Roger Enters the HOF On This Date

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Aug 3, 2006.

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    I loved the blurb from the article.
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    That story about Clint Longley sucker punching Rodger when he was taking off his jersey and shoulder pads is something I will never forget!

    Clint punched him right in the mouth, then ran like hell to his room, grabbed whatever he could and got the hell out of Dodge! He went out through his window and even left his pet rattlesnake behind! :laugh2:

    Rodger went chasing after him, but never caught him!

    Hit and it's finest!


    By the way, Hollywood said that was the first time he EVER heard Rodger say a cuss word of the "F" kind...Hollywood said that Rodger would usually just say "gosh" or "darn" when he got mad...
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    Roger is the man :bow:
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    amazing how fast you can run when pure terror is the inspiration.
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    A 50 yard strike in a sport blazer? Are you serious? He was and is a cut above.

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