Roger Goodell has finally lost his mind now that he wants to expand the playoffs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CowboysFanSince88, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. CowboysFanSince88

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    This idiot wants to expand the NFL playoffs from 12 to 16 teams???

    So this fool wants half of the league in the NFL playoffs which would mean that it's easier for all teams to reach the playoffs. How many people will lose interest in watching the NFL if this happens?

    I don't think i can watch anymore
  2. slaga

    slaga Member

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    More games, whether they be in regular season or in the playoffs, means more money in the owner's pockets. That aslo means a better chance of him being rehired...
  3. Stryker44

    Stryker44 ^^^Skins Fan

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    Nuts. Where would be the excitement for teams like the Cowboys and Redskins right now...when there are only 6 spots per conference you have to battle for them...2 extra per conference seems to take away from the whole prestige of being a playoff team. A bunch of 8-8 and 7-9 clubs would be getting in...
  4. DBOY3141

    DBOY3141 Well-Known Member

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    It's all about money. More teams in the playoffs equals more money. Smart business move, but I don't like it, but every day I like the NFL less and less.
  5. TINGS21

    TINGS21 Member

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    This is the exact reason they have been pushing to make the game "safer". The union will have less of a leg to stand on if injuries are down.
  6. Tom [Giants fan]

    Tom [Giants fan] Active Member

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    eliminate first round byes.
  7. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

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    and eliminate me as a fan
  8. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

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    The NFL post season is already an anticlimactic crapshoot that doesn't always reward the best team... it's just what you get with this era of a salary cap with single game elimination.

    We don't need to introduce weak teams into the fray for them to have a chance to knock off a top team because they simply match up well, only to lose the very next game.

    You want the best teams playing against each other, and introducing 2 more teams detracts from that.
  9. Hoov

    Hoov Senior Member

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    i like it, in basketball and hockey the season is already so long, and then half the league makes the playoffs.

    I would like to see more nfl teams and more baseball teams in the post season, I would prefer that to expanding the regular season. Sometimes you have better teams miss the playoffs because a crappy division allows a division winner in that has no business being in the mix.

    The jump from 12 to 16 seems like a lot but i dont think you could make it work with 14 teams.
  10. crazytown41

    crazytown41 Well-Known Member

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    What a joke. Then you just lose the value of winning the division. Something baseball had a problem with and recently changed it for the better.

    Gotta love Goodell. All this player safety and bounty crap yet he wants to add more games. I really think he does this intentionally to piss everyone off.
  11. Eric_Boyer

    Eric_Boyer Well-Known Member

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    this would be my preference.

    Then only the #1 seed gets the bye
  12. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    Only if he expands the rosters to 60 players.
  13. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

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    It sure looked that way by how he sounded when he made the announcement
  14. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    It's a better idea than the kickoff rule or the 18 game schedule
  15. landroverking

    landroverking Well-Known Member

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    I don't have a problem with it at all.
  16. arglebargle

    arglebargle Well-Known Member

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    Which is not saying much at all....

    Do they have a think tank working overtime to come up with these dumb ideas?
  17. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Heres to being 1-8 and still having a playoff shot.
  18. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

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    So you are ok with a pointless regular season?
  19. dez_for_prez

    dez_for_prez Active Member

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    No you don't. The 4 division winners still have a home playoff game.

    I wouldn't mind seeing 7 playoff teams per conference. I think that would work great.
  20. CowboysFanSince88

    CowboysFanSince88 Well-Known Member

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    I don't think you understand that it makes the regular season pointless

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