Romo 1-5 in win or go home games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. SkinsHokieFan

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    I think we'll be ok missing the 32nd pick in the next 2 drafts.

    I do expect Shanny will get two 2nd's for Cousins.

    And we do have 7 picks this year and 6 in the 2014 draft :)

    If Shanny finds more Alfred Morris and Aldrick Robinson type guys in round 6, we will be ok.

    The competitive advantage will be having the best QB in the division going forward
  2. Proximo

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    Not only will they be at a disadvantage when it comes to the draft, but they will be handicapped in Free Agency because of the penalties levied against them this past year (however ridiculous those penalties may have been). I believe the 'Skins lose another 18 mil in room this coming offseason.

    It'll be hard for them to build via draft (because of how much they gave up for RG3), and hard for them to build via Free Agency (because of the penalties).
  3. Idgit

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    I feel similarly about Dallas's draft prospects. I fully expect the Easter Bunny to bring us a few extra picks next year. And then we'll trade Kyle Orton for the Buffalo offensive line, so, that will be great.

    Then we'll just use our mid-to-late round picks on some all pros, and we should be good. Can't wait.
  4. SkinsHokieFan

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    Well that was an intelligent, well thought out retort.

    The Sean Lee's and Bruce Carter's of the world will be terrific players. In 3 years will another Romo fall off the QB tree? RG3 will be 25 and just hitting his prime at that point and will be in a division where 2 QBs (Eli/Romo) will be in their mid 30s and who knows who the Eagles will have
  5. cowboyfan4life2

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    That is asking alot for a guy that has had one good game
  6. Proximo

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    I continue to find it amusing that Redskins fans are already booking the next however many years as being "completely set" at the QB position after seeing less than a full season of RG3.......they're pretty quick to anoint down there in D.C. aren't they?

    I guess you can't blame them though after being cellar dwellers without an even remotely noteworthy QB for so long.
  7. Fmart322

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    Or he could be out of football. 3 years is a long time away. A lot can happen.
  8. SkinsHokieFan

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    Which one good game? The opener? The Vikings game? The Eagles game? Thanksgiving? :)

    RG3's performance has been pretty good for a rookie. I expect him to continue to improve. In 2-3 years you will be searching for your next QB and pray you don't bump into a Chad Hutchinson along the way.

    Or win 3 Superbowls. Tons can happen :)
  9. irishline

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    The Jets have 3 QB's all 26 and under, including two who led their teams to the playoffs their rookie years. how's that working for them?
  10. cowboyfan4life2

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    You do realize I was talking about cousins right
  11. CitySlicker202

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    Competitive disadvantage? Our backup 4th rd rookie QB came off the bench twice this season to win 2 games. Our 6th Rd rookie RB will reach 1500yds this weekend. Our 2nd year 6th Rd WR burned your secondary on Thanksgiving Day for a deep bomb opening the flood gates. We've got 7 draft picks next season to address the defense which has glaring holes (and despite the swiss cheese nature of the secondary, we're still in position to win the Division Title in a rebuilding year).
  12. Howardlittleton64

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    I'd love to see this for Witten, Romo and Ware. Not optimistic but it would be nice.
  13. sonnyboy

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    Peyton Manning says hello. Romo is a proven, elite QB and only 32yrs young. Remember he's started 3 fewer years than you're typical 32 year old.

    I think his particular skill set could easily lead to a longer than average shelf life. He's a pure pocket passer with a super quick release, great pocket prescence and rare escapability.

    I'd guess he still playing his best football on the other side of 35.

    I like RG III and thought trade was a good move before I knew how well he'd play this year.

    However you do realize QBs with his skill set tend to have shorter careers? I'd bet he's taken more big hits this season than Romo has in the last 3-4.

    OMT - Which QB comes into this game listed questionable on the injury report? Get used to that.
  14. Idgit

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    My posts, like your 6th round draft picks, can't all be gems. That was my way of saying you're banking your future drafting effectiveness on a bunch of things that are unlikely to happen. But you're right, that, yes, if you have an incredible run of good luck with late-round picks and get a steal in trade for your backup rookie QB, you can offset the competitive disadvantage you're very definitely in from having given up the farm for the rights to RGIII (a decision I think actually did pay off for you, by the way).

    Other than you noting you have 7 picks next draft, none of this has anything to do with the competitive disadvantage you're in when it comes to the next several NFL drafts.

    You've got the talent from future drafts on your team right now because of the RGIII trade, there's no way around that. The deluded Redskins fan base wants to believe that it's ok because you'll magically manufacture better talent from lower picks than everybody else, but that's not exactly something you're going to able to convince Cowboys fans is likely to happen.

    Instead, it's more likely you'll further affect your ability to move in the draft since you simply have fewer resources to work with than other teams do, which gives you comparatively fewer options with the more limited selection of picks you do have. As I said, enjoy what you've got going on now, because you've opened three year's worth of Christmas presents here in 2012. What you've got left is veteran free agency and stocking-stuffers for the next few years.
  15. Lodeus

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    People watch too much ESPN.
  16. KJJ

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    Romo is 1-5 in games that are like playoff games. Games that are do or die for both the Cowboys and their opponents. He's 1-3 in playoff games and 0-2 in season finales that were win or stay home for both the Cowboys and their opponent. Sunday will be another do or die game for the Cowboys and possibly for the Redskins although they could still gain a wildcard birth if both Chicago and Minn lose.
  17. FiveRings

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    Where else are you guys gonna get your sports news? There's no TSN this isn't Canada
  18. Teague31

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    this times 1,000.
  19. dallas_112678

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    Yes, because Romo is the only player on this team and he calls the plays for both offense and defense. The point you are trying to make would be stronger if you had some actual statistics (completion %, interceptions, etc) over those games and compare them to his season average.
  20. Wood

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    this is at the core of why Romo hasn't been fully embraced. His regular season numbers are gaudy/prolific/impressive...pick your own word. But until he reverses his fortunes in games like the one on sunday....he is not elite and he is no different than many QB who for one reason or another couldn't get over the hump. The good news for Romo is that he is still playing and things can change on a dime in NFL. Lets hope things work out.

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