Rogers to battle at RT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ljs44, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Hiero

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    I was really happy when we drafted him, so i hope he gets a chance to start at RT anddoes a good job, i really liked the guy in college.
  2. Dawgs0916

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    Thinking the same thing, although I don't think they are trying to trade him, I just think they are blowing it out of proportion.
  3. playit12

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    I was really surprised we drafted Rogers. He doesn't seem to fit the mold of what I thought BP would be looking for in a OT. He's probably a little less athletic than most LT and he makes up for that by being more of a finesse guy.

    That certainly doesn't translate well to the right side, where run blocking is generally of greater concern then pass blocking.

    I don't know if he has the frame, and considering his injury history, the constitution to add the additional muscle and mass to play effectively at RT. However I could certainly be wrong. Much has been written lately about the move towards smaller and faster DEs in the league. This along with more 3/4 fronts means you want smaller faster OTs to pass block, and need less strength from your OT in run blocking to move the smaller defenders. Perhaps to these ends Rogers can be a fit. Time will tell.
  4. Hollywood Henderson

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    BZ: Don't look for Flo to be going anywhere...
    He is in his prime...
    Let he other guys cream rise to the top.

    At least we have much better depth then in many years if one of the starters does go down... :cool:
  5. big dog cowboy

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    The news just keeps getting better and better for our line. The competition for roster spots will really be tough.
  6. blindzebra

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    I said in a year or two.

    If those years are as ineffective as last year he will be a cap casualty.
  7. Cowboy from New York

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    Looks like I'm in the minority here but after seeing a lot of guys BP talked up during camp go down in flames I'm more than a little skeptical about how Rogers will really turn out to be.
  8. Screw The Hall

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    Nice observation.

    I like keeping LA at guard also if at all possible. The combination of LA, Johnson, and Rivera on the interior has dynamic potential as far as I'm concerned.

    You know with the addition of Ferguson on the DL combined with RW lurking closer to the line of scrimage this year, we are starting to have the makings of a team that is tough up the middle on both sides of the ball ... not a bad start to getting back to some winning football around here.
  9. jterrell

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    3,767 Likes Received the resident Rogers fan club president and probably solo member, I truly do think he starts at RT thsi year.

    We are using a guy at QB who needs protection and Rogers has the best feet on the club. I don't even think it is close. He could be bull rushed by some stronger Strahan type ends but the scabs aren't gonna just waltz around him. He is extremely agile and a quite good pass blocker.

    The rub is the shoulder injuries of course but I have to believe he never would have been drafted in round 2 if that stuff was degenerative, its not a secret that had reoccured before the draft.

    With Rivera and Rogers I think we end up with one of the best pass blocking lines in the league. Even Bledsoe's harshest critics say if he has a great line he'll perform well. If he performs well we will win. I have zero doubt of that. The defense is vastly improved regardless of scheme. the running game should shine with Julius and depth now in place. Dan Campbell will be back as the blocking TE.

    I am definitely feeling good about the team makeup, the front office plan and the ability to compete with the Eagles for the division title.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Amazing what a difference one year can make isn't it?
  11. scottsp

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    Hopefully, this isn't club spin or mere Tuna speak. Need to see this taking affect on the field, in games before I get too worked up over Rogers.

    Yes, I remember him at SC. I do remember how valued he was at one time. And he may live up to that billing. Until I see it in action, I am going to tap the brakes - at least for a spell.

    This is more a statement towards what comes out of of VR, the club, and Parcells' mouth. Hard to take any of what is said in these PCs to heart. Aside from injury news, press conferences offer so little.

    Though they can be entertaining at times.

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