Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists -- prepare to laugh

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by theogt, Jul 13, 2013.

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    lol, some of their crossover stuff has really turned a lot of people off. I dont think anybody would be a big fan if they dont take the time to listen to whole albums, and even then I can get why people dont like them.

    But I think, in terms of music ability, there arent many as good as Gates.
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    A lot of people forget they are not experts and they just talking from personal feelings....Its a lot different when you have kind of walked in their shoes...too many too quick to judge....smh
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    I'd say he is wrong, unless he is in a bad that has sold millions of records...THE SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS WEIGHED IN...
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    As has been pointed out, the vast majority of the voters aren't great guitarists themselves. By and large they're just good songwriters, and that appears to have significantly inlfuenced their voting. This is neither a list of the best guitarists or the best songwriters. It's some odd mixture of the two, and quite frankly doesn't make much sense in that regard. I'm sure non-guitarists may have trouble understanding that.

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