Romo: A Little Play by Play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Because not one other position effects the outcome of a game as much as poor QB play. Romo has been the primary reason we have both lost games or have had to come from behind in games..

    I did mention half the loss was on the D, but Romo was so bad in the 1st half he didn't exactly help the team either....

    Anymore questions?:cool:
  2. da_whiz_kid

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    Of course he is good throwing the ball scrambling, there are less lineman bearing down on him as soon as he snaps the ball. There are absolutely no adjustments in the offensive game plan to compensate for the Oline. If you're gonna have a bad oline, you must play like it and move your QB out of the pocket, or run quicker plays to get the ball out of his hand.

    Romo has not been perfect this year, and has missed on throws a bit, especially his overthrowing. But I'm not ready to drop my QB less than a year away from the best season he ever had here, because management thought the oline was last on the list of importance. If Garrett adjusts and Romo still plays stinky, it will be something I would consider, but until then, Romo stays until that line is fixed. Also, I just don't think you could spot a team 28 points in a half and expect a win. And yes, this is a result of the offense not scoring but also the defense not doing their job. This is a team sport. Getting rid of Romo will not fix the problem, especially putting in a less mobile, worse pocket presence QB, who is also less efficient throwing the ball than him.

    Things that must be done to show there is progress for the remainder of the season:

    *better play calling
    *better time management
    --If this can't happen, I say grab another head coach. There were a lot of games that if one or two calls and judgments by Garrett weren't so amateurish, another more experienced head coach would probably have us with a winning record right now.

    Offseason moves:

    *Draft Oline early
    *Draft Dline early
    *Grab a QB to groom in the 3rd or 4th (QB search doesn't stop in this draft, with an aging QB, the organization should be looking for someone who could replace him eventually, but also so he could give that QB some pointers, specifically with slinging when they need to and pocket mobility)
    *sign FA Olinemen
    *Draft or sign a safety

    It's apparent Romo is not going anywhere, so lets stop with the bantering. It's one thing to complain about a player, but to ignore why that player is playing bad, invalidates your whole argument. These aren't excuses, they are facts. If they are not taken care of, we will be talking about the same "excuses" no matter who is back there throwing the ball.

    Go Cowboys! I'm not an apologist(evident in what I wrote) I just understand there is more to us losing than Romo's play, and more to actually why Romo is playing the way he is this year.

  3. Dave_in-NC

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    That is true. What you seem to be ignoring are major contributors to Romos poor play.

    Name a QB who would have success on this team today.
  4. ThePlaymaker14

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    Something is off with Romo this season. He's thrown a lot of passes VERY high, missing receivers deep often, and making some bad decisions (I forgot what point in the game it was but when we were in the redzone and he dumped it off to the RB---that could've EASILY been a pick6).

    I used to defend him often but after the season he is having it's hard for me not to say he's somewhat part of the problem at this point.
  5. CowboyFan74

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    I guess you didn't read far enough, maybe because the truth is more than your delusion of Romo can handle? Look man I used to defend Romo until people consistently pointed out his poor passing, eventually it became obvious to me as he got worse and worse.

    Is the O-line an issue? Uhh yeah we have gone thru nearly 3 units, but when he does have time and a receiver is open, Romo is so rattled he throws a really bad pass...

    If you can't see that its because you are clearly focusing on other issues which are many, but none of which affect the outcome of a game more than poor QB play.... Deal with it, come to terms with it, and realize the only "Agenda" here is to fix the team and start WINNING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!:starspin:starspin:starspin
  6. CowboyFan74

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    Please go back and show me where I said "EVERYTHING" was on Romo..


    Now tell me, who is "Showing Ignorance" here. Clearly reading comprehension is a weakness for you....:cool:
  7. Dave_in-NC

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    When his receivers are open they are usually in the wrong place.
    Austin either can't or won't burst under a ball that you see other WRs do all day.
    Dez seems to be getting it but we don't know week to week if that's true.
    Zero running game with out Murray and even that wasn't great.
    So is the QB important? Sure but he can't win games alone, there has to be something around him.
    And of course he's rattled, he's getting killed to the point where he expects it.
  8. Picksix

