Romo: A Little Play by Play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Just some stats to help you understand the ignorance of your stance on Romo as a qb, as an accurate passer, and as a turnover machine.

    Cowboys Career Leaders

    CMP% 64.8 INT% 2.9 Rating 95.3 4th Qrt Combacks 15 Gm Win Drives 16


    61.5 3.0 81.6 16 21


    57.0 3.7 83.4 15 23

    So, Romo is the Most Accurate, the Highest Rated, the Least intercepted per pass and will most certainly own the most 4th quarter comebacks and Game Winning drives before all is said and done. All while playing 37 games less than Stuabach and 69 less than Aikman.

    I wanted to focus on the areas that Romo gets bashed for and these stats should sober those saying he is inaccurate, doesn't come from behind and is an interception machine.

    I didn't even go into Tds, Yards, and YPP. Those he just dominates in.
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    Great post OP. The kid tries but just is not an accurate,winning QB. He was NOT drafted for a reason. His body language is awful. He has had plenty of time as a Cowboy to turn the corner on these and has not. He has an awful arm and is not the smartest QB out there. Maybe a change he will succeed maybe not. However as a fan Im tired of him being the head of the snake on the field. He plays shellshocked very easily. The experiment is over. Time to draft a real QB.
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    the second i started reading this, I could tell it was nothing more than a polished bash romo thread.

    Seriously, you are now bashing Romo for ints that didn't even happen now? He has not thrown Ints in a little bit, so you go after him for possibilities. I know some fans out there watch Dallas games only, but if you watch ANY NFL game in ANY week, you will see all those "ahh well if defender turned around, would of been an int" bullcrap happen all the time. Hell if the defender would of jumped up to catch the ball, he may of caught it - shame on him sucker.

    Redskins were not in prevent defense from beginning of second half, and they certainly wasn't in prevent defense the more and more ROMO made things happen with the TDs.

    Romo is the sole reason this team even has a chance, who else on this team even bothers? Dez maybe, but I think his problem is not lack of effort, and he has picked up his game as of late. Ware, still very good player but he cannot do it alone on defense and he hasn't even done that like years before. Our WR class is weak, and our Oline is plain awful. I think it is so bad, they may need a whole new line with the exception of Tyrone Smith (and even he may need to be put back at RT where he excelled). Witten is good but he is limited to those short 4 yard throws with no run after catch.

    Biggest problem of all is the playcalling is stagnant, non-creative, bland, non-flexible according to the game, etc... etc... etc... I think Jason Garrett is terrible at Off. Coordinator and the way this team comes into every game unprepared and very unmotivated, I would think he is bad as head coach as well.

    What actually needs to happen (seeing that we have no running game) is for JG to set Romo free in the game and let him play his game. Let him rollout more, let him freelance. He is a player when the game is handed over to him and we have seen that the past few weeks when we did that because we had no choice. Now we need to do that at the start of the games.
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    this is EASILY the most true statement if I ever saw one and should put all these threads to bed for sure. This goes to the heart of what alot of fans are saying and that is that Romo is making a bad team and coaching staff look good nothing more, Aikman (yes a better QB in his own fashion) atleast had a GREAT team, when he didn't it was crap and yes I remember seeing his demeanor and it wasn't all that calm and collected :)
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    don't know why Romo gets such a disproportional amount of grief from fans when clearly this team basically sucks at the moment
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    really? so an oline that is in a QB's face every down does little to that QB?Our Oline is absolutely atrocious right now and outside of Tyrone Smith (who is struggling at LT maybe should be moved back to RT), not one of these Olinemen would start for any of the other 31 teams out there.
    how about a WR that doesn't comprehend normal WR route running / adjustments so they kindergardenize it so atleast he can use his athleticism and talent, which by the way is great, to make a play? How about the fact that our other WR cannot stay healthy? While we are talking WR, how about the revolving door at #3, which shows promise in Harris and Beasley but they need more time in practice and the field? How about the TE position? 95% of his catches are 5 yards or less and as great as he at catching, he is poor at RAC.
    What about the fact that this offense is ONE DIMENSIONAL, do you think defenses may have an advantage knowing we are going to pass nearly every down? Our running game sucks right now and this may even be unfair to blame the RBs because this oline could not create a hole in swiss cheese.

