Romo: A Little Play by Play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Dude you sound like my NY Giants Fan/Friends. Seriously you are delusional. So it's Tony Romo's fault he was sacked 7 times by the Browns, hurried 24 times, and knockdown 15 times? After all that he hits Dez for the game winner but he sucks? LOL, you really are pathetic. We have No line, No running game and a struggling OC who has the whole team jumping offsides and running the wrong routes and you create a thread like that? Really? It really is comical. BTW 3 touchdowns is not "measley" on any week, on any team in the NFL.
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    Do these too


    Don't have the other games. If I don't beat NFLGR, I work with that instead (but can't risk uploading).
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    I started laughing after just the first 5 passes and then realized he's still a starter here.....:eek::
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    Wow.. that was PAINFUL!
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    Wow...even with a decimated team and no young talent whatsoever Troy still managed two 10-6 records and another .500 record. Oh and by the way there's still that hand covered in rings.
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    Yeah I noticed that during the game. Appeared romo had decided to go for Dez per-snap to me. Once he saw him break open he didn't look elsewhere. A large percentages of passes that are thrown in the NFL are per-determined based upon where the QB decides they want to go per-snap - as long as the QB sees his primary come open, he doesn't look elsewhere.
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    Stupid breakdown. The gist of the article being that he's ragging on Romo for throwing it to Dez for 11 yards instead of Beasley deeper down the field.

    He didn't have time to throw it to Beasley because nobody blocked the blitzing DB. If the ball hadn't came out the moment that it did on the hot read, that's another sack. Story of the frickin year. Can't throw it down the field because we can't block ANYONE.


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