if they do as it might mean someone we need more will fall.
  10. SuspectCorner

    SuspectCorner Bromo

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    derrick johnson or merriman at #11 and spears at #20 would be a good haul. no way spears is there at #25. i don't see dj there at #11 either. it'd be nice.
  11. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    The day you start drafting players to keep them from other teams is the day you're in big trouble.
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    Morning Sarge!

    Freezing rain (supposedly) out here today.
  13. Tio

    Tio Armchair QB

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    :sarge: :michael:
  14. starfrombirth

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    I agree, especially since MW is NOT a #1 receiver!!!! A great #2 possession(?) receiver maybe but he is not nearly fast enough to be a 1st receiver and he can be covered by today's bigger, faster, stronger NFL (NOT COLLEGE) cornerbacks. Morning Sarge and Mikey. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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