    What about Jason Garrett? do you like his playcalling? No creativity, very stagnant and bland, lack of proper in-game adjustments to the flow of the game, etc... How about headcoaching ability? Does this team ever look ready to play? Motivated to play? Understand what they are playing for? All headcoach responsibilities. I mean hell, his postgame comments to his team after the Browns game was "great game guys and great effort...." really??? Yeah, we won a game we should of and they fought to come from behind but this coach needs to speak some truth sometimes and let this team know with a little more urgency and authority.

    I could talk about the defense, how it has its share of injuries at LB position and a walkon playing safety position, etc... but the focus of this thread seems to be bash Romo so we will keep it offense
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    I would say this post is fair, post that was honest. Definitely agree that JG is not adjusting his game to make the most out of the deficiency this offense deals with.
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    More stats from the Stat Police I see. Again I ask, where is the W stat? How can Romo have more wins and yet have no post season success? Is it because we play 16 games now? So basically Romo gets to pad his stats against scrubs but chokes against the more solid team right? Hmmm..

    Stats are almost useless in that scenario, in fact they are becoming nauseating to me because we haven't won diddly...

    Here are some interesting "Stats" to chew on:

    Last week we had a QB who threw 50 times and got 1 td and barely crossed 300 yards.....

    This week nearly 450 yds in 62 passing attempts and three measly TDs passing....

    RG III puts up 4 TD's with far less attempts (30)...

    Other QBs are putting up 4, 5, 6 Tds a game...that's NFL 2012 football. On the bright side...Witten is on pace to break the receptions record for a TE...but still probably won't pass 1,000 yds. And before someone says "3 tds SHOULD be enough" let's remember that everyone in the NFL gets into these shootouts...even Wade's vaunted defense (chuckle chuckle) was getting it's butt kicked by the Lions just before the Dallas game but the Texans found a way to score and win...with the help of the refs of course....but they did it.

    Tony "Small ball" Romo.

    After his wretched first half I just sat there knowing he was gonna bring it the second half...just not quite all the way...and that's exactly what happened...the man is like clockwork.
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    Romo is the master of deadpan at times.
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    It's amazing that some Romo-apologists go as far as degrading and questioning Troy to defend Romo....

    Just amazing.......

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    By reading the OP, you'd think Romo went abouyt 15-50, 185 yards and three picks (ok , maybe a td too).....not 37-62, 441 yards, 3 TDs and 2 pics.

    Another hater thread.
    The dude missed some throws, but he was very, very close to be the absolute LAST person to cost us that game.
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    Not really.
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    How many times did our defense leave someone WIDE open deep downfield for RG3 to throw to?

    How often did that happen for Romo vs the Skins D?

    Knock it off dude. You're making Laredoans look worse than they already look. That's pretty bad.
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    Although this certainly has not been Romo's best season so far stats-wise, by most measures, I think you'll find that he, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning have about the same yards per completion.
    I do think his yards per attempt are down some this year compared to his normal level--which is fairly high by NFL standards.
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    Anyone with any bit of football knowledge would realize Tony's YPA is down cuz of the OL. If the OL can't hold up long you're forced to throw short more often.

    I'm not referring to you, referring to Mr. Cowboys74...
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    While you can compare QB stats across eras I'm not certain they mean what's being said here.

    Frustration is followed by resentment then finally anger.
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    What drives me nuts is people who say coaching doesn't matter. While I wish Romo had his own persona he doesn't and he hugely mocks his head coaches. When Parcells was here he had good PC and then ho hum with Wade and now robotic with Garrett. I want a confident cocky coach and watch Romo go.
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    LOL Really? The receivers are losing tust in Romo? I think you have it the other way around. These WR's with Witten as an exception have played lousy all year, they run wrong routes, they quit on routes etc. Dez is starting to come along. The O-L is absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen. Put Tom Brady, Manning whoever you want back there and they will struggle. The biggest problem is Jason Garrett and our O-Line. His plays are a bit to complex for the current personnel, including snap counts, audibles and routes or we have the dumbest players in the league.

    FYI- Watch the Opening Drive tonight in The ND-USC game. Let me see us a run a up-tempo offense LIKE THAT and snap the ball with 17 seconds on the playclock instead of WITH ONE CHAOTIC second Left.

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    Perhaps that had something to do with good pass protection and an effective running game (which opened things up for play-action passes).

    Nah, that couldn't have had anything to do with it. Carry on with your agenda.
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    Stupid idea.

    And if you think this is a good idea, no explanation of why it's stupid will help.

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