Roger Staubach comments today on team, Dez, Romo, Frederick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nirvana, Aug 22, 2013.

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    On team:
    “We can be 11-5 in a second with a little luck and keeping people healthy, maybe 12-4,” Staubach said Thursday night at AT&T Stadium. “And I think we’d take 10-6 right now, wouldn’t we? You just want to get in the playoffs.”

    On Dez:
    On multiple occasions, Staubach mentioned Bryant’s second half last season, an eight-game stretch where he had 879 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. That production caused Staubach to say Bryant is “as good as any receiver in the National Football League.”

    “Well if he stays healthy, there won’t be a better receiver in the league than Dez Bryant,” Staubach said. “I don’t think there’s anybody better at what he can do in the league and there are some great receivers in the league, but what he did in the second half of the year last year is as good as it gets.

    “He makes great plays, he’s got speed, he’s strong, he has great hands. Drew Pearson was like a basketball player, and I wasn’t afraid to throw it into a tight situation because I think he could figure out how to catch it. Some guys can’t do that. I think Dez has the hands. He can do it. You can throw the ball in there and he’s going to figure out how to get it, out of the hands of a linebacker or a defensive back.

    “When you have that kind of confidence in a receiver, and he’s got the ability to do that. The way he played last year was fantastic and he seems like he’s a good kid. He’s getting his life together. I don’t know him. I just go on what I read. I was throwing to him tonight, though, so I tested him out. He’s a great receiver.”

    On Romo:
    “If there’s a bigger Romo fan in town, I don’t know who it is,” Staubach said. “I want to argue with all my negative Romo fans and tell them how great this guy is. He makes plays. He’s got a strong arm, and he just does a lot of good things out there that only a few quarterbacks in the league can do.”
    "I was pretty old when we won a Super Bowl. He's at the prime of his career right now."

    On Frederick:
    “Being a quarterback, you know how important a center is,” Staubach said Thursday night at the Cowboys’ “Silver and Blue Debut,” the public practice at AT&T Stadium. “For a lot of different reasons -- being strong up front, getting you the ball, knowing that you have to make a block, so you don’t have to worry about the snap. Just having a leader there in the middle, it’s a big deal.”

    Staubach said Romo described Frederick to him in high terms.

    “He says Frederick is as good as we expected,” Staubach said. “He said really nice things about the guy. I don’t know him. But having a center is more important than people give the Cowboys credit for when they picked.”


  2. Nirvana

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    If the Cowboys ever did something like the Broncos have done with John Elway, I'd be thrilled to see Roger on board.
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    Roger to Dez. How cool is that.
  4. Jammer

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    Staubach was my boyhood hero. I take his comment seriously, but has he ever really knocked a Cowboys' player? I'm asking because I don't know if he has.
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    When Roger is not a fan of a Cowboy player he will just not volunteer his praise.
    Basically same thing but in the usual Roger classy manner.

    He's no BSer, so if he flat out volunteers praise, then you know it is genuine.
  6. Jammer

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    Thanks for the info. That's probably why I've never heard him bad mouth a player. I just wasn't sure if it was always sunshine and roses with him. I have great respect for him. I got lucky having him as a role model when I was growing up. He was actually worth looking up to.
  7. Nav22

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    Guys like Staubach, Aikman, Parcells, and Jimmy Johnson all sing Romo's praises.

    Can someone please remind me of all the highly respected football minds who think Romo's not good?
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    Couple of things.

    I agree about Romo, but again, not to belabor this point, this team does not need Romo throwing for 5000 yards. They need Romo throwing for 36-3700 yards and the running back by committee needs to have close to 1700 yards rushing to protect the defense. Since this defensive line is no different than last year except older, I am going to be really surprised if they can put pressure on enough to stop the passing game.

    Dez said in an interview six weeks ago or more that he has been watching Jerry Rice tape and working on his opening moves.

    That crossing route that Rice would run as they set up down field blocking is made for Dez. If I had the magic lamp and had a free wish I would be certain they incorporate that into the passing game.

    I normally laugh when I see people on this board use the We word when speaking about the team, as if We are on the team. While I think Roger has every right to say that, it tickles me because he is so obviously now a huge fan.
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    Supercool :cool:
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  10. jobberone

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    They run those routes. He hit Dez on a slant the last game or so although Dez adjusted the route to cross behind the DB who jumped the route.
  11. DandyDon1722

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    Agree completely and a fair assessment of what what Romo's role in the offense should be.

    I might have to take Roger's opinion over the 20 percent of Romo haters here and I won't even touch the nonsense on Facebook from very casual fans.
  12. CowboyGil

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    Roger is THE man.
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  13. Doomsday101

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    Roger, come on we have experts who says Romo sucks what do you know.
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  14. big dog cowboy

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    :D Let's hope he stays healthy.
  15. DallasInDC

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    While I agree with you on incorporating that rice's bread n butter play in the playbook, I don't think I would waste my one magic wish on that. :D
  16. Doomsday101

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    Because "We" live and die with the team on sundays. We invest our time and many of us invest our money
  17. FiveRings

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    Strike the first part of the post

  18. 5Stars

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    "We" is just an colloquial term in a conversation. Oh, and Jen Aniston is just...nasty!
  19. mrmojo

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    Roger always has a positive outlook that's why he was a great leader.........and Jen Aniston is still fine!!
  20. DFWJC

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    When a Cowboy fan says "we" they mean the team that we are all rooting for, not that they are actually on the team. Obviously.
    The NFL does not exist without its it really is "we".
    I guess everyone has their pet peeves, so no big deal.
    I just don't have problem with it.
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