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    Romo's body language isn't any worse than Eli's. Or Rodgers'. Or Flacco's. Or (insert pretty much any name you want). Even Payton, Brees, Brady, etc. have times when they come off the field with their heads down, and sit quietly and stare blankly at the field. Maybe that's how he processes things. If you ever get to see the Sound FX's shows, or NFL Replay, there are plenty of times when he's talking/interacting with WR's, OL, coaches, etc. Fox just never chooses to show that.
  9. CowboyFan74

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    Just one? Aaron Rodgers. The Packers don't exactly have a very good O-line or a good running game.. You want another one? Do your own homework kid...
  10. Rack Bauer

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    Ummm... learn the game dude. That was vs ZONE coverage. He threw it in the soft part of the zone, Austin kept running as if it were MAN coverage. IF Romo had lead Austin on that pass he WOULD have got him killed. Romo threw it to the correct spot, Austin made a bad read/route.
  11. dadymat

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    1 Likes Received bad.....the post was so ignorant i didnt make it to the end ......

    I stopped reading at the precursor you applied that would deminish any credit to Romo for any good that was to come in the second half....
  12. CowboyFan74

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    Yes there is. He's rattled. He's beat down. He's battered and bruised. He's playing scared. He's almost terrified. He's on the brink of becoming damaged goods. That's why I say he needs a breather but I'm willing to protect his psyche by telling the world he needs to go in for "X-rays."

    If he continues to take this abuse behind this O-line he will become another David Carr, I can see it in his eyes when he gets hit or when he thinks he's going to get hit. It's called Shell Shock...
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Staubach said, "...It's really a mystery to me why people don't understand how really good Romo is. The things he can do and the plays he can make, I'm sure Troy would say the same. I think this team is building to support a great quarterback like Romo. If your defense is doing a great job, you can do a lot of things on offense."
  14. DandyDon1722

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    LOL at this entire thread as the few try to impose their will with another bad attempt.

    This time it comes in the form of passive aggressive writing. "It's half the defense, he needs a breather..." - instead of just saying - I want him out of Dallas as the QB.

    Here's an idea, let's bring in (insert name here) and let them get shell shocked, rushed, battered and looking for receivers that aren't there, year after year while they display outstanding body language and an upbeat demeanor, (like Brady or Manning when they're losing). Then, we'll just wait for the organization to become stable under great management and superior coaching. I'm sure they'll light it up.

    I'm on board, just go grab somebody, anybody...waiting...waiting...waiting...
  15. CowboyFan74

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    Give me a break. He threw it behind him, Austin had to turn almost completely around and slow down will sprinting across the middle. If he threw it in front of him he wouldn't have had to break stride. If it was a better pass he would have had time to catch it and at the very least lower his shoulders for impact. Either way, not only does Romo throw a bad pass, he lead his guy into harms way. The receivers are losing (have lost) trust in Romo. The only one who still plays reckless is Dez, but he is a very strong guy who doesn't care at the moment...
  16. CowboyFan74

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    Well at least you are honest. Its ok we've all been guilty of only reading fragments when losing interest. But if you are going to resort to name calling do your homework because the only one with egg on their face is you buddy...:fact::eyepoke:
  17. CowboyFan74

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    Listen Dr Phil we don't have to go very far, in fact right now we have a guy who is fresh and ready to go in one Kyle Orton. He's no Aaron Rodgers but he will do better than the current beat down soldier who clearly needs a breather. This team needs a momentum shift, a huge momentum shift, and it needs one at the rudder...

    Kyle may not be as good of a scrambler but he has a stronger more accurate arm, and he's fresh. He can take a beating for a while and still have some success imo....
  18. burmafrd

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    why listen to a HOF QB when you have an INTERNET EXPERT telling you the exact opposite

    I mean this INTERNET EXPERT obviously knows so much more...
  19. Dave_in-NC

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    Kyle Orton would take a worse beating.
    Your just being silly (because I can't say what I'm really thinking) now.
  20. DandyDon1722

    DandyDon1722 It's been a good 'un, ain't it?

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    Unbelievable -- now we're reaching by breaking down individual passes thrown by Romo.

    Yeah, his accuracy is terrible, never mind the fact that although this is his worst year he's at 66% completion percentage and has the 3rd highest yards per game of any QB -- despite being "shell shocked and battered."

    I wonder where he'd be if he wasn't "shell shocked and battered." -- but let's just get rid of him, there's plenty of other QB's out there right?....still waiting...waiting....waiting.....

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